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George, UK’s Fashion Retailer Is Here In Singapore!

john little asda fashion label george plaza singapura
Attention to all fashionista! Here’s bringing you Asda’s fashion label George, UK’s leading fashion retailer!

john little asda fashion label george singapore
Through the franchise partner, Al-Futtaim Group, George is located within retailer John Little’s 38,000 sq ft store in the Plaza Singapura. The unique 8,000 sq ft franchise store-within-a-store joins over 25 new brands that range from fashion through to home & lifestyle products, as George launches its first South East Asia store in #Singapore!

As one of Britain’s best loved retailers, George has been changing the face of British fashion for over 20 years. It’s all about “quality, style & value” with George, a one-stop fashion shop for the entire family!

They say pictures speak a thousand words, so let the price tags & photos do the talking………..

asda fashion label george lingerie john little
T-shirt Bras starting from just SGD 11! If you've a voluptuous figure, here's a place to find your 'D' cup-size.

john little asda fashion label george lingerie sleepwear
George stocks lots of character clothings from young to old, all reasonably priced.

john little asda fashion label george ladies fashion
A jewelled bling-bling denim skirt at just SGD 39!

john little asda fashion label george moda ladies
For those having problem matching your clothes, George has it all sorted out for you. This 3-pc top + vest + necklace is retailing at SGD 51!

john little asda fashion label george casual wear
Heading to the beach? Be sure to check out their swimwear from just SGD 5!!

john little asda fashion label george shoes section
john little asda fashion label george shoes
Chic & quality shoes at affordable prices! What do you think of the pair I'm wearing? Love the patterns on the wedges!
john little asda fashion label george business shirts
For men who're looking for business shirts, you gotta check out this corner. Shirts are all nicely paired out with matching ties! Prices are unbelievably easy on the pocket!

john little asda fashion label george denim jeans
Jeans starting from just SGD 13!!!

john little asda fashion label george characters tees
More characters just for you! Lots of superheroes tees in store at only SGD 19! How about some cookies too??
john little asda fashion label george girls clothings
I'm awed by their selection of #Disney wears! What I like about George is that they make shopping so easy! The children's sections are categorized under different age groups so parents can simply zoom into what deemed fit for their kids.

john little asda fashion label george royal baby
The #RoyalBaby is here in Singapore too! These adorable baby wear were made before the most-talkable royal baby of Prince William & Kate Middleton was born, which explains why there's pink for princess & blue for the prince.
john little asda fashion label george children wear
Be spoilt for choice with their large collection of children's clothings. Go crazy with character fun at George!

john little asda fashion label george children footwear
Love these stickers on the floor of the children's footwear section where kids can simply remove their shoes to measure their feet. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to do so.

john little plaza singapura
So much for George, now let's head over to John Little where most of us are already familiar with! Bigger & bolder, it boasts an even more robust portfolio – spanning over 25 new brands that range from ladies’, men’s & kids’ fashion to home merchandise!

john little plaza singapura men department
I found these polo shirts pretty neat, featuring different parts of Europe like France, Spain etc.

john little plaza singapura studiomakeup
Invited media were also introduced to the cosmetics brand #StudioMakeup. We got to try their Face #Primer priced at SGD 52.90. We put a drop of it on the back of our hands & were amazed how smooth our skin were. Go check out the tester! I'm sure you'll like it as much.

john little plaza singapura skin pharmacy skincare
Our media tour also included an introduction to #SkinPharmacy, the first boutique pharmacy in Singapore specialising in skincare.

john little plaza singapura george pyjamas honey
We ended our tour with a set of samples from Skin Pharmacy & a nice shopping voucher! Here's my pick - a shocking pink camisole SGD 11 & sleeping pants SGD 19 from George, & a bottle of #SuperBee Australian Honey SGD 20.50.

john little plaza singapura george umbrella bag
We also got a goodie bag from George with an umbrella & a nice scarf!

Quality + Style + Value = George! George's currently UK’s fourth largest fashion retailer in terms of sales value & third for volume. In addition, the brand is one of the UK’s biggest retailers for kidswear. So make a date at #George & #JohnLittle this long weekend for your family's shopping!

john little asda fashion label george plaza singapura event
Thank you George & John Little, for the wonderful shopping experience!

Plaza Singapura #01-10 to 22
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839


  1. Cool shop !
    Al-futtaim group...they are big name in the middle east.

    1. Rajiv, first one to arrive today! Aw!! Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Their fashion are styllish and love most of their design especially with the superheroes tees

    1. DD, I'm sure there's something for u in the mall ^_^

  3. Wow, awesome, shall put it on my list, thanks for the recommendation Shirley! :)

    1. Ken, definitely fits the Ringgit this time :)

  4. OMG! Looks as if they knew the new royal prince would be called "George" and they already had a fashion outlet name after the royal prince. Is that coincidence or what? :D The prices is so hard to resist and shall check it out soon.

    1. DS, maybe they've a crystal ball?? Hahaha! Use this long weekend to go shopping there!

  5. Wow, so many things to buy and certainly need to keep lots of money aside.

    1. Nava, I'm sure M'sians will be more than happy to shop at George :)

  6. Never heard of George when I was in the UK then. Their selection of fashions are not bad and the price is somewhat ok too!!

    1. Agnes, I'll definitely check them out the next time I'm in UK.

  7. Oh wow.....that's a lot of interesting stuff to shop! I love thpse cartoon cute :D

    1. Mary, gonna take my 2 men there to check out their stuff too! ^_^

  8. They do have good price tag for such wonderful clothes.

    1. Balvinder, absolutely! Going crazy with their stuff :)

  9. My gf would like to shop there!!!

  10. Shirley, I really appreciate you posting so many fashion photos -- especially those "already put together" outfits. (That looks like my kind of style.) You don't know how much I enjoy going "shopping" with you. Thank you! xo

    1. Kim, no more headaches matching clothes with George around. Thks dear! Always love bringing u on a tour :)

  11. Replies
    1. cquek, be sure to kiv this place for your next visit to SG :)

  12. Usually the fashion from UK is boring but I think George has nice designs with modern outlooks. The price is cheap compared to M&S. I will go there when I visit Singapore again.

    1. TM, I'm really attracted by their prices! I'm sure you'll enjoy shopping there too :)

  13. Replies
    1. Pepper, I'm sure you'll go crazy with these affordable $$!

  14. Kid's corner so cute. .

  15. Love the kids corner...
    Guess it's not in Malaysia yet? Never c this here..

    1. Kylie, nope! 1st South East Asia store in #Singapore!


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