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Stay Healthy With Vitacost!

Do you know that three-quarters of U.S. teens & adults are deficient in Vitamin D, the so-called "sunshine vitamin" whose deficits are increasingly blamed for everything from cancer & heart disease to diabetes?
vitacost health supplements vitamin d3
Singaporeans too, are not let off! A study published in 2009 by researchers at Tan Tock Seng Hospital points out that people in #Singapore are also Vitamin D deficient, though more research is needed on this.

My hubby & I enjoy tuning in to the Dr Oz show which introduces us to healthy living. I’ve also bought some other healthy supplements at Vitacost after watching his program some time ago.

vitacost health supplements vitamin d3 mini gels
This time, #DrOz talked about the importance of Vitamin D. Immediately after his show, hubby said we should also get ourselves covered. So I ordered 3 bottles of #Vitacost Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) - 365 Softgels @ USD 10.99 each for my family. I detest taking big pills, so I really love these Mini Gels! There are the smallest gels I’ve ever had & so easy to swallow! Just 1 small gel & it supplies 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3!

Watch this interesting video on Dr Oz , appearing on ‘Good Morning America!” Here, he talks about the importance of Vitamin D & how it can save your life!

Choose the correct #VitaminD supplement. The most common kinds are vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) & vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). D3 is recommended most often because it is the naturally occurring version of Vitamin D in your body.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is the same form of Vitamin D that the body manufactures when skin is exposed to #ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Vitamin D3 may be more than three times as effective in raising concentrations of vitamin D in the bloodstream & maintaining those levels for a longer time.

Interesting point to note: While elderly people & infants have the highest risk of a Vitamin D deficiency, lighter skin produces more Vitamin D after extended exposure to sunlight. Darker skinned people need 5 to 10 times more sunlight to produce healthy Vitamin D levels.

For Singaporeans, you can get your vitamin D blood level tested at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (Tel: 6357 2233) as a part of a package at the Health Enrichment Centre. According to #AWARE (Association of Women for Action & Research), Vitamin D3 is not readily available in Singapore, but you can easily get your supplies from the US at online stores such as Vitacost.

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Adding on to our healthy supplements, we also ordered the #Pur Pitcher Refill 3 Pack. Sometime early this year, I got 30% Off Pur Water Filtration System Pitcher From Vitacost!! Drinking water from Pur just gets better & tastier! Vitacost price: USD 23.29, Retail price: USD 32.99, You Save: 29%!

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While our princess is Candy Crushing At Vitacost, we got her more #Greenies Xtra Value Pack Teenie Treats for Dogs - 65 Pieces. Vitacost price: USD 19.99, Retail price: USD 31.99, You Save: 37%!!

vitacost vitamins pur pitcher greenies dog treats
When Vitacost switched their shipping courier few months back, I also changed my normal shipping @ USD 12.99 (estimated delivery in 8-20 business days) to their #DHL priority shipping @ USD 13.99 (estimated delivery in 5-10 business days) with just an additional of USD 1!!

vitacost shopping bodum pavina thermo glasses
I’m really delighted that since I started on my monthly shopping at Vitacost sometime mid last year, my goods have always arrived in good shape even when I ordered 2 sets of beautiful Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermo-Glasses from them. Fragile glasses all the way from USA; no problem as long as you shop at Vitacost!


  1. Apparently I have a vitamin deficiency too! Taking multi vitamins to supplement my diet now.

    1. Trishie, u take care! I'm also taking a list of vits :)

  2. I'm not such a fan of taking vitamins from a bottle. I'd much rather get them naturally through nutritious food. I suppose if your diet is not so healthy they might be an option in the interim.

    1. YL, I'm a glutton so I need health supplements. Lol!

  3. A great diet supplement for sure :D


    1. Uru, cheers to u too! Have a lovely week, sweetie!

  4. While one can easily get Vitamin D thru' sunlight, but who wants to get all the pigmentation and freckles while getting your Vitamin D. This seems to be a good alternative and yes, I hate large pills too but sometime I'm left with no choice as the supplement that I got from Vitacost is "super large". Your this size of Vitamin D is so cute.... wished mine could be like this too. LOL! I'll bear the priority shipping in mind and shall use that when I next order my goodies from Vitacost.

