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Dinner at Hard Rock’s Starz Diner + Birthday Surprise!

Day 1 continues…
hard rock hotel penang starz diner blogger review
Available only on Friday & Saturday evenings is the legendary local buffet at the Starz Diner, an all-day dining restaurant serving Asian & Int’l cuisine.

hard rock hotel penang starz diner buffet
Nothing lures diners more than a buffet with local indulgence, plus a touch of the West!

hard rock hotel penang starz diner buffets
Here at Starz Diner, the buffet spread are dished out in small servings. It’s like having a degustation menu where you get a sampling portion, so there’s no wastage of food at all.

hard rock hotel penang starz diner buffet
The mains feature an enthralling display of local flavours.

hard rock hotel penang starz diner buffet noodles
I like the outdoor noodle station. Love the rich taste of the Laksa Johor, a Johorian noodles with creamy fish gravy & condiments cooked right before your eyes.

hard rock hotel penang starz diner buffet pasta
My son picked the Penne, which was cooked Al Dente & doused in a well-balanced creamy sauce.

hard rock hotel penang starz diner review
What I picked! My family is not a fan of buffets, but hubby & I kinda enjoyed the many Nonya-inspired dishes which Penang is famous for.

hard rock hotel penang starz diner reviews
Hubby's selection, almost same as mine. Not sparing any effort, the combination of local spices such as cloves, lemongrass, galangal, tamarind etc, formulate different pastes or “rempahs” to produce a bewildering array of dishes.

hard rock hotel penang starz diner desserts
Even their dessert section is elaborated with an assortment of cakes, pudding & fresh fruits.

hard rock hotel penang starz diner review chendol
The outdoor dining also exhibited a popular Penang dessert station - Ice Kacang.

hard rock hotel penang starz diner ice-cream
An ice-cream corner is always a plus!

Price at RM78++ (Adult) & RM39++ (Child 4-12), it’s quite a spread without breaking your bank especially if you convert it to SGD.

hard rock hotel penang starz diner al fresco
While the restaurant is very distant from the embellished buffets you'll find at swanky hotels, Starz Diner is spacious & pleasant, with both indoor & outdoor dining. Featuring an open kitchen, the buffet attracts salivating diners to dig into the mountains of food. Rating: ★★★★☆

hard rock hotel penang birthday boy
The evening ended with a little surprise for the birthday boy; Jonathan turned 18!

hard rock hotel penang birthday cake
Hard Rock Hotel Penang had arranged a birthday cake for him while we were out dining at Starz. The chocolaty dessert was waiting for him when we returned to our room…….. Thank you Danielle, for the kind arrangement!

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  1. So sweet!! Jonathan must be really happy with the little surprise arranged by the crew and of course, his lovely parents. =D

    Happy belated birthday to him!!

  2. happy belated birthday to your son! :D

  3. the food looks good! happy bday to ur son... he quite good looking! :D

    1. Henry, hahaha! He's be happy to hear that. Thks yah!

  4. Happy birthday J :D
    And love the dinner my friend, so much surprise and deliciousness!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Uru, indeed! Thks & congrats again for winning my FunBites giveaway! I've already sent your details to them :)

  5. it's so lovelyyyyy *.* happy Bday to your son :)

  6. Wah! Hard Rock Penang really treat u guys very nice leh. Tell me the secret how can I get this kind of treatment from them too.. Hahahaha xP

  7. Happy belated birthday, Jonathan.. :)

  8. I love how Hardrock serve their buffet. This not only ensure no wastage but also keeps the foods fresh without messing up big pots of foods. But this surely keeps the waiter/waitresses real busy refilling the foods. ;) LOL! Jon must be really overjoyed with Hardrock surprise birthday cake.

    1. DS, love the idea of serving in small portions! Jon's real happy with his cake. Hahaha!

  9. that was so nice of them to do that!

  10. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Can't wait to try :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  11. Hi Shirley, wow. all the food look so mouth watering and delectable. Love all the small serving, no overeating and wastage. :))
    Happy belated birthday to you son. That small birthday look cute and awesome.
    Best regards.

    1. Amelia, absolutely no wastage with this type of serving. Thks, dear!

  12. Happy birthday to Jonathan! Love his cake!!!

  13. Replies
    1. YL, too bad we aren't fan of buffets else can pig out! Lol!

  14. Shirley, I'm not a big fan of buffets either, but I could go for this one! Their individually plated offerings are very appealing and I imagine quite fresh. That's my chief concern with buffets (food that's been sitting out for hours), plus the waste you mentioned. By the way, I don't suppose your son has any of that cake left to share, eh? :) Happy 18th to Jonathan!

    1. Kim, I tend to lose appetite when food are served in chunks so these are good. Love to have u back, my dear!

  15. Wow, everything looks wonderful and delicious. I love the wide selections they have there. :)

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to your son hahah! 18years old eh! Gonna go for Singapore NS? XD :x


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