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Smitten By The Luxurious Lone Pine Hotel, Penang

Batu Ferringhi, on the northern coast of #Penang Island, is unquestionably the most happening area flocked by tourists. Its idyllic beaches & greenery offer a pleasant atmosphere that draws thousands of worn-out holidaymakers from around the world.
lone pine hotel penang malaysia
Somewhere down in the #BatuFerringhi area, a newly-refurbished playground awaits us. After two days of rocking fun, our Day 3 in the sun-kiss island of Penang took us to a premier luxury boutique hotel, the award-winning 5-star Lone Pine Hotel!

lone pine hotel penang lobby sofa
A complete twist of ambience from our previous stay, Lone Pine is a chic refuge away from the tourist track.

lone pine boutique hotel penang colonial bungalow
Infused with colonial spirit & idyllic charm, this lavish Batu Ferringhi property is the only first-class boutique hotel in the area & is one of Penang’s legendary hotels.

lone pine hotel penang check-in lobby
From the moment you stepped into the seaside opulent grand dame, you’ll know why it has bagged so many awards under its wing since its re-opening in November 2010.

lone pine boutique hotel penang pool view
Its colonial charm, heritage alike, amid #Casuarina trees along the beautiful garden has also prompted #TripAdvisor to recognise Lone Pine Hotel as the most voted top 10 boutique beach resorts in the world!

lone pine hotel penang casuarina trees
Why the name 'Lone Pine'? On the land where the bungalow stood, was then a solitary Casuarina tree, which was mistakenly thought to be a species of pine, hence the hotel’s namesake #LonePine..........

lone pine boutique hotel penang premier room
Upon checking in to our room, a short tour of the hotel’s vicinity was in stored for us. Come, let me take you with me………

lone pine boutique hotel penang lepak corner
A #Lepak corner greeted us along the way. In Malay, it simply means to chill out, or laze around. Love the traditional way of addressing the relaxation corner!

lone pine boutique hotel penang mahjong corner
There, you can find a secluded reading place & a mahjong table.

lone pine boutique hotel penang resting lobby
There’s also a family area where you can mingle or have a game.

lone pine boutique hotel penang old wing
The old wing of Lone Pine exudes colonial beauty.

lone pine boutique hotel penang new wing
lone pine boutique hotel penang board room
lone pine boutique hotel penang gym
lone pine boutique hotel penang pure energy spa
The new block, which has been designed to blend into the existing setting, also features new facilities for the hotel such as a boardroom for corporate meeting, a #gymnasium & a spa.

lone pine boutique hotel penang games room
lone pine boutique hotel penang gameing room
lone pine hotel penang games room pool table
lone pine boutique hotel penang printing area
The hotel also features a gaming room, & a business corner complete with printing facilities.

lone pine boutique hotel penang gerai shopping
Not a gaming fan? Well, the hotel's Gerai offers a treasure trove of unique #Malaysian keepsakes & mementos more usually found in Penang’s antique shops than a hotel gift shop.

lone pine boutique hotel penang mezzanine
Or how about chilling out at their spanking relaxation area on the mezzanine level?

lone pine boutique hotel penang batubar
Voted Best Bar at Best Excellence Award by The Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine is the Batubar. A latest addition to Lone Pine's F&B outlets, #Batubar an elegantly furnished yet laid back bar where guests can sit & relax to the sound of the surf as it blends with the latest ambient lounge tunes.

lone pine boutique hotel penang concrete seats
Your eyes will be immediately drawn to a striking long “sofa” seat with plush cushions just outside the Batubar. Upon closer look, we realized it’s made of concrete.

lone pine boutique hotel penang garden greenery
As I walked, I took a deep breath with each greenery. The fresh air filled my lungs, & I felt rejuvenated instantly.

lone pine boutique hotel penang garden hammocks
It was a magnificent sight of Casuarina trees coupled with hammocks for your leisure.

