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Elizabeth Arden Brings You Visible Whitening!

Bring out your skin natural radiance with the new Visible Whitening range, by Elizabeth Arden!
elizabeth arden visible whitening family series
For the first time ever, the brand is controlling the production of melanin at all five stages. The Visible Whitening regimen features innovative ingredients including vitamin C derivatives & SpectraBright, a potent botanical Hops extract that originated from France & acts on signal reaction from UV light & melanosome transportation, to prevent melanin production.

elizabeth arden visible whitening system technology
With ingredients like licorice root extract, Vitamin C derivatives & SpectraBright, the Visible Whitening System technology counteracts melanin production at all five stages:
  1. Signal reaction from UV light
  2. Tyrosinase synthesis
  3. Melanosome formation
  4. Melanin transportation
  5. Deposition of melanin
However, melanin inhibition only treats part of the problem. With a combination of ingredients including antioxidants, collagen & elastin boosters, pore reducers, & diamond & pearl powders, Visible Whitening System technology is clinically proven to create a surface that reflects more light.

elizabeth arden visible whitening message in bottle
Couple of weeks ago, I received Elizabeth Arden’s message in a bottle………….

elizabeth arden visible whitening blogger invite
It was a facial invitation to experience their Visible Whitening series.

robinson singapore personal style lounge elizabeth arden
I started my beauty evolution at the Robinson’s Personal Stylist Lounge, in the comfort of a cozy room all set-up for the session.

elizabeth arden visible whitening facial
Using the full range of Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Whitening series, it was a perfect way to experience their skincare products.

elizabeth arden visible whitening blogger facial
The entire facial finished off with Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Whitening Multi Targeted UV Shield BB Cream with SPF 30, that comes in 3 shades. Here, the therapist applied the Shade 02 on me. I like the sheer cream with just enough coverage without being too heavy.

elizabeth arden visible whitening uv mineral powder
If that’s not enough, protect your skin’s translucent appearance & top it off with Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 20.

elizabeth arden visible whitening uv bb cream
I normally use tinted sunscreen when I attend events to give my skin a more even tone. The EA beauty consultant advised that it’s best to finish off with a powder if bb cream is applied. That way, dust won’t stick onto your skin so easily. I really like the velvety feel on my face without feeling too cakey. The fascinating part of the facial was that my skin still felt silky smooth, even after cleansing my face when I reached home in the night after a food tasting event.
elizabeth arden visible whitening family series
Clinically proven to improve skin’s surface brightness, Visible Whitening skincare leverages the brand’s 100 years of product innovation, scientific research & face-to-face spa experience. See brightening & pigment diminishing benefits immediately & over time!

The immediate benefits:
  • Exfoliates, reduce the look of pores, improves light reflectivity.
  • Decreases look of melanin on skin’s surface.

The long-term benefits:
  • Controls melanin synthesis at all five stages for a flawless, even toned, translucent appearance.
  • Improves hydration.
  • Supports skin’s own collagen & elastin matrix.

The regimen:
elizabeth arden visible whitening cleanser
CLEANSE — Visible Whitening Smoothing Cleanser (125 ml) SG$ 55
This gentle foaming formula cleanses, purifies & detoxifies skin. Melting micro beads & enzyme instantly remove surface melanin. Skin looks brighter, more even toned & glowing.

elizabeth arden visible whitening toner
TONE — Visible Whitening Pore Minimizing Toner (200 ml) SG$ 70
This mild, refreshing toner immediately soothes, calms & clarifies skin with Green Tea Exact, while Witch Hazel helps minimize the look of pores.
elizabeth arden visible whitening day essence
TREAT (AM) — Visible Whitening Melanin Control Day Essence (30 ml) SG$ 130
This concentrated yet lightweight daytime serum contains Diamond Powder to instantly brighten the look of skin & even out tone. Vitamin C derivative & plant extract help reduce the appearance of existing dark spots & help prevent future excess pigmentation. Dermis enhancer support skin’s natural collagen & elastin. Skin appears smoother, more even & luminous.

