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Shea, The Ultimate Vegetarian Handmade Body Care Products

Handmade with love, is what you’ll find in this vibrant colourful shop right in the heart of Orchard Road. Assorted cakes, jellies, fruits & herbs are found all over the pretty outlet. Nope, I’m not talking about yummy food this time, but body care products of all shapes & sizes in unique forms.
shea pamper your body orchard central review
Specialises in retailing vegetarian handmade body care products from Southern France, India, England, Australia, Morocco, Ghana & Wales, is SHEA; located at #B2-47 of Orchard Central! Suitable for normal & sensitive skins, their products are guided by 3 core principles:
  • Must be vegetarian friendly.
  • Must be predominantly handmade.
  • Must use pure essential oils.

shea old factory orchard central singapore
Stepped into Shea, you’ll find yourself surrounded by multi-label products:
  • Bomb Cosmetics – England
  • Savonnerie le Serail – France
  • Nyassa – India
  • Specialty Soap Shoppe Queensland – Australia
  • You’re Gorgeous – Wales
  • Shea – Ghana
  • Saadia Organcs – Morocco

shea old factory orchard central singapore jagdeep singh
Here’s Jagdeep, the kind & thoughtful owner of Shea, introducing his products. Come, let me bring you on a tour round the world!

shea pure argan oil review
Argan Oil @ SGD 62.80 (50ml). Pure cosmetic grade chemical free hand pressed #ArganOil from Morocco. The Pure Argan Oil helps with skin rejuvenation, removal of wrinkles & fine lines as while as nourishing dry hairs & nails.

shea pure argan oil reviews
Shea Butter @ SGD 16 (40ml) is a pure chemical-free unrefined #SheaButter from Ghana, which is an excellent moisturizer loaded with vitamin E. It helps relief suffering from eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis. It's a mild sunblock, & helps to prevent stretchmarks & lighten scars.

Nyassa Anti-Hair Fall & Anti Dandruff Oil @ SGD 12 (25gm) is a natural #aryuvedic formulation. This nourishing & rich blend of herbal extracts helps to rejuvenate the scalp, eliminate dandruff & reduce hair fall. Just read the ingredients & you will realise that this traditional formulation has taken many generations to perfect.

shea bomb cosmetics pretty handmade soap review
#Nyassa of India specializes in uniquely oriental, middle eastern fragranced & vegan friendly products. The other product that this brand carries is their lovely handmade soaps. The item on the extreme right is the Exotic Rose @ SGD 8, a beautiful olive oil based soap adorned with a layer of real rose petals & rose essential oil. The rich fragrance will make you feel as if you’re in the midst of a rose garden.

Bet you’ll go wild with the extensive range of #BombCosmetics in their shop. In the above pix, those are their Chocolate Heaven Soap Cake Slice, & the Wave Soap. Hungry for more??
shea bomb cosmetics soap cakes
Comes in 4 delicious “flavours” (Berrilicious, Chocolate Heaven, Lemon Meringue & Raspberry Supreme), the Raspberry Bomb Cosmetics Soap Cake Slice @ SGD 9.80 is a softening blend of body smoothing Raspberry soap & luxurious Ylang Ylang essential oil, which will leave you sweetly scented & moisturised.

shea bomb cosmetics wave soap review
Fall in love with their 2-in-1 Bomb Cosmetics Wave Soap @ SGD 11.50 (180g), a cosmetic quality sponge steeped in vegetable based glycerine soap & pure essential oils! Just massage the 'fingers' onto your skin to gently exfoliate, generate lots of foam to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth & silky.

shea bomb cosmetics handmade soaps
These rainbow-coloured Bomb Cosmetics Handmade Soap Slices @ SGD 9.30 (140g) contain vegetable glycerine which is very moisturizing & non-drying. The soaps are very mild & PH neutral. The #essentialoils help to enhance your moos & benefit the skins.
shea bomb cosmetics shower butter reviews
Body Scrub @ SGD 28.90 (500g) - lightly grained exfoliates based on specially chosen essential oil which leaves your skin soft & amazingly scented for hours.

Body Polish @ SGD 28.90 (400g) - a 3-in-1 butter rich, highly foaming & gently exfoliating products. The Milk & Honey Body Polish was a obvious choice for me as I love the invigorating scent of the pure chamomile & clary sage essential oils. No second thoughts!

