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Are You Ready To Invest In Our Energy's Future?

nrglab singapore
Recently, I've started writing about clean energy & environment issues. I haven’t done it before but life crossed me with one Singapore company which team showed me how important this issue is & that we can’t stay from it apart. Now it’s time to share all this with you.

In my last articles, I wrote about #AnaShell – a green hero who dedicated her life for the good of the Earth. I also wrote about one of her Fund projects that she finances – NRGLab company that researches & develops alternative-energy technologies for clean, reliable & affordable electrical power on a global scale. The Company is currently into development & modification of gasification technology to get the main target – so that Rice Husk/Coal/Gas/APG could be processed into energy & fuel.

zeev drori nrglab gasification project
Today, I’ll get you acquainted with Zeev Drori – leading technician of NRGlab, & will share with you his impact into NRGLab #gasification project.

Zeev Drori leads company laboratory in Israel & is involved into six projects of #NRGLab. One of them is connected with processing of natural gas into Gasoline/Cheap electricity. Actually, Mr Drori is one of the inventors of gas turbine. In one of his articles called Seasonality in Gas Production & Consumption, he explained in details the advantages of NRGLab new technology.

Did you know that a special characteristic of gas as fuel is its seasonality, or irregularity in consumption?

"In summer, a decrease in consumption leads to a drop in demand, while in winter, demand is extremely high. This inconsistency does not concur with gas production, which is in constant volume; moreover, gas storage can be quite problematic.

Different countries solve this problem in different ways. In Germany, for instance, there are stations for gas liquefaction. In spite of the fact that a significant amount of gas is lost in this process, liquefaction allows governments to even out seasonal peaks in gas consumption. In Ukraine, there are underground gas storage facilities (salt mines), where gas is injected under pressure during summer months."

And here NRGLab is proposing a new method of natural gas damping. What is its advantage?

This method helps derive synthetic gasoline from natural gas, while generating electricity at the same time. Moreover, ‘"NRGLab equipment allows for obtaining synthetic gasoline with Euro-5 environmental characteristics & enables the generation of an unlimited amount of electricity."

To make it all clearer, #ZeevDrori provides us with 2 tables:
nrglab natural gas damping
Table 1 summarizes the resource capacity of the equipment.

nrglab natural gas damping calculations
Table 2 shows calculations for the summer period.
During the summer period, there's approx 80 billion m3 of accessible gas on the market.

Why is this technology so unique?
That's because gasoline & electricity can now be produced from one continuous, uninterrupted process! Isn’t it amazing? "Specifically, it's possible to generate additional #electricity by decreasing the share of gasoline produced" mentioned Mr Drori - "However, the reverse process, i.e. an increase of #gasoline share by decreasing the electricity share, is not attainable. In this case, electricity is a by-product of producing gasoline from natural gas.

Synthetic gasoline obtained from natural gas is easily stored & transported. In view of its caloricity, its value is equivocal to the value of its input materials, i.e. nature gas. NRGLab Pte Ltd is looking for a strategic partner for this exclusive business."

nrglab singapore
I’m pretty sure NRGLab will find their strategic partners very soon. As I'd mentioned before, gasification is an investment in our energy's future. You do agree with me, don’t you?

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  1. That's really a great equipment. Hopefully NRG could find their partner real soon and the world could get a cheaper source of electricity soon.

  2. Good morning Shirley... a very different post today! :) Thanks for sharing out this information about energy saving... my kids might know this better than I do! :)

    1. Reana, morning dear! Yap, trying to reach out to the mass to support a greener environment :)

  3. Awesome post! I support all environmental friendly companies cos they're so rare nowadays.

  4. Of course, agreeing with you!~

  5. Very interesting to read though and we all should invest and make this world a better place. Saving energy must and should be done by everyone.

  6. The energy efficient project can benefit all of us.

    1. Balvinder, so glad u're with us! Have a great day!

  7. I think businesses should go green too, for their sustainability and for a better tomorrow

  8. Interesting post Shirley. Thanks for sharing...

  9. Replies
    1. Edmend, lol! U can always give moral support :)

  10. Shirley, the world's a better place with you championing alternative energy to keep things green! xo

    1. Kim, glad to be of help! U have a wonderful week, my dear Kim!


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