    1. DS, that's so true! With age catching up, I tend to hide from the sun these days as I don't want my pigmentation to get worse. Yap, try switching to priority mail for just a dollar; totally worth it!

  5. Really cheap delivery charges, Shirley and the glasses are indeed very exquisite.. :)

    1. Reana, the glasses are quite expensive here in S'pore :<

  6. cause nowadays everyone care for their health

    1. HYL, yap! People are putting more effort these days....

  7. Nowadays kids not so exposed to sun because they tend to stay indoor and become inactive. I watched the Oprah show before and Dr Oz is one of the frequent guests in the show. But I never try Vitacost supplements before.

    1. Rose, love the both of them! Dr Oz's shows are so informative & practical. Vitacost has many brands of health supplements & other products. Chk them out when u're online :)

  8. Am taking multi vitamins too...errr...on the days that I remember :p

    1. Kathy, I actually type out a list & stick it on my fridge to help me remember. Heehee!

  9. Great post.. Elegant glasses.. After all health comes first, right Shirley :-)

    1. Nilu, thks for coming by & love having u here! Looking fwd to sharing :)

  10. Hi Shirley,

    Wow, a very good post again...

    Hope you have tested your vitamin D levels ? If it is all within normal limits still you need vitamin D supplementation? If you are taking your regular multivitamin supplementation it surely will contain enough Vitamin D.

    Breakfast cereals and many other food stuffs now a days are fortified with vitamins and we have to take it also into consideration when we decide to take such extra supplements. Always remember anything in excess can result in toxicity, more of Vitamin D, more calcium absorption and the possibility of stone formation etc.

    Seek a healthcare provider's advice before taking any supplement.

    Always spend some time for exercise daily, preferably done outdoors. It is sad to note that people are not stressing the importance of regular physical activity for promoting health.

    Vitamin D3, Calcium supplementation etc. are still controversial especially in people living in sunny countries. More research is needed in this field. Eating a balanced diet, regular exercise, stress free life, periodic medical check up etc. are some of the ways to lead a healthy life.

    Getting a little sun will not worsen pigmentation. Very dark skinned people will only require more time of Sun exposure.

    I found these links informative:

    1. Rajiv, appreciate for your concern! Hubby & I have read many reports that even tho' S'pore is a tropical country, we're not spared from Vit D deficiency too :< Moreover, I'm always avoiding the sun. Hahaha! Unfortunately, multi-vits don't give sufficient Vit D as required, that's why we decided to get that after much discussion.

      Thks so much for the links, Rajiv! As much as most of us are aware that eating a balanced diet & regular exercises are important, they're sometimes hard to achieve. For me personally, I hate exercises & I'm a real glutton. So as suggested by doctors, I need to have these food supplements :) I'm sure my readers will appreciate you sharing your very informative comments.

  11. Hi Shirley
    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    Dr Oz has stressed the importance of testing Vitamin D3 level in blood. For a normal person with adequate levels of this vitamin in blood and who is taking a multivitamin pill regularly that contains 400 IU of Vitamin D no further supplementation would be needed.

    But for those who have insufficient level of this vitamin in blood a supplementation would be needed in addition to their regular multivitamin pill if their sun exposure habit cannot be changed. But this has to be decided by a doctor who will look into many clinical things before prescribing Vitamin D3. All efforts must be made to prevent an overdosage and better to minimize the side effects.

    Dr Oz and all other investigators in this field have stressed the importance of getting adequate sunlight even if someone takes Vitamin D supplementation. That is the easiest, risk free, most effective and natural way to get enough of this hormone like vitamin especially in a tropical country.

    I have gone through the study done by the Tan Tock Sen Hospital, Singapore.

    They have depicted clearly the limitations of the study. They have mentioned clearly further studies are needed to establish this deficiency in the population.

    Echoing the concern many media articles also popped upon googling; all highlighting the importance of getting adequate sun exposure.

    For better bone health adequate exercise is also needed for the calcium and other minerals to get into the bones. 'Supplements' just fill in the gap in the diet and those are in no way a substitute for a balanced diet.

    I appreciate the post by you initiating a discussion about healthy living. Such activities will provide helpful info to the readers, after all health is wealth !