Cleansing Shower Butter @ SGD 24.90 (360g) - produces a rich creamy buttery & highly moisturizing foam that will leave your skin feeling soft & beautifully scented. My pick went to the Mandarin & Blood Orange with energising zesty mandarin, fresh apples & green leaf.

shea bomb cosmetics sunkissed shimmering body butter
The Bomb Cosmetics Shimmering Sunkissed Body Butter @ SGD 27.50 (210g) is a must-have for festive seasons like #Christmas! Do not be alarmed by the amount of shimmers on my hand. I’d deliberately applied more for this photo shoot. A shimmering body butter with Patchouli & Mandarin essential oils, this scent transports you to a tropical island!

shea bomb cosmetics pout polish lipcare
Bomb Cosmetics Lip Balm & Scrub @ SGD 8. The Lip Balm contains extra #SheaButter to help to moisturize & condition your lips. My choice went to the Lip Scrub Pina Colada, to exfoliate & tone the skin of my lips.

shea bomb cosmetics candle reviews
Be awed by their range of candles by Bomb Cosmetics too! Just look at their gorgeous Bomb Cosmetics Candles @ SGD 21.50, beautifully decorated with hearts & stars! The Bomb Cosmetic candles are poured by hand, even the shapes within them are hand cut.

shea bomb cosmetics candle review
These candles have a burn time of approx 50 hrs & fragranced with a special blend of essential oil that will help to set the required mood.

shea little hotties home fragrance reviews
If you’re adventurous, go for their Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties. Pick & mix your own unique #HomeFragrance, or choose your favourite blend from their suggested recipes like this one here, & simply drop them into a tea-light burner. I’ve selected the Purple Flower Power + White Cotton Fresh + Green Raindrops on Roses from their Floral Fantasies recipe to blend into a Summer Fresh Aroma. Each 100g box should give you about 130 hrs of fragrance. You’ll be surprised how sexy these hotties can be!

shea bomb cosmetics home fragrance essential oil
If you’re into home fragrance & aromatherapy, try the Bomb Cosmetics Essential Oils (10ml) from SGD 14 – SGD 16. I like refreshing scents like the Mandarin Essential Oil. This tangy & zesty essential oil has some great properties to help relieve stress & digestive problems, but is mostly used to increase circulation to the skin, reducing fluid retention & to help prevent stretch marks. Or how about Clary Sage? This is a stout biennial or perennial herb that grows up to one metre in height, & #ClarySage oil is generally produced by steam distillation of the flowering tops & leaves. Blends well with Lavender, Geranium, Sandalwood, Jasmine & Bergamot.
shea bomb cosmetics home fragrance essential oil reviews
* Do not use undiluted essential oils directly on the skin. I love massage, so the owner recommended me to have a bottle of Natural Carrier Oil (100ml) & pick a couple of essential oils. Depending on my mood that day, simply mix the essential oil I like with the carrier oil on a plate to use for my massage etc. The carrier oil comes in Evening Primrose, Kukui Nut, Sweet Almond & Gold of Pleasure. I picked the last one as this oil is nature’s richest source of Omega 3 & Omega 6 oils, & with a light fragrance & good skin feel.

shea youre gorgeous cold process soap shampoo
Shea also carries interesting stuff like the You're Gorgeous Cold Process Soap Bar @ SGD 8.50, & Shampoo Bar @ SGD 9.10. #YoureGorgeous from Wales manufactures luxury natural handmade cold process & has been around since 1998. The soaps are rich, mild & long lasting, & decorated with dried flowers & botanicals or stamped by hand. Have you seen shampoo in bars? You’re Gorgeous also make some amazing shampoo bars that help with dandruff & hairfall control.

shea savon de marseille le serail liquid soap review
Savon de Marseille Liquid Soap from SGD 23.30 – SGD 25.60 (500 ml). Made in France, the one I picked is scented with lavender essential oil, & gently cleanses the skin without stripping its natural oils. It’s naturally glycerinated, biodegradable & free of animal fats & synthetic surfactants. Bottled in a convenient, recyclable plastic 500 ml container with pump.

shea butter argan oil review
For those who’re looking for products that suit your sensitive skin or seeking beautiful & thoughtful gifts, Shea is where you’ll wanna go!

shea bomb cosmetics bodycare review
While you’re in Shea, be sure to dip into their scented shower gels or slab some butter onto your skin to try. The owner & staff are really knowledgeable & friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask if you’ve any questions.

shea bomb cosmetics gift basket
Hop over to National Day Giveaway, Bomb Cosmetics Sponsored By Shea! 3 lucky readers of Luxury Haven will win some of these awesome products!  Thank you Jagdeep, for the insightful tour & all the lovely products!

