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EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic, Find Dr Right!

epw laser medical aesthetics clinic blogger reviews
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when choosing an aesthetic doctor?

For most, it’s probably the price factor. Many of us are attracted to stuff like buy 6 & get 2 free, or 50% off 1st trial etc. But don’t you think there are more vital factors than just the price tag?

#Aesthetic doctors are supposed to help you to look better & younger. What happens if you end up looking worse than before, or even older? It’s scary just to think about it, isn’t it?

To find your Dr Right, it’s really important to check the doctor’s track record, his skills & credentials.  Ask around for recommendation, start from your friends; do your homework!

epw laser medical aesthetics clinic dr ep wong
If you ask me, I’ll tell you to shortlist at least 2 -3 doctors. Make an appointment with them for a consultation to discover which #AestheticDoctor is best for you. Check if the doctor is spending enough time listening to you, & if the clinic is clean etc.

Even the most experienced & qualified doctor may not be the #DrRight for you. You need to establish a rapport with the doctor & make sure you’re comfortable with him. It’s crucial to find Dr Right!

epw laser medical aesthetics clinic copper bromide melasma
Few months ago, I had my 1st Dual Yellow Light Laser at EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic to treat my #pigmentation. Following that, I’ve been diligently going for my treatments every three weeks, & then monthly. I’ve already gone for 4 sessions & will continue to do so on a monthly basis until all those ugly spots are cleared. Here’s an update on my progress with this Dual Yellow Light Laser treatment.

As mentioned in my last post, the #DualYellowLight Laser is a non-ablative laser widely considered to be the most effective procedure for epidermal melasma, rosacea & fine capillaries. A series of weekly treatments will also rejuvenate your skin by stimulating collagen production to improve the skin texture, reduce fine lines, & even out the skin colour.

epw laser medical aesthetics clinic epiderma skincare products
On my 1st visit to #EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic, I’d been given these products: Derma-A Forte Retinol Cream, DermaClear Ultra Cream , & the Ultra-high Protection Sunscreen SPF 30. I found these products rather drying. Dr Wong explained that these products are supposed to encourage peeling, giving the skin a transformation.

I was really worried the first time my face peeled as I’d an event to attend in just a week; I needed to recover fast. For the past weeks, my skin would peel for a few days after my procedure following the Epiderma products that I’d apply. Depending on individual, the extent of the skin peeling differs.

So I juggled & played with the timing. I would use the clinic’s products obediently & let my face peel, & stopped few days just before any events etc. So far, I’ve managed it pretty well.

Now, you may wonder why use the Dual Yellow Light Laser costing SGD 1,500 a session instead of the Nd:YAG Laser which is just few hundred dollars to treat my #melasma.

Well, the main difference between the Dual Yellow Light Laser & Nd:YAG Laser and is that the former has been designed to treat epidermal melasma, while the #NdYAG laser is best for treating dermal (deep) pigmentation.

Dual Yellow Light is absorbed by the hemoglobin better than other colours, hence it’s the most effective laser to treat conditions with increased vascularity such as melasma, rosacea, & fine capillaries.

aesthetic clinic copper bromide treatment melasma
The FEM™ (Fast Edge Micropulse) technology allows the laser energy to rise steeply & then rapidly decrease, delivering peak power exactly where the blemish is, without pain or damage to the surrounding tissues. Bear in mind that the Dual Yellow Light Laser is a painless procedure. The above pix was taken after my 3rd session. Doctor Wong noted that most of my spots have been broken down, & I’m quite happy with the results. I also thought my skin tone is more even now compared to before. But there’s still a stubborn one that refuses to go & seems to have gotten bigger. See the red spot there after my laser? Dr Wong is not worried at all; he’s always so assuring & comforting. He promised it’ll be gone in no time!!

Using the Nd:YAG Laser to treat epidermal melasma is not recommended as there is a high incidence of prolonged hyperpigmentation, & hypopigmentation. Hence, the Dual Yellow Light Laser is the recommended choice for me.

Results will vary depending on the density of the melasma, & individual patient response to the treatment. I'll be continuing with my treatments; waiting patiently for a spotless me!

My verdict of EPW:
epw laser medical aesthetics clinic review
Quality service, warm-hearted & experienced doctors are what you’ll find over at EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic. All procedures there are performed by doctors only. I’ve found my Dr Right, have you?

EPW Laser + Medical Aesthetics Clinic
302 Orchard Road
#17-01 Tong Building
Singapore 238862
Tel: +65 6235 5533


  1. Sounds good enough:).

    Now just need to keep it up

    1. Kathy, maintenance is also impt :) Have a good week, dear!

  2. Wow... Shirley, you really do your homework! I am amazed by your flawless skin even from close up, I cannot see any "marks" .. amazing!

  3. Great treatment and maybe price is not everything because there are many such treatments which have gone wrong. I will still check the credibility of the doctor first before proceeding.

    1. Nava, glad we're on the same page! Just reading about some botch cases is scary enough...

  4. Great post for sharing what to look for in an aesthetic doctor!

  5. Oh hair stands on end at the mention of anaesthetic doctor....haha. Reminds me of surgery. Guess I am wrong. Love how smooth your skin looks! Hope you have lots of fun there. So sorry have not been dropping by more often. Life at times just gets too busy. Am away again at the moment. Reading your blog always reminds me of my dry skin....need to be more hardworking to moisturise, especially in this cold and dry land :D

    1. Mary, I'm sure u're already fully recovered. Take care, dear! Always love having u here!

  6. So beautiful skin! I love your post!!

    New Post up...

  7. Hi Shirley

    I am shopping around for a eye cream that can help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles around my eyes. Areas surrounding my eyes are rather dry.

    From your experience, I think you can help recommend to me a suitable eye cream or serum. I read from the internet that eye creams which contained ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, retinol will work for my problems.

    What is your advice? for your info, I have adequate sleep every day and stress free.

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Priscilla, thks so much for dropping by! It's really nice having u around. If you don't mind the price tag, you can check out Dr Brandt Dark Circles Away collagen eye serum, or there's this interesting one BioNike DEFENCE ELIXAGE Eye-Lip Balm Contour. Click on the links for details & happy shopping!

  8. Your skin looks flawless. Glad you found a competent physician :)

    1. Liz, it's always better to be safe than sorry!

  9. I'm usually very very cautious about who I see. So definitely will rely on recommendations from people I trust before even making an appointment!

  10. Seriously flawless skin!

    I should look into laser...for my skin tags. Though my fear is whether I will be a suitable candidate as I love baking under the sun.

    1. MM, I love to tan too when I was in my 20s. I stopped since I developed pigmentation :<

  11. this is great!your skin looks flawless...

    1. Amilia, thks & it's good to hear from u as always!

  12. Hi Shirley, your complexion is flawless. Keep it up. :)

  13. You have such good complexion. Im younger but no as good as yours

    1. Pepper, thks so much for coming by & leaving your lovely note! I guess early maintenance is impt :)


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