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SK-II Stempower Essence ‘First-in-the-World’ Launch At Changi Airport

skii first in the world launch
As Singapore Changi Airport unveiled its latest attraction that blends avant-garde design with interactive technology last month, SK-II also launched its latest anti-ageing innovation at the largest interactive installation last week.

singapore changi airport social tree
#TheSocialTree, allowing travellers to share their photo and video memories instantly and to retrieve them on subsequent visits to the airport, is taking pride at the heart of Terminal 1.

changi airport new sk-ii stempower essence
Set to be a game-changer for the anti-ageing category is the NEW STEMPOWER Essence, a ‘First-in-the-World’ launch at #ChangiAirport, Singapore.

sk-ii stempower essence singapore changi airport event
I was thrilled to be part of the exclusive event where SK-II celebrated Age Does Not Matter with their ‘First-in-the-World’ launch!

sk-ii first in the world launch airport fashion show
Invited guests were treated to SK-II’s first runway show with Singapore’s top IT supermodels at The Social Tree, Changi Airport’s largest interactive installation located in the terminal’s Central Piazza.

sk-ii first in the world launch stempower series
sk-ii first in the world launch airport fashion shows
The fashion show marries the elements of travel chic with classic and timeless iconicity with travel luggage brand #Samsonite, a ‘First-in-the-World’ tripartite collaboration between #SK-II and its partners - #ChangiAirportGroup and #NuanceWatson.

changi airport social tree sk-ii top supermodels
SK-II's distinguished panel of supermodels and beauty icons - Sheila Sim (SK-II ambassador), Vivien Ong, Ivy Chng, Serena Adsit and Viola Tan, also shared their first insights and views on SK-II, beauty and their lifestyle.

sk-ii first in the world launch changi airport
In a first-in-the-world discovery, SK-II’s latest findings on the functions of the skin cell’s very own “Master Switch” – a key to activating our youth activity – have shed light on how women can now overcome skin ageing. By boosting their inner skin resilience through activating our skin’s “Master Switch”, women can now achieve a new peak in youthful beauty.

sk-ii stempower essence launch
One of the world’s leading brands in innovative anti-ageing skincare, SK-II unleashes the power of our skin’s youthful activity with its revolutionary #STEMPOWER technology, found in the new SK-II STEMPOWER Essence.

SK-II’s revolutionary STEMPOWER Essence, concocted with a new and powerful Stem-Acanax ES Complex, targets and transforms the regenerative functions of the skin’s youth activity. SK-II’s worldwide search for ingredients that work on epidermal root cells has led to the discovery of a unique plant-derived ingredient – #StemAcanax - taken from the root of Siberian Ginseng, which is harvested from an organic farm in the heart of Korea’s Jeju Island and SK-II has combined its signature ingredient #Pitera and Stem-Acanax to create the SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex.
sk-ii stempower essence changi airport
SK-II STEMPOWER boasting the SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex, has been shown to slow down the signs of ageing speed by restoring 10 years of ‘radical firmness’ in 10 days!

The new STEMPOWER Essence boasts new key ingredients such as Kinren Extract and Artichoke Extract.

sk-ii stempower essence beauty regimen
SK-II STEMPOWER Essence Regimen:
After applying the SK-II #FacialTreatmentEssence Clear Lotion, drop an appropriate amount (1-2 droppers) of SK-II STEMPOWER Essence onto the palm of your hand. Apply it smoothly onto the entire face, and add a few extra drops on concerned areas with a gentle knuckling motion.

The new SK-II STEMPOWER Essence will be available at SK-II counters at leading department stores from 1 Aug 2013 with the following recommended selling price: 30ml - SGD 156, 50ml – SGD 224.

skii stempower airport launch goodie bags
Happy guests were handed out SK-II’s goodie bags by the Supermodels.

skii stempower launch goodie bags
What’s in our goodie bag: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask (6pc – SGD 122), SK-II STEMPOWER (50g - SGD $149), and STEMPOWER Essence (30ml - SGD 156).

sk-ii stempower essence review
Sometime ago, I was invited to be one of the first women to test and try SK-II’s latest anti-ageing boutique – the SK-II STEMPOWER Series for a month before the launch. I’ll be sharing with you my experience on the STEMPOWER Essence in a separate post and talking more about the wonderful product.

sk-ii stempower skincare steps
Meanwhile, you may like to read my post on the SK-II STEMPOWER Series below:


  1. The Social Tree looks impressive with the ability to project all the colourful ads.

    It was a brilliant and glamorous event to launch in the airport instead! So innovative!

    1. TM, hope you've the chance to check it out the next time u're in SG. It was a glamourous event!

  2. wow looks so dam international yo!! :D

  3. What a splendid event with splendid products and great company.

    1. Nava, been a while since I've attended a runway show.......

  4. The social tree looks like a wonderful structure. I guess age will matter till I lays my hands on this wonderful stem power essence. How nice of SK-II to have given such a wonderful goodies bag to you.

  5. You look good, Shirley! SK II is another good brand, right? Hope you're enjoying the goodie bag SK II has given to you. =D

    1. Ciana, thks dear! The brand is super awesome & I'm definitely enjoying the products :)

  6. What a fun event. I love SKII products and you are looking gorgeous and glamours, Shirley. :)

  7. What an exclusive event, Shirley!! You can be their ambassador, you look so young and vibrant there! :)

    1. Reana, u're too kind! Thanks for being so supportive!

  8. That's right Age does not matter as long as you feel beautiful and healthy with in. How lucky of you to receive SKII products!

    1. Bal, age is just a number! I certainly enjoy SK-II range of products :)

  9. Hi Shirley, you're really very very lucky! I look look and admire you, kow tim. LOL

  10. Is it cheaper to purchase at the airport


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