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Getting to Know Lake Garda

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As Italy’s largest lake and a tourist favourite with visitors from all over the world, it’s no wonder Neilson holidays in Lake Garda are a popular choice during the summer months. At over 30 miles long and approximately 6 miles wide, the expanse that this lake covers is impressive, holding a considerable number of resorts to suit every holidaymaker’s style.

You can find Lake Garda in the North of Italy, located between the popular cities of Venice and Milan. As part of a holiday in the area, you can enjoy excursions to the cities to enjoy the shopping and culture that oozes from them both.

From rustic villages to medieval culture spots, there’s something for everyone in Lake Garda. The area is renowned for its lakeside activities, with swimming being a popular choice during the summer months.

The north of the lake, where wind conditions are brisk, is a windsurfing haven. Whether you’re learning the ropes or wish to hone your skills, the north of the lake is ideal. Meanwhile, in the south, the water is a little calmer, making it a perfect place for kayaking, jetskiing and waterskiing without worrying about colliding with a surfboard.

If you want to head a little further out, the Dolomite Mountains are a perfect escape whatever the weather. Grab your hiking boots and head for the craggy terrain and enjoy gentle or challenging hikes in the mountains. Think about the incredible panoramic views that will be awaiting you. It’s possible to join a guided tour or follow the trails at your own speed.

Popular resorts include Riva del Garda, Gardone, Sirmione and Bardolino. The Lake even has its own theme park – Gardaland – perfect as a day out for all the family.

Lake Garda is brimming with activities and relaxing pursuits to suit every holiday style. Take a look online at Neilson Holidays for some great deals and look forward to an Italian sojourn.


  1. New place to me.. :) Hope can visit someday..

    1. Kylie, looks like this is another of your dream place :)

  2. Wow such a nice holiday some more in Italy my travel wish list one day....what a wonderful view over there I believe you had fun and excitement during you holiday...

  3. Look like a really relaxing place full of sports activities. Oh, i saw you wrote "shopping" too, what a great place!!!

  4. I definitely wouldn't mind hanging out there for a few days! Beautiful :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

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