lone pine boutique hotel penang pool view
Nature lovers will enjoy the flora, inviting waters from their Infinity Salt Water Pool, & luxuriant landscape of trees. Whatever the purpose, you can immerse yourself in the tranquil sounds of nature, or have a rollicking good time enjoying the the 5-star hotel's facilities.

lone pine boutique hotel penang weddings
The grand dame is also recognised for their outstanding garden weddings; with the Casuarina trees sheltering its luscious garden along the beach, it certainly attracts many couples to celebrate & share their unique event.

lone pine luxury boutique hotel penang, malaysia
Lone Pine Hotel, an intimate place surrounded by green foliage, your very own private retreat in Penang! It's a space which reflects the taste & refinement of the well-heeled.

Check out more of this gorgeous sleeping haven at Enchanting Rooms At Lone Pine For The Sophisticated!

Thank you Lone Pine, for hosting my family in your gorgeous #hotel!

Noteworthy: Penang, 20 June 2012 - It was a different kind of Saturday morning gathering for the staff of the Lone Pine Hotel. Armed with rakes, shovels, baskets & garbage bags, the group embarked on a worthwhile exercise at the Batu Ferringhi beach area fronting the boutique beach resort.

Participants included associates & managers from various departments of the Lone Pine Hotel. The Penang Municipal Council assisted with provision of equipment & eventually, the disposal of the garbage collected, which mostly consisted of PET bottles, plastic wrappers, styrofoam food containers, broken glass bottles, glass bits & garments.

Taking care of the environment via cleaning up is part of the community service that the caring staff of the Lone Pine Hotel performs frequently to ensure that the beach fronting their hotel remains pristine & pleasant for its guests & the public.

In support of this initiative, the hotel also hopes to engage the public’s cooperation to maintain the cleanliness of the beach area to make it as pleasant as possible for everyone to enjoy.

lone pine hotel penang luxury haven review
Review Featured at E&O Edition,
the corporate newsletter for the Eastern & Oriental Group

Lone Pine Hotel
97, Batu Ferringhi
11100 Batu Ferringhi
Penang, Malaysia
Tel : +604 886 8686

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  1. awesome! this is what we call luxury haven! hehe..i wonder would i ever have a chance to stay in a place like this..maybe someday, right? when i'm rich enough..hehe

  2. That looks like an amazing place. I definitely wouldn't mind retreating to there!

  3. the room looks kinda fancy... if i can have my wedding at this place surely will be an unforgettable moment! :D

  4. I would be smitten too! How fancy :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Have heard great things about this place?

  6. Hey Shirley! Thanks for showing us the Lone Pine Hotel in Penang... I didn't know this exist till now.. such a beautiful serene place, I was thinking, "hey, is this really Penang?" I must google for more information... very nice.. seriously...

    1. Reana, I'm glad u've discovered this paradise :)

  7. Lone Pine looks very vast and clean. It's kind of serene to me too.

  8. oh wow......what a wonderful place

  9. Wow! I never knew there's such wonderful place in Penang until reading your post... Makes me want to go Penang again and explore here for myself.. haha!~ So, are you going to review this hotel and I'll be reading more about this place soon?

    1. Kylie, hahaha! I'm delighted being able to share this haven with u :) Yap, will be featuring more.....

  10. Do we have such awesome corner in Malaysia? Never realise the view is nice~~

    1. Evelyn, I'm happy to share these stunning places with you M'sians thru the eyes of a S'porean :)

  11. Are you sure this is hotel? This place is so stunning and amazing. Seriously, if I didn't read your title, I wouldn't know actually this in Penang. I thought this will be in other western country especially. Would love to stay here but I guess probably gonna hurt my wallet so much.

    1. DD, hahaha! Start saving lah, or psycho your parents.... Oops! Heehee!

  12. You did a good review of this hotel! I stayed in Lone Pine earlier this year and I enjoyed the stay as well. I have recorded my experience in my blog below and hope it would complement your review. :)

    1. KSA, thks for the lovely comment! It's great having you here & hope to see more of you!


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