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Winners Of Luxury Haven Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

valentines day flenco hawaa candles giveaway
The list of 10 winners are out - 5 from Singapore & 5 from Malaysia!! Let’s take a look at the winning names & their love notes………

Thank you for your entries Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candles By Flen!! & congratulations to these winners! They’ll each be getting their Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candle worth S$35!

*For those who had selected "Dawn Harmony" : Due to the overwhelming response for the candle, the two names who came up first in the Rafflescopter above will get their choice of the Dawn Harmony candle. A Randomly-picked candle will be awarded to the names who were drawn after.

Here’re the winners' Valentine’s Day entries & their prizes:

  • Tin Rodriguez (Night Goddess) - "Love is putting another person's happiness ahead of your own."
  • Doris Soh (Dawn Harmony) - "Love the magical word that brings the feelings of warmth and compassion in the heart."
  • Shelyn Loh (Dusk Passion) - "Love is romantic, Love is caring, Love is sweet, Love is awesome."
  • Annie Wee (Evening Blush) - "Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, the romance and you find out you still care for that person."
  • Bebe Lee (Morning Dew) - "Love defines passionate affection for another person."

  • Mishberries (Night Goddess) - "You can find love anywhere and anytime, most of the time at the least unexpected time and place but once you've found it, learn to cherish and nourish it as how you would want your plants to grow because you are the one who is steering the boat, life's not an auto-pilot but a one man Captain and when a Captain meets another Captain, they will have to learn to steer the boat together. United they soar, separated they drown ♥"
  • Joan Tian (Dusk Passion) - "Let every day be a passion we can feel... Let every day be a dream we touch.. Let every day be a love we can feel.. Let every day be a feeling of love that we can feel when we are together.. Let every day be a reason to live our life to love and let every day be a loving day for everybody close to you..."
  • Reana Claire (Dawn Harmony) - "Start the day with Dawn Harmony, sharing the joy and unity with others and ends the day with a Night Goddess, only you and your love one will experience!"
  • Jacinta Chong (Evening Blush) - "Love defines from purity and sincerity.It comes naturally from within. It's about passion, affection and devotion from two who really love each other!"
  • Li Na (Morning Dew) - "True love is when you touch someone with your spirit, and in return they touch your soul with their heart."

  • Flenco will deliver the winning prize to your loved ones with a personalized message from you!
  • Winners, please acknowledge in the comment box below within 48 hrs or another winner will be selected!! No further email will be entertained as participants are expected to read the T&C clearly before entering the Giveaway & follow the announcement closely.
  • After posting your comments below, please follow up with an email to with your personalized message & the delivery address.
  • Upon receiving your comments & email, I'll fwd your details to Flenco for your prize delivery.

Thank you again Flenco, for sponsoring this Giveaway!


  1. Hi Shirley,
    Good morning and thanks a lot for selected me as a winner :) Yay! You made my day :) Thanks & have a nice day ^_^

  2. Thanks Shirley & Flenco!
    Congrats to the other winners as well :)

  3. Thank you once again, Shirley!! What a lovely surprise to start off the Friday morning!! An email will follow suit... Have a nice day!

  4. Thank you, Shirley.
    Wow, I'm soo happy.

  5. Finally won one of your giveaways :) Thank you Shirley!

  6. Hi Shirley! My Daughter's All Excited Over Those Scented Candles! I'm So Happy To Be Able To Win This! Thank You! (:

  7. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try out this awesome candle moisturiser for free. I'm emailing you right away after this.

  8. I won I won!! Thank you so much, Shirley and Flenco!!!!!!

    1. Michelle, pls email me your details!

    2. Shirley So sorry!! I just so your email/comment that you left on my blog! i am SUPER sorry for being so irresponsible because I was out of town so I really omitted to check my mails and messages, I am SERIOUSLY sorry for that Shirley. The information I provided at Rafflescopter would be correct! Sorry and thank you so much for the trouble ._.

  9. Thank you Shirley.I have e-mailed you my address.Can't wait...Haha!


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