    1. Wow! Thks so much for your discussion, Rajiv! I've clearly indicated in my post that more research is needed on the test by TTSH. And of course it's good to have our Vit D level tested which I've also provided the contact in my post for those who like to get theirs tested.

      In one of Dr Oz's shows, he noted that altho the Institute of Medicine recommends getting between 600 & 800 IU per day for all ages. Dr. Oz recommends 1000 IU.

      According to Dr. Bess Dawson-Hughes, senior scientist & director of the Bone Metabolism Laboratory at the Jean Mayer USDA HNRCA at Tufts University, if our levels of Vit D are normal, taking 2,000 IU every other day or every third day would be fine too.

      Thanks for all the links again & you've indeed contributed a lot to this discussion, which I'm sure my readers will appreciate. Have a wonderful day & take care!

  12. Hi Shirley, thanks for sharing the great information from you and Rajiv. Anyway I don't take any vitamins or supplements. I only take manuka honey every morning.

    Best regards.

    1. Amelia, I'm glad you've found it a good read! There's a store selling some expensive honey at Causeway Point too. Not sure if you've come across when u visit SG....

  13. Hi Shirley, I was busy travelling these days, so couldn't post a reply to this exciting discussion early. Sorry.

    Well, until the research prove without doubt it is better to adopt a cautious approach to this controversial supplementation with regard to preventive aspects; the deficiency states ofcourse have treatment guidelines and those states proved by the testing of Vitamin's level are actually areas that require active treatment by qualified specialist doctors.

    No researcher is 100 percent sure about this increased daily supplementation and there is no uniform opinion or policy with regard to the dosage etc. that is acceptable to the medical authorities worldwide. Is this supplementation made mandatory or compulsory in the Singapore preventive National health programs?

    It was not clear if you had tested your Vitamin D level, but I had indeed noted already the link that you provided about the testing facility for Vitamin D level. Good thing that you have mentioned it so that anyone reading it can have it tested to know if they are deficient and take medical advice if they need some sort of higher intake of Vitamin D, if they are.

    Dr Oz has been recommending higher intake of Vitamin D for Americans just like many others like Dr Bess who in fact is pushing for a much higher intake of Vitamin D. So is this scenario applicable worldwide as in the case of a worker who toils hard in the blazing Sun all throughout the day in the Sun in India?

    Check this link of the International Osteoporosis foundation. Dr Bess is the General Secretary of the North America region of this foundation. The Recommended nutrient intake (RNI) of the age group 51 - 65 years is 400 IU / day

    In fact many practitioners all over the world have started prescribing Vitamin D much more than before in cases of Osteoporosis but with regard to preventive aspects still there is no uniform opinion.
    I have attended many medical lectures since this issue was brought to the attention of the medical community for the past years and there was debate always and arguments. The conclusion in all these meetings would be to highlight the importance of getting enough Sunlight, balanced diet, importance of exercise, testing in suspicious cases, always think of the possibility of Vitamin D deficiency even in tropical countries and detect and treat Osteoporosis asap. Like the study done in Singapore some studies have been done in India and other Sunny countries that helped in finding out that such a problem do exist in these countries too which was an eye opener to practitioners here. But the sampling was done mostly in cities where as you know we follow westernised modern life style and people avoid Sun most of the time or use Sunscreens. So the need for larger population sampling and other things that we have already discussed. The National Osteoporosis foundation link shows that the requirement under the age of 50 is 400 - 800 IU daily. They have also mentioned the IOM's recommended higher upper level.

    Until the international community unanimously agrees about the RDA this controversy will continue. The important point to consider here is that this Vitamin D is very unique in that we get it in the traditional way by just enjoying the Sunshine. Other vitamins we get through food and very limited quantity of Vitamin D we get through food unless it is fortified.

    But those who take multivitamin pill regularly get 400 IU and Vitacost has 2000 IU. So if someone is taking a multivitamin pill then they have to skip it if they take Vitamin D on those days.

    It is still a mystery why the FDA is not updating the RDA of Vitamins and supplements. Many are lobbying hard to increase the RDA of Vitamin D. There are many reports disagreeing with raising the RDA level.

    Check this link, it is from a popular medical website. Very good info about this controversial issue.

    1. Rajiv, welcome back! Thks again for sharing so much info with us! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Hi Shirley, thank you so much.


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