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Want A Bite Of Nando’s New Fiery Angry Mango Burger?

nandos angry mango burger
It’s spicy, it’s sweetish, it’s savoury; the all new Nando's Fiery Angry Mango Dishes are out!!

nandos butterfly chicken breast meal review
Remember Nando’s cool invitation the last time at Catch Nando’s All-New Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal This Valentine’s Day?

nandos angry mango media invite
They’re back again with their fanciful invitation! This time, a head band together with vouchers to feast………

nandos angry mango meal
Oh, oh, Princess Candy gets all excited too!

nandos angry mango meals
She wants to try the Fiery Angry Mango Meals………. Sorry Candy, we don’t have enough vouchers :<

nandos angry mango menu
Mango fans, fall in love with Nando’s new exciting flavours in its Angry Mango Meals, available in Burgers, Pitas & Wraps! A ridiculously good-tasting mix of mango, Nando’s-famed Peri-Peri sauce & flamed-grilled chicken, the Nando’s Angry Mango dishes test the boundaries of taste blending & brings you right over to a whole new world of impeccable flavour!

nandos angry mango burger meal
The Angry Mango Meal @ S$14.90 comes with two sides of your choice.

nandos angry mango burger meals
A simple additional of the fruity mango cubes work marvels to sharpen every distinguished tang in the burgers we picked. As I don't have a sweet tooth, I was afraid the mango fillings might be too overwhelming, but sweet & sour sauce turned out to be a flawless combination, & all three of us love it! Rating: ★★★★★

nandos angry mango meals spinach
Unfortunately, the Spinach that all of us had picked as one of our sides was a tad bland & dry. Then again, our brilliant son had his own way of salvaging the situation ……….. Jon ate his burger with his plate of spinach beneath, allowing the mango sauce to drip onto the vegetable. It was real tasty together with the mango bits; it was peri-peri nice!

nandos angry mango meals peri-peri sauce
While Jon & I love their Lemon & Herb, hubby swears by their Hot Peri-Peri sauce! Add your favourite selection of sauces to give you that additional punch!

nandos wild mushroom soup
Complete the meal with a Wild Mushroom Soup & a Bottomless Soft Drink for only S$5.90! Get down to your nearest Nando’s outlet for your Angry Mango Meals now!


  1. That looks brilliant my friend, my brother loves mango and nandos so together = brilliant :D

    Happy Easter
    Choc Chip Uru

  2. I didn't know Nandos had food like this on their menu. The mango meal looks great and your dogs are gorgeous xx

    1. HS, time to start feasting...... Hahaha! Thks, dear!

  3. i dont think this is available for malaysia yet but burger in nandos? that's a riot! lol i wouldn't order that but i wouldn't mind to have a bite! :P

    1. Henry, hahaha! U gotta try to know the taste :)

  4. Gosh!! Its so good. Never imagine that nandos can come up with mango burger but its all for a fabulous outcome. Hopefully we get the chance to savour the same over here.

    1. Nava, hope u can savour their new items in M'sia too :)

  5. Oh! I loves mango in any form. And this looks wonderful!

    1. DS, u must give this a try! I'm drooling just thinking about it......

  6. i think we don't have spinach as side at Malaysia...

    1. CY, perhaps u've better sides than us?? Hahaha!

  7. Hi Shirley, this look so good, very yummylicious. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Your candy look so cute. :)

    Best regards.

    1. Amelia, u can try it the next time u cross over the causeway :)

  8. I love mangos and have been buying so much from NTUC since they've brought in Thai honey mangos that are the sweetest in the world when ripen! I haven't eaten at Nandos since last year! I must go and try this with my boyfriend! Thanks for sharing and your dog is soo cute!

    1. Sharlynn, love mangoes that are sweet with a tinge of sourness. Thks & enjoy your weekend!

  9. hahah I will practically leave the spinach alone *imma bad boyz*


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