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DIY Multi-tier Beauty Storage BellaBox!

diy bellabox multi-tier beauty storage boxes
Don’t you just love pretty things? I adore DIY craft projects, making use of stuff around the house to recycle. It’s fun, & it reminds me of school days where we put together little items to make something out of it. And here's my DIY Multi-tier Beauty Storage BellaBox!

Beauty boxes fans, here’s a craft to help you recycle those boxes that are sent to your home every month! Courtesy of BellaBox, I get beauty surprises on a monthly basis like this one at BellaBox Packs A Punch With Cannes Film Festival Celebration! & my #beauty #samples are stacking up as well as those empty boxes.

diy bellabox multi-tier make-up storage boxes
I decided to organize them so it’s easier for me to find the exact product I want. You can use super glue, but I’m using screws here to hold the boxes better. I’m really happy with my new DIY Multi-tier Beauty Storage #BellaBox! With this 4-tier box, I segregated my items & arranged them into different categories:

diy bellabox multi-tier beauty storage box
Top tier – Make-up items
2nd tier – Elizabeth Arden samples
3rd tier – Skincare products
Bottom tier – Shampoo & Bath Gels etc

Only the 2nd tier is fixed to the "stand", the rest are removable. You can see from the pix I've brought down the top tier of make-up samples for photo-taking.

* Tips: Put those heavy items in the bottom tier to add weight to hold the box firmly. Lighter items go to the top so the box won’t “sink”. Reserve the 3rd tier for those taller items!
diy bellabox multi-tier make-up storage box
You don’t need to own BellaBoxes. Just use boxes of similar sizes to create this to hold your beauty products or even stationery! Come, let’s get started!

    diy instruction bellabox make-up storage box
  1. Using ruler for more accurate measurement, make 2 markings on the bottom length of the cover (one with BellaBox logo). This is for the top “stand” to slot in 2 boxes later.
  2. Poke through the markings using a screw. Do the same for another cover, but this time on the top length. This is to make the bottom “stand”. *Make sure the logo is facing the correct way. (see storage box pix with BellaBox logos above).
  3. diy craft bellabox multi-tier beauty storage box
  4. Make another 2 markings, but this time on the inside of the box itself.
  5. diy crafts bellabox multi-tier beauty storage box
  6. Insert 2 screws into the box.
  7. diy handicraft bellabox multi-tier beauty storage box
  8. Next, push it through the BellaBox cover that you’ve already punched the holes earlier.
  9. diy handicrafts bellabox multi-tier beauty storage box
  10. Now, push it through another cover to make the “stand”. Make sure your screws are long enough to go through all 3 boxes.
  11. diy handicraft bellabox multi-tier beauty storage boxes
  12. Here’s the completed job of the “stand” with a single tier to give you an idea. You only need to connect 1 box & simply slot in the 3 other boxes into the “stand” & you’re done!
  13. diy handicraft bellabox multi-tier beauty storage boxes
  14. Recycle those ribbons you’ve been keeping & start decorating your box.
diy bellabox make-up skincare products storage box
Tada! So, what do you think of this #DIY Multi-tier Beauty Storage BellaBox? Visit my other DIY projects to start your hobby now!


  1. Oh Yeah! Thanks for posting this project real fast. I've waiting for it. :D Like you, i love DIY project too and simply adore your DIY tips here.

    1. DS, thks so much for following my crafts! Appreciate your support & hope u're still keeping those empty BellaBoxes :)

  2. What a cute, creative idea, Shirley! I like to recycle things, too -- always a use for them when you "see" them in a different light. I can just picture you enjoying your Bella Box goodies over and over in a "new-fangled" way! :)

    1. Kim, thks dear! I'm in love with my BellaBoxes :) Hahaha!

  3. hey...that is a brilliant idea. Lovely "cabinet"

  4. Looks good! What a clever idea.

  5. Oh! I remember playing with all these cosmetic boxes, mom will be so pissed off after she found out xD

    1. Ken, u serious?? So u're Barbie's Ken! Lol!

  6. Hi Shirley, your are so creative and innovative. Lovely makeup box, very practical. Thanks for the great ideas.

    Have a lovely week ahead.

    1. Amelia, u're so sweet! Thks for sacrificing your candy crush time to stop by! Hahaha!

    2. Hi Shirley, I stop playing candy crush liow, my lover took over the job to play on behalf. hahaha.....

      Have a nice day.

    3. Amelia, u serious?? My hubby just started playing! Lol!

  7. Now i know what to do with the boxes. Thank you


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