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Retune Yourself At Rock Spa, Penang

(Day 2)
rock spa penang blogger review
Rock Spa – it’s more than a Spa, it’s a different state of being. An escape, a quest to push reset, it’s a recovery zone. It’s a transformative realm of unapologetic indulgence. Where time takes you back to where you once belonged. Rock Spa is the place to retune & indulge your will!

rock spa penang malaysia
After a light breakfast at the Kings Club, I was led to a sanctuary as per my itinerary. A Rhythm Sticks Massage (RM280 for 90mins), recently awarded Most Creative Traditional Massage in the Spa Awards 2013 by Harpers’ BAZAAR, had been planned for me by Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

rock spa penang sanctuary
Hubby & I had a nice morning stroll to the Rock Spa. I felt totally relaxed just looking at its surroundings.

rock spa penang couple room
The couple room at the Spa Bungalow is just perfect for honeymoon couples. With a completely relaxing & indulgent atmosphere, delicate blends of natural ingredients & the healing power of touch, Rock Spa is ready to pamper, soothe & revitalize your soul.

rock spa penang couple rooms
My spa was changed to Retune Yourself (RM280 for 90mins) instead as they felt I’m too skinny for the treatment. The Rhythm Sticks Massage suits people with more "flesh". I can imagine the hard Bamboo rods rolling on my tired bones…….. Ouch! Well, I was more than delighted to try their meditative Retune Yourself combining Hawaiian Lomi Lomi & the Japanese Suzu Gong.

rock spa penang treatment villa
Spa treatments are either done in the spa bungalow or in the private villas by the sea. I was exhilarated when the therapist escorted us to our own private villa.

rock spa penang garden
A walk to the villa brought us to a pretty garden, surrounded by lush greenery. Flowers bright red & pink were in full bloom.
rock spa penang gardens
Although the sun was a tyrant, the palm trees swayed to a gentle morning breeze. Hubby & I were lost in our own world even before entering the spa.

rock spa penang panoramic view
Enlightened by what I saw once in the villa, my face lit up with a smile of serenity. I was totally captivated by the beauty of the private villa.

rock spa penang private villa luxury haven review
Be awed by Hard Rock’s four luxurious Spa Villas.........

rock spa penang jacuzzi
With two of them walled for privacy & come with an outdoor shower & a bath tub, making it the perfect setting for restoration.

rock spa penang hot stones treatment
The Retune Yourself Spa commenced with flowing strokes using hot volcanic stones on the legs.

rock spa penang japanese suzu gong therapy
Shortly, a mellow sound of the Gong was heard. Let the ritual begin........

You may think that a Gong can be noisy; that was my initial thought too. Surprisingly, it was rather calming. The singing bowl produced a unique sound & physical vibration can be felt. I'm not a Buddhist nor in any religion, but hearing the sound of the gong during my massage somehow transported me to a monastery. I'd a strange feeling like I'm in some kind of Shaolin temple, chanting calmly.

rock spa penang japanese suzu gong massage
Feel the beat with this acoustic & vibratory sensation. Artfully combining Lomi Lomi massage techniques with the Suzu Gong. By holding the Gong above or directly on top of the body, energy blocks are released, achieving mind & body haramony. Rating: ★★★★★

You may like to know that Singing Bowls are used in health care by sound healers, massage therapists, stress & meditation specialists etc. I felt extremely peaceful during the session. I'm really curious how others felt during this unique therapy.

rock spa penang manicure
Other than massages, Rock Spa offers a diverse selection of services such as body scrubs, body wraps, facials, manicure & pedicure & hair removal with a full host of amenities.

rock spa penang foot reflex
You can even indulge in a foot massage at their Spa Bungalow.

rock spa penang buff bar promo
For the month of April, book a Buff Bar Spa Treatment for 2 people & get one free Mini Facial worth RM120 for one! Price: RM295+/pax (subject to 6% govt tax).

Thanks again Hard Rock, for the pampering session! It was out of this world.....

Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11000 Penang
Tel : +604 8811711


  1. Looks heavenly!!! And the foot massage would tempt me most of all :)

    1. Liz, I love indulging in foot massages too especially when I travel!

  2. When i see the 1st picture, i thought, oh no, not spa in public. Continue reading and i realised it's a private villas, what a luxury indulgence!

  3. This place is seriously just so beautiful and luxurious. Really, I live in Malaysia and yet I've never been there, such irony T_T But thanks for introducing them to us, next time in Penang I would know where to go <3

    Lol mom's instinct that knows that I am pulling a prank? =P Hahaha but I seriously just can't use Samsung! Still a huge Apple freak fan =P

    1. Michelle, hope u'll get the chance to try it someday...... it's gorgeous!

  4. This looks like paradise! Take me there with you next time.....

    1. Babel, hahaha! Let's enjoy a spa together if there's a chance :)

  5. Awesome, everything is so good, the ambience, the treatment and the pampering. I am sure you would have felt awaken after the pampering. I also have to get rid of my stress soon.

    1. Nava, everything rocks! "I feel the earth move under my feet......." remember this song by Carole King? Hahaha!

  6. Shirley, you described this experience so completely and well, I felt relaxed just reading it. Wonderful writing! I'd never heard of singing bowls, but it was neat to imagine that soft metallic sound resonating away any tension. (Maybe that's why I like music so much?) What a gorgeous spa!

    1. Kim, thks so much for your wonderful note! I'm glad I didn't bore u with my spa experience while enjoying it myself. Lol! Music makes the world go round, isn't it??

  7. Hi Shirley, this is extremely luxurious and heavenly. Very beautiful spa centre, once I step in, don't think I want to go home. LOL You're so lucky, envy you.

    Thanks for the tour, tonight I imagine I'm enjoying myself in this luxury place. LOL

    Have a nice weekend, regards.

    1. Amelia, wish I could just lie there forever. Lol! Sweet dreams, my dear!

  8. I love spas! This place looks and sounds wonderful and it's the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate! Wish I'm living closer so I can go for a treatment!

    1. Amy, u can always kiv this for your next Asian tour :)

  9. Wonderful spa experience.. Looks so relax!

  10. what a luxury treatment! makes me feels like saving up some money for this damn treatment XD

  11. Blissful! Certainly looking forward to my stay there in June! Hehehe

    1. missyblurkit, awesome! I'm sure u'll enjoy as much.....


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