elizabeth arden visible whitening night capsules
TREAT (PM) — Visible Whitening Melanin Control Night Capsules (50 capsules) SG$ 140
This high performance night time serum delivers Vitamin C derivative as well as SpectraBright technology, a potent natural hops extract which originated from France, prevents melanin synthesis. Powerful antioxidants including Licorice  & other plant derived extracts fight the damaging effects of pollution & support skin’s natural & collagen elastin matrix. Skin looks profoundly smoother, crystal clear & translucent.

elizabeth arden visible whitening emulsion
HYDRATE — Visible Whitening Smooth & Brighten Emulsion (100 ml) SG$ 120
This sheer, silky lotion is formulated with micro-fine Pearl Powder & other optical diffusers for an instant glow. Hyaluronic acid derivative & botanical extracts blend hydrate & help prevent moisture loss. Melanin inhibitors help fight the appearance of dark spots & discolouration. Skin appears clear, smooth, translucent.

elizabeth arden visible whitening moisturizer
MOISTURIZE — Visible Whitening Firm & Reflect Moisturizer (50 ml) SG$ 120
This luxurious cream formula deeply hydrates & immediately brightens skin with micronized Diamond Powder. Purified mushroom extract encourages surface cell turnover & reduces the appearance of pores, while a silicon derivative replenishes skin’s essential moisture binding proteins & fights moisture loss. Vitamin C derivative fights the formation of dark spots & discolouration. Skin feels soft & supple, & looks even toned, fresh & luminous.
elizabeth arden visible whitening uv shield bb cream
PROTECT — Visible Whitening Multi Targeted UV Shield BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ SG$ 80
This daytime formula can provide UVA/UVB & anti-oxidant protection with SPF 30 & biomimetic peptide. Hyaluronic acid derivative instantly hydrates. Melanin inhibitors & a Vitamin C derivative fight the appearance of discolouration  Adenosine helps diminish the look of fine lines. Skin looks smooth & even toned with a soft, translucent glow. In three skin-enhancing shades: Shade 1, Shade 2 & Transparent.

BRIGHTEN — Visible Whitening Illuminating Eye Serum (15 ml) SG$ 85
This advanced eye serum instantly brightens the look of eyes with micronized Diamond Powder. Melanin inhibiting technologies including Tyrosinase inhibitors brighten the look of eyes overtime. A blend of Algae extracts fights the appearance of dark circles & puffiness. Delicate eye area looks smoother & more even in tone.

elizabeth arden visible whitening goodie bag
Thank you Elizabeth Arden, for the "whitening" experience!

elizabeth arden robinson beauty counter, singapore
Be sure to visit your nearest EA outlet for your journey to a beautiful porcelain-looking skin!

* This is a scheduled post as I’m off blogging for the entire month of April. I’ll be posting my reviews for your reading pleasure during my absence. I thank you again for coming by, & especially taking your time to let me know your thoughts in the comment box below. Surprises galore at Luxury Haven........... I’ll continue my blog-hopping in May. See you soon & don’t miss me too much :)


  1. Now i understand why there's a saying that "There's no ugly lady except lazy woman". Inorder to get porcelain skin, there's really alot of steps involve. Good thing that EA saves us a lot of time by introducing good products into our skin care regime.

    1. DS, hahaha! We really need to be a little more hardworking, don't we?

  2. Your face seems to be glowing and I notice that in every post about beauty! I used EA before.. now using Clinique and also Lancome.. seems I am a "Rojak" user... hahahaa..

  3. Not used EA for some years...this range looks interesting! Will certainly check out tomorrow when I am out shopping with the girls. Need to look into a whitening regime as I notice some age spots popping ut on my face with all my sun activities.

    1. missyblurkit, I was using their range of White Glove & love it! I was told that this new range is even better :)

  4. That's such an informative post! I agree with Reana, you look stunning as ever!

    1. Babel, thks so much & have a wonderful week!

  5. Replies
    1. Pepper, u're so sweet! It's really nice having u here & hope to see more of u. Thks for all your time & effort in posting your thoughts!

  6. Is there any side effects in using ea whitening night tablet?

    1. Thanks for popping by, Shobil! Are you referring to the Visible Whitening Melanin Control Night Capsules? Those are for applying on your face, not oral capsules.


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