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Toast To Beauty With The New Brand's RubyCollagen Essence!

Women spend thousands of dollars on skincare products, with some even to the extent of going for plastic surgeries. Have you ever thought of healing from within?
brands innershine ruby collagen trial pack
With the influx of collagen products in the market in the recent years, more are paying attention to these miracle concoctions. Evidently women are heeding the advice, with sales of collagen-enriched drinks, powders & tablets surging rapidly.

brands ruby collagen media event mandarin oriental
At a recent exclusive media luncheon for the official launch held at the exquisite Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Brand’s #Innershine heralds the next frontier in anti-aging skin care with their new Rubycollagen Essence oral beauty supplement range.
brands innershine ruby collagen essence
Specially formulated for Asian skin, get ready to reverse your skin age & enjoy more supple, vibrant skin in just 6 weeks* with nature’s best-kept anti-ageing secret!

Derived from a unique blend of precious ingredients – micro-collagen peptides & #Astaxanthin harvested from a special strain of micro-algae – #RubySignature is a proprietary skin nutrient matrix that promotes firmer & more youthful skin.
brands ruby collagen media event marina oriental
At 500 times, 800 times, & 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin E (Kurashige et al 1990), CoQ10, & Vitamin C (Nishida et al 2007) respectively, Astaxanthin is one of Mother Nature’s most potent antioxidants. When combined with micro-collagen peptides – collagen molecules that have been broken down through a sophisticated hydrolysis process to aid in faster & more effective absorption by the human body – the resultant RubySignature formulation sets a new standard in oral #collagen supplementation in the pursuit of ageless beauty.
brands innershine event dolce vita mandarin oriental
Taking place poolside at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore’s #DolceVita restaurant, the session also featured a special presentation on holistic anti-aging skin care by guest speaker & renowned aesthetic expert Dr Elias Tam of #EHA Clinic.
brands innershine event eha clinic dr elias tam
Dr Tam & I greeted each other like old friends when we spotted each other at the event. Those following my blog would know that Dr Tam has been taking care of my face, as well as my 80+ year-old mom’s. Well, you can read more about it in my Product Reviews under Aesthetic Clinics.

brands innershine event dolce vita mandarin oriental
During the presentation, guests were also served a 3-course lunch:

brands innershine ruby collagen media event
Rich & Creamy Mushroom Soup

brands innershine ruby collagen media event chicken
Main: Tender Chicken with Healthy Grilled Vegetables

brands innershine ruby collagen media event dessert
Chocolatey Dessert

brands innershine event cerebos scientist dr lua bee leng
Following that, #Cerebos scientist Dr. Lua Bee Leng delved into the science behind RubyCollagen’s powerful proprietary skin age-reversing formulation.

brands ruby collagen essence toast
We also got to try the Brand's InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence & Strip. The drink is rich & tasty. I like it, but some may find it too sweet. Don't you worry about sugar content; Brand's InnerShine #RubyCollagen Essence contains no added sugar, artificial colourings &/or preservatives. Infused with natural pomegranate juice, Brand's InnerShine RubyCollagen makes for a truly delicious treat & an indispensable beauty oral supplement that addresses the heightened needs of ageing skin.

brands innershine ruby collagen essence strip
Thumbs-up to the collagen strip, specially designed to fit your purse. I felt like a big kid, snacking on my favourite jelly. Warning: It’s highly addictive!

brands innershine ruby collagen essence strips
Designed to easily complement your existing topical skin care routine to form a comprehensive beauty regimen, the Brand's InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence range is available in both drink & strip formats. Daily consumption will help to ensure that your body is adequately supplied with the essential nutrients for optimal skin support & protection. For optimum efficacy, it is recommended that Brand's InnerShine RubyCollagen be consumed twice daily to experience the skin age-reversing difference in 6 weeks*.

brands innershine ruby collagen media event mandarin
So radiant inside out with #Brand's RubyCollagen Essence & get your tasty treats now, available at all leading personal care stores!
  • Brand's InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence (50ml x 10): SGD $57
  • Brand's InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence Strip (15g x 10): SGD $36
  • Brand's InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence Trial Pack (1 Strip + 1 Drink): SGD $8.80

Read about my 6-week trial @ BRAND'S InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence Review! Thank you Brand's, for the invitation to the journey from within!

brands innershine ruby collagen essence giveaways
Head over to Giveaway: Brand’s InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence + Strip Worth $93!! 3 Winners will walk away with 1 set each! Good luck!


  1. Sounds like a great product!!! Wonder if they have it here in M'sia..

    Btw, love the dining table deco!~ Classy!

  2. I didn't know now Brands has their own facial products till now... :)

    1. Reana, now we can enjoy these delicious drinks other than Brand's Chicken Essence :)

  3. Hello, it's me. Posting from my personal blog. I am taking Collagen since 2 years back. I've tried a few but never really try a product from Inner Shine yet. I might consider this product though now I've been using Kinohimitsu Diamond for almost 2 years alredy. :) :)

    1. WL, thks for sharing your thoughts with us! I'm also drinking Kinohimitsu & I like the taste too. Brand's is very much richer in taste....

  4. Wonderful product my friend, sounds so beneficial :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. i've taken Brands Inner Shine Berries drink, i love it. Now, Inner Shine collagen drink - reverse skin in 6 weeks - sound so good, must try yea....

  6. I am hoping to see the strip in Malaysia soon! am now consuming the essence too...not on a daily basis though:P

  7. Hi Shirley, sound like a wonder product for ladies who want to keep their youth. But then.... who doesn't want to look pretty and young. We women like very vain..LOL. From the tip of the hair until the tip of the toe.... better not take out my calculator, sure smoke come out. LOL

    Thanks for the recommendation. Best regards.

    1. Amelia, we're all so vain! Hahaha! Enjoy.....

  8. My mom and I love Brands products cause it is really works. Looking forward for this products to arrive in Malaysia. Good luck for your exam. =D


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