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Dr Brandt Skincare, Take The Doctor Home With You!

Isn’t it nice to know that you can get the highest performance range of dermatological products without a doctor’s prescription?
sccube apothecary dr brandt skincare products
Dr Brandt skincare offers the most complete spectrum of skincare & anti-ageing solutions, bringing women many firsts along the way. The good news is, the skincare line is available at Sccube The Apothecary!

sccube apothecary dr brandt oxygen facial review
Earlier this month, I’d been invited to #SccubeTheApothecary to try the Dr Brandt Anti-Ageing Facial. It wasn’t another ordinary facial, but a bubbling one with #DrBrandtDetoxygenExperience.

dr brandt detoxygen experience review sccube apothecary
The Dr Brandt Detoxygen Experience @ SGD 130 is an award-winning synergistic two-step system that oxygenates & detoxifies to reveal glowing, revitalized skin, mimicking an in-office oxygen facial.

This 2-step system is formulated with oxygen spheres to deliver a more radiant, luminous complexion & a technologically advanced skin detoxifying system with a protective shield that neutralizes toxic effects to provide a more pure healthy & clarified complexion. Harnessing the latest technology, the foaming facial oxygen masque & protective detoxifying cream work in tandem to pump oxygen into skin cells, boosting cell metabolism & detoxifying skin for a brighter, luminous complexion.
dr brandt detoxygen experience sccube apothecary
I’m sure you’ll enjoy this oxygenating facial as much as I do. It was real fun “playing” with it, & the best part, it delivers the best results.

#DrBrandt recommends:
Step 1: After cleansing, apply a thin layer to damp (not dry) skin. Do not rub in. Leave on 3 to 5 min allowing oxygen spheres to fully activate. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry. Replace actuator plug after use.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer all over face to complete the detoxification experience. For best results use the two-step system 2 - 3 times a week in conjunction with your Dr Brandt skincare regime.

sccube apothecary dr brandt skincare products review
After you’ve renewed your skin, be sure to apply Dr Brandt Dark Circles Away collagen eye serum @ SGD 79. Say goodbye to tired eyes & give them a brightening boost with this collagen-boosting, instant-brightening eye serum.
dr brandt dark circles away collagen eye serum
The cold ball applicator & encapsulated micro spheres helps fade dark circles by stimulating microcirculation. #DarkCirclesAway reduces puffiness by draining excess fluids & helps reduce under eye bags by breaking down abnormal fatty deposits.

dr brandt cc mat shinerase review
Just over the weekend, I’d a sponsored staycation in a 5-star hotel with my family. I brought along Dr Brandt CC Mat with me to try, & I love it!

dr brandt cc mat shinerase
An ideal formula for hot & humid weather, Dr Brandt CC Mat with signature SHINERASE @ SGD 65 provides the needed coverage for the perfect matte skin while correcting flaws & uneven skin tone.

Key ingredients include:
  • SHINERASE complex - Dr Brandt’s breakthrough shine minimizer composing of the Sebum regulating Marine Extract & Skin Mattifier giving the appearance of smooth fresh looking skin.
  • Tone Perfecting Skin Lightener - Combined with Vitamin C, the Tone Perfecting Skin Lightener controls melanin production promoting a bright, light & even complexion.
  • Micro-encapsulated water spheres - With the help of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E & adenosine, the Micro-encapsulated water spheres hydrates & smooth skin’s texture, improving the appearance of lines & wrinkles.
  • SPF30/PA+++ - These skin-shielding essentials protect skin from UVA/UVB rays & help prevent photo aging.
dr brandt cc mat shinerase reviews
The #CCmat comes in a light to medium & medium to dark shades. For my skin tone, the light to medium shade blended flawlessly with my skin & I like the fact that it has an SPF of 30. It’s an instant makeover to oily/combination skin, with a mattifying effect with the #Shinerase formula.

World renowned celebrity dermatologist #DrFredricBrandt delivers an innovative collection of skincare products offering high-performance, targeted treatments for healthy, beautiful skin. Combining sophisticated delivery systems with the power of vitamins & botanicals is Dr Brandt, a pioneering skincare line that can truly make you feel age-less.

The above products are available at:
Sccube the Apothecary
Ngee Ann City #05-25A
Tel: +65 6738 4909


  1. Who need to go to a doctor when u can bring one back home? Hahhaa... cool product eh! :D

  2. What a great way to have the best skin products all in one :D


    P.S I will not be commenting for around 4 weeks to prepare for my exams - see you in a month :)

    1. Uru, indeed! Exam again? Take care & all the best, sweetie!

  3. I trued some Dr Brandt's products before and they works pretty well. Love your review.

  4. Replies
    1. DS, check them out the next time u're in town!

  5. Staying in 5-star hotel.. so envy......
    Look at your healthy skin... also very envy...

    1. Kylie, we had a wonderful time especially with the GSS on. Hahaha! Thks, dear!

  6. You are getting younger every post! So jealous lah!!

  7. Replies
    1. Rajiv, thks again! Will visit yours as soon as I get time.

  8. You're looking good S! Read about this product. Gonna check out if they have anyone representing them in KL.

    1. Missy, thks & hope u'll find something suitable!

  9. Anti-aging products at home! I like! I also need one of these.

  10. I sure could use a facial, Shirley. I must check out these products!

    Thanks for sharing...

  11. no wonder you are looking good

  12. I like those creams that are sunscreen, moisturizer and colour all in one - great time savers.

    1. YL, all-in-one is awesome especially for lazy people like me!

  13. Shirley, I could just imagine you "playing" with these new skin care goodies -- it's fun to do a bit of pampering while you're away. Fabulous results! Looking forward to your hotel review, too.

    1. Kim, mixing "business" with pleasure?? Hahaha!

  14. You look good even without these products.

  15. Replies
    1. HYL, pretty awesome products if u don't mind the prices :)

  16. Hi Shirley, thanks for the recommendation. You're good in sourcing all the wonderful products.

  17. You looked really young :) i must be diligent as well

    1. Pepper, hahaha! It seems all these beauty products are working :)


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