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A Sensory Experience with KŌH Lamps!

Specializing in the design & manufacturing of home living products, KŌH Concepts, a dynamic Hong Kong company, recently announced their global launch of its first home design product, the KŌH Lamp!

koh concepts lifestyle designs
Each KÖH Lamp is an island of light, each unique, each different. No two KÖH Lamps are identical in illumination & shade, radiating their individuality. With its warm glow, flexible usage & creative design, the KŌH Lamp is a mood setter, space saver & conversation starter. The KŌH Lamp, offered in eight shades, is all that is needed to transform workspaces & living areas.

koh concepts artistic lamps
The translucent coloured water container has been refreshingly repurposed into a stylish piece of furniture fit for modern lifestyles. With a flick of a switch, the clean, simplistic shape transforms itself into an extraordinary chromo-therapeutic tool to lift moods & soothe souls.

koh concepts artistic lightings international delivery
Best part of all, fixing is really easy with the photo instructions & we ladies can do it without the help of our man!
koh concepts artistic lightings assemble instruction
Step 1: Remove bulb from box & screw it onto the housing of the electric cable.

koh concepts artistic lightings assemble instructions
Step 2: Insert the connecting bulb into the opening at the back of the lamp. Make sure you screw it tightly.

koh concepts lightings assemble instruction
Step 3: Dispose the protective casing from the plug before you insert into the wall socket.

koh concepts artistic lamps switch
Step 4: Turn the on/off switch with your feet or hand & bingo, you’ve got your mood-setter alive!!

koh concepts artistic lamps bedroom
Well, I’ve picked the #Lagoon colour! What do you think of my choice? I’ve placed the KŌH Lamp in my bedroom, setting a romantic mood yet giving me enough light should I need to read a book.

koh concepts artistic lamps bedrooms
Here’s another picture from a different angle.

koh concepts artistic lamps living room
I’ve also tried placing the KŌH Lamp in my foyer leading to my living room. It’s really beautiful with the reflection from my coloured glass.

I can’t decide where to place it exactly. Does it look better in my bedroom or the foyer? Which do you prefer?

koh concepts artistic lightings
Just one of the cleverly crafted KŌH Lamps is required to fill an entire space with the colour of choice to set the mood. Available in eight radiant colours, KŌH enlivens, enlightens & elevates the everyday.

So how did the concept come about?
The concept of the KŌH Lamp was inspired during a trip to a village in Africa. Each night the villagers would gather around the campfire to discuss their days. To set the mood, they would place light bulbs inside coloured canisters to create complementary lighting. Paired together with the warm glow of the fire, this created a soothing backdrop for friends & family to come together & catch up.

“I was reminded & touched how something basic like a campfire was able to bring people together & encourage them to connect. This inspired me to take another basic item – the plastic container – to create a source of light that could transform atmospheres & remind people about the importance of interdependence even in our busy & modern lifestyles, & enable them to reconnect around the primal fire,” said Christophe d’Orey, Designer & CEO of KŌH Concepts.

With its moderate glow, the lamp is easy on the eyes, providing the optimum brightness for movie watching & ambient lighting. The lightweight & easy-to-clean surface also makes it suitable for outdoor use.

koh concepts lifestyle design
The KŌH Lamps, or “Islands of Light”, reflect the intrinsic human nature of ‘interKŌHnnectedness’. That is although each projecting a different & unique light in our lives, we reverberate in each other & together create the world we live in.

Retail Price: USD 150
Packaging Dimensions: 31cm X 26cm X 48cm
Weight: 1.7kg (2.4kg with packaging)
CFL Light Bulbs of 7W & 13W

koh concepts artistic lamps height
With the dimensions given above, here’s a photo to give you an idea of how big the KŌH Lamp is. I’ve a multi-purpose leather storage, which also acts as a seat for us when putting on our shoes. The height of the lamp is as high as the seater, which I thought is an ideal size.

You may also like to know that unlike most int’l online shopping site which impose hefty shipping costs, shipping is FREE worldwide at KŌH Concepts,  & they provide delivery in just 8 -10 days! That means the USD150 for a KŌH Lamp includes shipping to wherever you are! Don’t you just love it?
Rating: ★★★★★

Thank you KŌH Concepts, for the calming Lagoon illuminator, creating a tranquil & soothing environment for our home! #KohlorYourWorld #kohconcepts

* This is a scheduled post as I’m off blogging for the entire month of April. I’ll be posting my reviews for your reading pleasure during my absence. I thank you again for coming by, & especially taking your time to let me know your thoughts in the comment box below. Surprises galore at Luxury Haven........... I’ll continue my blog-hopping in May. See you soon & don’t miss me too much :)


  1. wow the lamp looks so cool but I doubt the older generation would want this in their living rooms

    1. Henry, older gen would probably prefer to have the red one. Lol!

  2. So nice! But it's a lil too dim for me hehe

  3. wow..ok this is something cool from Africa~~ but i am curious what makes the container glow in different colors? is from the bulb ? speaking of Africa, I will be heading back to South Africa next month :D

    1. Hong, only the concept is from Africa. Both, the lamp & the bulb :) Wish I've the chance to visit SA in the near future.......

    2. ahh the concept...icic..but it's really serene with those lightings~

    3. Hong, it's relaxing having the lights on :) U take care & stay safe in SA!

  4. Shirley, wouldn't ya know?! I sat down this morning to catch up with you and discovered you're off and running again. :) Hope you have a wonderful rest of the month off! These lamps are really neat -- love the colors and the philosophy behind them. By the way, both areas where you displayed the lamp looked great -- maybe you need two of them?! Take care.

    1. Kim, I'm actually preparing for my exams..... Thks again for leaving your thoughts, dear!

  5. The colourful lights are cool!~

    1. Kylie, there're so many colours for different moods.....

  6. it's so simple and yet....beautiful

  7. So many colours to choose from. If I plan to buy this, must be headache.

  8. interesting! So many colours to choose from! And unique use of a water container!

  9. These lamps are very beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog, following you on GFC and blogvin.

    1. Subha, thanks for coming by & it's great having you here!

  10. Che bella questa idea, è molto bella ed originale!


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