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Anchovy Garlic Fondue Recipe In Just 3 Steps!

valentines day cook for family
Thanks to #TattyMarsh, #AsiaFoodRecipe & #OceanaSeafood, my Valentine’s Day dinner turned out beautifully.

valentines day vegetables fruits fondue
I’d a wonderful Valentine's Day this year, with these stunning heart-shaped melamine wares from Tatty Marsh, the cute Hello Kitty Choco Chef from Asia Food Recipe & Jumbo River Prawns from Oceana Seafood! Thanks to all the sponsors!

nadaman shiodome anchovy garlic fondue
How did the idea of an Anchovy Garlic Fondue  come about?  Well, I fell in love with this salty fondue during my recent trip to Tokyo.  The unique fondue at Sky Dining @ Nadaman Shiodome 47, 日本料理なだ万汐留 was so darn good & I just gotta try making it.  Well, colour didn't turn out the same, but taste was as close as it could get :)

seafood anchovy fondue recipe
I’d some vegetables to go with it & also some left-over claws from those monstrous prawns.

valentines day fruits fondue recipe
Since the Hello Kitty Choco Chef has two pots, I cut up some fruits & fill the other pot with chocolates.

hello kitty choco chef review
The Hello Kitty Choco Chef fondue set is really cute, but they’re not hot enough.

valentines day fruits fondue recipes
I didn’t get the texture I want from the chocolates & my anchovy fondue was just lukewarm :<  Overall, we’d fun & I hope you’ll like my Anchovy Garlic Fondue in just 3 easy steps!

valentines day vegetables fondue
Your favourite vegetables/seafood
3 Anchovies
5 tbsp Butter
½ cup Chicken Broth
3 tbsp minced Garlic

    sauteed garlic fondue recipe
  1. Heat butter & sauteed garlic till fragrant.
  2. anchovy garlic fondue recipe
  3. Mash anchovies & add to garlic. Pour in broth & let it simmer for about 15 mins.
  4. hello kitty choco chef fondue recipe
  5. Transfer to fondue pot. Dip your fave ingredients into the unique Anchovy Garlic Fondue!
oceana seafood jumbo river prawns valentines day fondue
Enjoy these tasty treats over a glass of wine while heading over to check out these Enticing Baked Cheesy Jumbo River Prawns!

oceana seafood baked cheesy river prawns recipe


  1. What a delicious looking snack :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. The anchovy garlic fondue sounds delicious! A great way to eat veggies :)

  3. The clicks make me feel hungry.
    Nice one's Dear.

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  4. Really have to salute you, Shirley! Food, cooking, beauty and health... you seem to know a lot! Tell me what else that you are good at... :)

    1. Reana, u're too kind! Errr.... I'm also good at being lazy! Hahaha!

  5. rofl! the hello kitty chef fondue set is so bossy! XD

    *just kidding* :)

  6. Oh my! Hello kitty fondue pot - so cute! Mmm... i knew you didn't like fish but were surprise that Anchovies are in your menu - i remember you prepared something else with anchovy in your earlier recipe too, i have never try before, maybe i should start looking into the supermarket shelf....

    1. DS, I don't like fish but I love anchovies! Hahaha! Guess I'm selective! U've superb memory, dear! Yap, there's a post on Anchovy Toast & that is also yummi-licious!

  7. Oh is Cute..Fondue Yummy...Yummy!!!

  8. Oh wow....that's so fun to eat, and healthy too. Love all the heart shape fruits.....sooooo romantic :D Just perfect for Valentine's Day. I actually have a nice fondue pot. Have not used once yet. After moving house, I can't even remember where I put it. Must be still in one of those boxes. Need to wait for the next move to find it I suppose :D I'm eyeing those big prawns.....mmmm. That's enough to give me insomnia tonight....haha.

    1. Mary, lol! I'm sure you've lots of stuff hidden in your storage. Yap, I'm still drooling over those prawns.

  9. Simply stunning. Something new for me but why not? After all its about exploring new food. There's plenty of creative skills too.

    1. Nava, thks dear! Both of us love exploring new food, don't we?

  10. I am drooling at the cheese baked prawns!

  11. Oooh, I love the sound of your anchovy garlic fondue! YUM! So sorry the pots didn't keep it hot :/

    1. Liz, hahaha! Must try when you've the chance :)

  12. perfect for Vday! so creative and tempting. hehe. i might try this for anniversary. haha.

    1. Aemy, I'm sure your the other half will fall in love with you all over again. Hahaha!

  13. I've never heard of that fondue combo, but I bet it is super tasty!

    1. YL, u can only find this strange combi here @ Luxury Haven! Hahaha!

  14. Hi Shirley, you're excellent. Your blog is the best among the best all under one roof. :)
    The hello kitty fondue set look so cute and pretty. You sure enjoyed your meals with your excellent creation. And your innovative ideas is superb.

    1. Amelia, u're the sweetest blogger I know & thks so much for all your wonderful comments! Thanks again!


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