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Would You Like To Be Part Of A USD 40M Gasification Plant Program?

Nope, we’re not talking about any Lego Construction nor is this an April Fools’s joke!

nrglab singapore
Socially-conscious enterprises like NRGLab is inviting partners & investors to mutually cooperate in the construction of its first Gasification Plant on the partner’s domestic territory. As mentioned in my previous articles, NRGLab is a science-driven company based in Singapore. The company researches & develops alternative-energy technologies for clean, reliable & affordable electrical power on a global scale. Among the other projects, it's currently involved into development & modification of gasification technology to get the main target – so that Rice Husk/Coal/Gas/APG could be processed into energy & fuel.

nrglab gasification techonology program
What exactly is Gasification? To put it simply, Gasification is ‘’a flexible, reliable, & clean energy technology that can turn a variety of low-value feedstocks into high-value products’’. This enables the separation of pollutants & greenhouse gases to produce clean gas for efficient electricity generation & production of chemicals & clean liquid fuels. Below is a short & clear video on Gasification: The Waste-to-Energy Solution, to help you understand better:

And here is a schematic diagram of this production process:

nrglab gasification techonology program plasma torch

NRGLab program satisfies the interests of countries looking to invest in clean, secure & affordable sources of green energy. Here are its Key Advantages:
  • Nero-zero emissions
  • Feedstock flexibility
  • Multiple, high-value products
  • Efficiency greater than 60%
  • Cost competitiveness

So what are the production results of this program? See below:

nrglab gasification techonology program production results

While we’re enjoying a nice plate of fragrant rice daily, I bet it has never occur to you what happened to those husks after they’ve been removed from the rice. These rice husks, often thought to be left as waste, will fuel biomass plants to generate electrical power to meet our energy requirements.
rice husks green energy

Gasification plants bring decent jobs to a community - construction jobs are needed to build a plant, & you’ll need people to run it too. Let’s make cost-effective & climate-friendly energy supply possible. Gasification is an investment in our energy future!

For more details on the project, visit

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  1. Big project, big cause, and great work. Thanks to NRG.

    1. DS, glad to know that more people are supporting the cause :)

  2. Interesting read to know about the big project! Now you must be part of the USD 40M Gasification Plant Program too.

  3. very big project. Hmmm...I wonder if my side here will have or not.

    Sorry ya, I have not been coming here for some time.

    1. Kathy, thks for coming by despite your busy schedule!

  4. this is just great... hopefully this project will attract more and more investors and we can have safe and clean energy in future :)

  5. Thank you for introducing me to such a new project :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Replies
    1. HYL, looking fwd to a greener environment......

  7. nice program.. towards greener environment..

  8. if this one is operating in SG..then i will have to congrats SG towards good environmental planning~
    In Sweden, they gasified salmon waste and turn it into biofuel for their buses~ cool eh..Salmon waste..hehe

    1. Hong, NRGLab is a science-driven company based in Singapore. Thks for sharing the interesting info! Yap, pretty cool!

    2. then it is even better~ energy efficiency for SG~


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