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BellaBox Packs A Punch With Cannes Film Festival Celebration!

bellabox ready for cannes beauty blogger review
Get glitzy & hit the red carpet with this month’s BellaBox! Celebrating #Cannes Film Festival from May 15-26, BellaBox has included star-studded products which Hollywood celebrities swear by.
bellabox ready for cannes beauty blogger reviews
Thumbs-up to May BellaBox! I found 7 beauty products in my box, & couple are actually full-size items! Lots of pampering products for your eyes in this month’s Ready For Cannes Bellabox! Let's take a peek!

bellabox talika model co eye pencil lash card
Talika Eye Therapy Patch is the first cosmetic eye patch developed from technology used in post-surgery medicine! Smoothes, firms, brightens, de-puffs in 30 mins, The #Talika Eye Therapy Patch comes in pack of 6 @ SGD 120, & each one is reusable up to three times!

Comes with a handy inbuilt sharpener on the lid, the Model Co Eye Define Pencil @ SGD 23 is must-have tool to enhance eye makeup & define eyes. The hydrating formula is non-drying & protects the sensitive skin around the eye from climatic influences.

Have you heard of #LashCards? Honestly, it’s my first! Lash card @ SGD 10.30, is your answer to clumped lashes, flat lashes & wet mascara that can run to your under eye area before it dries. To use, simply hold the curved edge of Lash Card behind your lashes at your eye's lash line. Apply mascara with your other hand, letting any excess gather on the card. Use on both upper & lower lashes.

bellabox lanvin parfum dr morita face mask
A feminine, unique mix of blueberry and licorice notes, Lanvin has recently launched their #Lanvin Me Eau de Parfum, & invited bloggers to the Bellabox Event At Antoinette Parisian Patisserie were given a 50ml full-size bottle @ SGD 108 each. Now I can have a vial (2ml) for me to carry in my bag should I need to touch up!

Here’s a mask that you can use daily! The Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask @ SGD15.90 for 10 pcs, comes with ingredients like Cucumber extract, Ceramide, Marine Collagen, Licorice & Seaweed, for your hydrating, anti-aging skincare needs!

bellabox borracha wine wipes model co lip gloss
Here are two interesting products I’ve found in the box. Swipe it across your lips, gums & teeth to stay stain-free & fresh breathed after your wine tasting sessions with the Borracha Wine Wipes @ SGD 8.70 for 20 pcs! With the power of baking soda, calcium, salt & orange blossom, you'll have white teeth, pleasant breath & still be able to taste the full flavour of your wine after use!

For this month’s BellaBox, my favourite item gotta be the #ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss @ SGD 23. Finally, a lip gloss with a built-in mirror!! Available in beautiful, subtle colours, it’s a high shine gloss that's never sticky.

So much goodness in this month’s Bellabox! Grab your monthly subscription now for just SGD19.95/month at BellaBox!
diy bellabox make-up skincare products storage box
Don’t go yet! What do you think of my DIY Multi-tier Beauty Storage BellaBox? Bellaboxes are made up of strong & durable cardboards, so don’t throw them away! You can turned them into storage boxes like this one here. Simply stack them up, screw in a few nails, decorate with those ribbons that have been sitting in your store, & you’ll get a lovely multi-tier storage for your beauty products or stationery. I’ll be posting my DIY article anytime, with more pictures & steps on how to make your own, so be sure to check back. Cheers!


  1. Love your Multi-tier Beauty Storage BellaBox idea! Superb!~

  2. This month's bellabox is really packed with adorable products. Like you, i have not seen the lash card too, but some somethings similar in another website which is in plastic form and it's called Mascara guard, and it works just like this lash card but then this lash card seems so much more handy. Love that high shine lip gloss too, so handy that u need not carry another mirror with the lip gloss. Oh, my, what a lovely DIY Multi-tier Beauty Storage bellabox! I shall be popping over over here very frequently to check out how to do that DIY. Meanwhile.... shall start collecting boxes.... bellabox...especially.

    1. DS, thks for sharing your thoughts! Can't wait to show u gals how easy it was to diy :)

  3. so nice arr bellabox. if i use cosmetic :(

    1. HYL, I rarely use make-up too, so the mask & eye patch come in real handy.

  4. This is beauty heaven in a box :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. What a wonderful batch of goodies, Shirley! I think I need that lash card!

  6. So many goodies...and I love your DIY storage box. So clever. I always run out of space to store my beauty products and I can't wait to read your DIY post.

    1. Amy, thks so much for your lovely note! Will buzz u when it's out :)


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