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Bellabaci Drainage with Environ Intensive Vitamin A Treatment From Face Hut

Have you heard of “Cupping”? Or are you a fan of TCM, frequently indulging in body cupping sessions? Cupping therapy (拔罐) is an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin using plastic or glass as the most common materials. 'Heat' is drawn from the body by fire cupping & practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing.
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Recently, I was invited to experience cupping; not just on body, but on my face too! Face Hut recommended me their Bellabaci Drainage with Environ Intensive Vitamin A Treatment, & it was a whole new experience for me!

face hut makeover facial lymphatic drainage massage
Face Hut uses skin care products from South Africa & mineral cosmetics from USA. They also provide services like make over, facial treatment & lymphatic drainage massage.

face hut eviron skincare range
Although some cosmetic houses were using very low doses of vitamin A in their skin care products in the 1980s, Dr Des Fernandes, a prominent Cape Town plastic surgeon, was the first person in the world to introduce vitamin A in high effective doses. This range established Environ as a leader in skin care.

The Treatment Steps:
  1. Pre-cleansing – Hydrating Exfoliating Masque, followed by a Bellabaci cupping massage.
  2. Secondary cleansing – Remove excess impurities with cleansing gel & Alpha Toner Forte to adjust PH level.
  3. Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Using essential oil on lymph nodes & meridian points with acupressure massage.
  4. Vitamin Treatment – Bellabaci cupping + deep tissue massage using Vitamin A, C & E body oil.
  5. Algae Hydrating Mask – Applying thick layer of mask for about 20 mins.
  6. Complete the steps above with toner, & moisturizing sunblock to round-up the facial.
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My thoughts:
I was skeptical about having a cupping therapy on my face as traditional cupping session can be real painful & sore; plus I’ve a really low threshold of pain. I was surprised at how gentle & comfortable it was on my face. I’ve to admit that it was a little painful when the cup moved to my arms. Ivy explained that it’s because there’s more “flesh” in that area. She also explained while cupping is good to tackle concerns such as cellulite, it can be real painful especially if done on our bums.

holland village face hut skincare service
The lovely owner, Ivy, is skillful & knowledgeable. I was consciously looking for any marks left on my face or body after cupping, but found none; only slight redness on my arms which disappeared in no time.

face hut facial massage services
However, do not expect a luxurious beauty salon or a spacious facial room, for treatments are done on a single bed behind these curtains. Space is definitely a constraint & I found it a bit squeezy.

Just go & experience the unique cupping treatment. The cupping facial is said to improve your blood circulation & the treatment pumps your skin with a cocktail of vitamins. The use of these Bellabaci cups also help with lymphatic drainage as well as relieving very tight, sore muscles. So if you're feeling stressed out, get relaxed with this Bellabaci massage using silicone cups. Rating: ★★★★☆

holland village face hut skincare services
Face Hut is now offering their 1st Trial Facial @ just S$28 (Normal S$188). If you sign a facial package of 5 with them, it’ll be just S$128 x 5 = S$640!

Bonus: Luxury Haven Readers will get additional 5 FREE Facials upon signing the above pkg!
* Pls note that pricing on their site is outdated.

Face Hut Pte Ltd
211 Holland Avenue
Holland Road Shopping Centre
Singapore 278967
Tel: +65 6466-1827


  1. I thought it would be painful and leave red bruises. Hlad this one is ok

    1. Kathy, guess it's because there's no fire involved..... it's painless on the face :)

  2. Mmm... this is quite new to me.... cupping for the face and they uses Vitamins A, what i surprise?! i thought Vitamins C and E are good for skin whereas Vitamins A is good for eyesight.... haha... but this definitely looks like quite a relaxing massage facial.

    1. DS, I love vitamins! Whatever they are, sounds great on my face. Hahaha!

  3. Oh, I thought more flesh, less pain.. :) Guess this cupping is different.. When I go for facial, I love every moment of it except for the pressing of blackheads.. gosh, that is painful.. :)

    1. Reana, that's what I thought initially. Thank Goodness, there's no extraction done on my face usually! Heard it's quite painful :<

  4. This is new technique for me, I have heard of all sorts of facials but Cupping method is all new. I always thought its Vit E for skin never thought abt Vit A. I believed Vit A was for eyes, But then again Dr knows the best. Another lovely post by you Shirley.
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash, cupping is really new to me too! Thought it's done only on our body. Thks, sweetie! You've a good day!

  5. I think it would be nice just having the face massage. The rest is a bonus.

    1. YL, absolutely! Throw in more bonus for me pleeeese!! Hahaha!

  6. No, I haven't heard of this technique. Does it work?

    1. Bal, not too bad actually! Hence the rating of 4 over 5 :)

  7. Okay, this look mightily luxurious. And I would really love to try that!!! So awesome QQ


  8. Hi Shirley, oh.. this look interesting. Haven't heard off so not sure if it's available across the causeway in JB. You sure one very lucky lady. :)

    Best regards.

    1. Amelia, u can always come over to try since it's pretty near :)

  9. I love the effects of cupping but I hate the bruises and marks that it leaves behind for a couple of weeks. Cupping on the face seems interesting and attractive. I certainly wouldn't mind long as there is no marks:P

    1. missyblurkit, no marks at all! I was amazed!

  10. Hey Shirley my dear friend,
    You look stunning after your facial treatment.. I 've heard of cupping being done on the body as a treatment for pain in acupuncture places in the US but never heard about it being done on the face. Love natural therapy!!

    1. Malli, thks dear! I'm sure u'll love it too. Great to hear from u again!

  11. I've never had any cupping done to me. I can imagine it could be quite painful. I'm glad you found it to be okay on your face xx


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