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Lobster Porridge Cravings at Orchid Live Seafood!

orchid live seafood restaurant lobster porridge
Hidden in the secluded Seletar Hills Estate is another gem, often patronized by local TV celebrities & even our very own, PM Lee! The restaurant’s pride? The Chef’s Specialty Live Lobster Porridge!

orchid live seafood seletar hills estate
If you’ve heard of Orchid Live Seafood, I’m not surprised at all as they were previously featured on Channel U's ‘City Beat’ programme.

orchid live seafood restaurant celebrities
Anticipation heightened as we walked past the restaurant’s glass doors, with photos of many Channel 8 & Taiwanese artistes as well as pictures of Owner/Chef Steven’s appearances on cooking shows.

orchid live seafood celebrity restaurant

Let’s see what’s on the menu:
orchid live seafood restaurant teochew cold crabs
Teochew Cold Crab (冰冻螃蟹) @ S$4.50/100g
I’m a Teochew, & this is one of the few dishes that I really like.

orchid live seafood restaurant teochew cold crab
Look at the roe, & the meat is fresh & sweet! Thumbs-up!

orchid live seafood restaurant lobster porridge
Award-winning Lobster Porridge (金牌龙虾粥) @ S$10/100g
Using ingredients such as conpoy, chicken etc to slow cook to perfection.

orchid live seafood restaurant lobster
Before you commence, the waiter dishes out the generous servings of lobster onto a plate before scooping out the porridge into your bowl. It’s “Use your hand campaign!” from there. Start digging into your shellfish & tearing out the bouncy meat.

orchid live seafood lobster porridge
The stock was infused with flavours from the crustacean & chicken with tinge of ginger, making the porridge such an uplifting dish. A bowl is never enough! Must-try!

orchid live seafood restaurant steamed batin fish
Steamed Batin Fish (港式清蒸八丁) @ S$35
Timing is extremely when steaming fish. I’m not a fan of fish, but hubby enjoyed the dish which was steamed just the way he likes.

orchid live seafood thai-styled top-shell tofu
Thai-style Top-shell Tofu (泰式響螺豆腐) @ S$12
Gosh, Chef Steven has turned a simple Tofu dish into a delightful one just by pairing with Top-shells! Love the crispy tofu with the sweet & sour Thai chilli sauce!

orchid live seafood restaurant wasabi prawns
Wasabi Prawns @ S$15 & S$30
The Wasabi Prawns were real crunchy & tasty with the wasabi mayo, but both hubby & I would prefer to have less mayo & more wasabi.

orchid live seafood restaurant steven chicken
Steven Chicken (招牌鸡排骨) @ S$12, S$18 & S$24
In order to “implant” his name into his customers’ grey cells, the Chef named the dish Steven Chicken. When I asked the Chef what made Steven Chicken his signature dish, the chatty & humorous owner revealed it’s marinated with Marmite & other “special” seasoning, period! Crispy with tinge of sweetness, I could see why it’s a popular choice especially for the young ones.

orchid live seafood restaurant stir-fried vegetables
Mixed Vegetable (清炒什菜 ) @ S$8, S$10 & S$15
A simple, but tasty vegetarian dish.

orchid live seafood restaurant smoked duck
Smoked Duck (煙燻鸭) @ S$18 & S$36
Hubby took a first bite & commented that it was springy & tough. He decided to give it another try. That fateful piece changed his mind, & Ken continued to pick his third & fourth pieces. While the first slice wasn’t impressive, the next few were tender & appetizing. The black pepper smoked duck tasted somewhat like ham. But what made the difference in texture? Perhaps they were from different parts of the duck?

orchid live seafood restaurant ice-cream potong
Ice-cream Potong
It's interesting to see a restaurant serving potong ice-creams. These red-bean desserts certainly bring back a lot of childhood memories. Well, you can either go Ala Carte or savour the above set at a promo price of S$288 for 6-8 pax! Rating: ★★★★☆

orchid live seafood restaurant singapore
orchid live seafood restaurant singapore seletar
orchid live seafood restaurant interior
orchid live seafood restaurant karaoke room
Orchid Live Seafood is an amazingly huge restaurant that has 2 halls, 3 VIP rooms adjoining one another + a karaoke room.
orchid live seafood restaurant wines
You can even drink to your heart's content with their range of wines!

Overall, it’s a notable restaurant to visit especially for their Teochew Cold Crabs & Award-winning Lobster Porridge (金牌龙虾粥). What’s worth mentioning is the restaurant’s No Pork, No Lard & No Msg policy! So our Muslim friends who are not so fussy can comfortably feast the seafood in this eatery. I can see why it’s a popular hunt for the celebrities too ……….

orchid live seafood restaurant chef steven blogger review
Thank you Street Directory & Chef Steven, for organizing the food-tasting session!

Orchid Live Seafood
Seletar Hills Estate , 16 Jalan Kelulut 809033
Tel: +65 6484 2495

*This is a scheduled post as I’m off blogging for the entire month of April. However, I’ll still be posting my reviews in the queue for your reading pleasure during my absence. I thank you again for coming by & especially taking your time to let me know your thoughts in the comment box below. I’ll continue my blog-hopping in May. See you soon & don’t miss me too much :)


  1. Lobster porridge! So decadent. :-)

  2. no matter how tempting is crab and lobster above, I will definitely aim for smoked duck XD

    1. Edmend, guys go for duck, we gals head for crabs & lobsters! Lol!

  3. Oh my goodness, all of it looks so tempting o.o But I would really like to try the cold crab! Never had that before! >D

    1. Michelle, cold crabs are one of the best dishes!

  4. Lobster porridge! I am going to keep this on my list for my May visit. April visit is all lined up with more food that I think is going to be possible. LOL.

  5. HI Shirley

    Thank you for this review. I'm a Teochew too so I'm looking forward to the cold crab!

    1. Amy, it's great having u back! The lobster must've caught your attention! Hahaha!

  6. Cold crab.. Looks so delicious!~~

  7. hey Shirley, I must tell my son about this place.... perhaps he will take me there one day! hahahaa... love the smoked duck .. so neatly sliced.. by the way, i also want to announce that I am a teochew too..but speaks only a selective of words.. hahaha...

  8. What classy seafood :D


    1. Uru, another wonderful food-tasting session!

  9. i never try lobster in my life :O

  10. I hardly take take any dishes the cold style but this crab is the exceptional one. LOL! Lobster, i loved that too. This looks like a restaurant worth visiting again and again.

    1. DS, looks like this is going into your must-try list too :)

  11. Yummy mouthwatering porridge. first time your blog . very good space .Am following u . Glad if u will follow me back.

    1. Beena, thks so much for coming by & it's great having u here! Will be most delighted to follow u :)


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