181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel : +65 6238 1690


  1. Beautiful homemade care products by Shea! I might be making a trip down to SG somewhere in September, guess by then there will be no more sales in Orchard road.. :)

    1. Reana, no more GSS but maybe u can check out if they've any promo then?

  2. For one moment, i actually thought those soaps are cakes :P

    1. Ken, those are great as gifts & smell good too!

  3. OMG! The soap and everything in the shop is so colourful and beautiful. It's surely a must visit store should one be looking for a gift. There's so many choices - from soap, candles to essential oil, really must check it out.

    1. DS, I was fascinated the moment I stepped into Shea! I can spend the entire day there browsing their items......

  4. Amazing products and I adore all of it. Waiting for the gift-away.

  5. Wow, so many fantastic items! Everything looks so beautiful and yummy that I mistook some of them for cakes or cool desserts. I think you couldn't stop taking picture of them, could you? I wouldn’t leave the shop empty-handed.

    素敵なコメントありがとうございました。 Enjoy your almost once-a-year visit to Tokyo.


    1. よこさんのコメントもありがとうございました。私はとても嬉しいです。I'm sure you can find lots of these in Japan too. You're right, simply too many pix that I'd captured & tried to show them all to here. Hahaha! It's great having you here & hope to see more of you. またね。

  6. wonderful products, love to try them too

  7. What wonderful products, Shirley! I could spend eternity in their shop!

    1. Liz, I can imagine the two of us in the shop. Lol!

  8. great work n nice review.very help ful...

    1. Maha, thks for coming by & hope to see more of u! Gonna hop over to your blog :)

  9. Beautiful ! Everything looks nice !

    Good that you are sharing nice info about natural beauty care products. That anti dandruff oil, if effective, would be a hit for sure ! Not at all easy to find a 100% effective one, though ! It is an Ayurvedic preparation.(Ayur = pertaining to life, Veda = studies / knowledge). Ayurveda is Traditional Indian medicine.

    Good post and thanks for all the sweet comments on my blogs.

    1. Rajiv, thks for the info! Always a joy having u around :)

  10. I really love skincare products and body care products that are 100% chemical-free and preservative-free. It may be a little more expensive, but hey, it's healthy for the body. =D

    Handmade Soap Slices look like jelly puddings. I think if we didn't know better, we might actually ingest it. haha.

    1. Ciana, I'm sure u'll be just as excited as I was if u're inside Shea. Might wanna chk out this place the next time u're in SG.

    2. I'll definitely swing this place when I'm in SG. =) I just hope the Malaysian customs don't confiscate 'em.

  11. Wow!, this store has few products that I regularly use. Shea butter for my dry skin and my daughter uses moroccon argon oil shampoo and conditioner for hair. I alternate between this shampoo and rain forest shampoo from body shop. I should be looking for the giveaway. Even my husband likes their fragrant natural soaps.

    1. Bal, thks so much for sharing your thoughts! So sorry the giveaway is only for locals :< Will try to do an Int'l one soon......

  12. I had problem posting my comment last night. The page was not reloading after I hit publish.

  13. I think I am thinking of food too much.. The picture of the soap bar looks like cakes in a display set..ready to be eaten any moment! And they looks so presentable and appetising!

    1. FC, the cake soap is so popular...... everyone wants a bite! Lol!

  14. Oh...I wish I'm living closer! I would be a little kid in a candy store if I walk in there. :) Love all the products that you introduced. They would make wonderful hostess gift...or a treat for myself. hehehe....

    1. Amy, hahaha! Thks so much for your lovely comments!

  15. Oh, everything looks so beautiful. Thank you for posting so many photos, Shirley. I could not get enough of it. I'm bookmarking this page for sure. This is one shop I don't want to miss stepping into!

  16. Another Beautiful product! Chemical free and with essential oil and so pretty too...

  17. Great looking natural products

    1. Pepper, too bad you've just missed the giveaway :<


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