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Buffet Breakfast At The Bungalow, Lone Pine Hotel

(Day 4)
The earth was bath in a warm rosy glow as we made our way to Lone Pine Hotel's The Bungalow for our breakfast. It was my family last day, after 4 enjoyable days in Penang.
lone pine hotel penang bungalow
Al fresco dining by the beach, The Bungalow begins with a buffet breakfast spread served throughout the day from its menu of traditional favourites ranging from colonial-style steaks to burgers, pasta to Penang wok-fried noodles, poolside snacks to The Bungalow’s signature Hainanese specialities.

lone pine hotel penang infinity salt water pool
Tuck into hearty breakfast over-looking Lone Pine’s Infinity Salt Water Pool or the picturesque sea & tropical gardens while enjoying your meal at The Bungalow.

penang batu ferringhi beach lone pine hotel
Listen to the gentle lull of waves from their beach as you chill out with your family & friends.

Some of the food served that day:

lone pine hotel penang bungalow egg counter
lone pine hotel penang bungalow nasi lemak ingredients
lone pine hotel penang bungalow nasi lemak
lone pine hotel penang bungalow buffet breakfast
lone pine hotel penang bungalow breakfast juices
lone pine hotel penang bungalow pastries
lone pine hotel penang bungalow quef en cocotte
lone pine hotel penang bungalow quiche
lone pine hotel penang bungalow dried fruits
I found the Dried Fruits Corner rather unique. It's nice to pinch some of these sweet & sour dried fruits & pop them into your mouth after a meal.

lone pine hotel penang bungalow breakfast porridge
lone pine hotel penang bungalow breakfast omelette
lone pine hotel penang bungalow char kway teow
lone pine hotel penang bungalow luxury haven review
While the buffet breakfast spread wasn't exactly fantastic compared to some in 5-star hotels, the exquisite buffet presentation like their Nasi Lemak wrapped in small individual banana leaf packages, or their ingredients lined out in traditional bamboo baskets, provided a charming ambience. It's really a nice place to hang out though.

e&o lone pine hotel penang malaysia, travel
Smittened By The Luxurious Lone Pine Hotel makes it even harder for us to leave the alluring boutique hotel.

lone pine hotel penang airport transfers
A hotel transfer @ RM150 had been arranged to take us to the airport. We spent our last hours lazing in the the tranquil backdrop of the beach & soaking in the lush greenery of the hotel’s compound.

lone pine hotel penang amenities umbrella
Thank you so much Lone Pine, for the rejuvenating stay!

It's Celebration Time at Lone Pine Hotel in conjunction with their 65th BIRTHDAY!

Those celebrating their birthday in May & June, celebrate your birthday with them & enjoy 25% discount on Food at any of their outlets! Go in a maximum group of 10 & they'll delight you with a birthday cake! * T&C apply.
lone pine hotel penang matsu japanese restaurant
How about trying out their mouth-watering cuisines @ Let’s Go Japanese At Matsu, Batu Ferringhi Penang!


  1. I would love to dip into the salt water pool and then head to the buffet area for some good food! :D

  2. Agreed! While food isn't the best at Lone Pine but they make it up with lil pretty presentation touches. Love the first shot! Very holiday mood to it.

    1. missyblurkit, certainly a nice outdoor place for breakfast :)

  3. Certainly a relaxing place to be. You are a genius for finding such cool hide away.

    1. Kathy, hahaha! Next time will be your turn.....

  4. Such a relaxing and lovely place :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Replies
    1. Kylie, next time u can visit since u're near them :)

  6. Replies
    1. HYL, the sashimi?? I can't never get enough.......

  7. Buffet breakfast by the beach, listening to the beating wave, how nice! And I love that nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf, i preferred that style of nasi lemak to those that you get to pick and choose what you want. Funny huh? Haha...

  8. Looks beautiful with lots of fantastic food! Always jealous of the places you go!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

    1. Eric, u can also take some time off for a nice break!

  9. Shirley, I love your pictures!

    I don't think the food matters; it's the beach view that will seal the deal.

    Reading a book while relaxing and listening to the calming sea waves, I think we can fall easily into a sweet sleep. xD

    1. WC, thks dear! It's so relaxing just listening to your thoughts :)

  10. Food! I think one day i gonna be food blogger as well. lol so tempting!

    1. Jac, hahaha! Only concern is to avoid putting on weight.

  11. Hi Shirley, you and your family really enjoyed in Penang with all the nice food and relaxing by the beach. How nice if can stay longer....:) Very nice hotel, really good for relaxation and get away from work.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Amelia, we certainly did! Next time u can try :)

  12. Looking at those foods from abroad especially the nasi i miss it..

    1. Hong, mmmm..... wonder how's the food like in SA......

    2. huge portion double the price compare to Penang..but it's good though :D more to western food i would say

    3. Hahaha! American sizes :) Enjoy......


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