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Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candles By Flen!!

We’ve heard of scented candles, but melted candles to be used as a skin moisturizer? Too good to be true? Here’s introducing Flen’s latest novelty – the Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candles!
valentines day gifts flenco hawaa candles giveaway
Hand-poured for purity, the candles use all natural soy oil & metal-free wicks for a cleaner, beautiful ambience you desire in a candle. These Hawaa natural soy lotion candles melt into a pleasing hand lotion which can be used to sooth irritated skin!

valentines day gifts flenco hawaa candles
Why the name “Hawaa”? Here's a note from the charismatic lady owner of Flenco:

"Hawaa's conception was a collaborative effort amongst a few passionate friends. Hawaa is a special word of Arabic origin which means wind, love and passion. Three elements embodied perfectly in one Hawaa candle.

Each candle is carefully designed with an exotic aroma that burns into a scented perfume for the body. It's a fulfilment for all your senses... How? The rich and unique candle scents evoking passion and love melt into a soft soy wax which is also a long-lasting moisturizer when dabbed onto the skin! A perfect marriage of wind, love and passion-that's the Hawaa secret."

flenco hawaa natural soy lotion candles
Isn’t that so romantic & beautifully phrased? Retailing @ S$35, each candle has a 30-hr burning time. But is it too hot to touch? Not all all! The invited melting pool of pure soy is warm, but never too hot.

valentines day gifts flenco hawaa candle
Love these fragrant candles, which work well as a room-enhancing scent & at the same time, an aromatherapy soy lotion for my skin. Aren’t they amazing?

Wanna own one of these? Let's celebrate the month of February with Love!! Luxury Haven has tied up with Flenco to offer 10 readers a chance to try these awesome candles!

I know a lot of Malaysian readers have been drooling at my last few Giveaways which were only open to locals. I’ve not forgotten you, my M’sian fans. For this Valentine’s Day Giveaway, I’m gonna draw 5 readers from M’sia, & 5 from S’pore!! Guys, don't feel left out! Try & win one for that special someone too!! Readers from other countries, I'll conduct another Int'l Giveaway for you sometime soon yah?

Wait, there’s more!! Flenco will deliver the winning prize (1 candle of your choice) to your loved ones with a personalized message from you!

flenco hawaa
These candles come in 5 cool perfumed scents:
  • Dawn Harmony – a scent of Lavender.
  • Evening Blush – an exotic fragrance of Lemongrass.
  • Dusk Passion – a mix of sweet Jasmine, with a hint of Freesia & Citrus.
  • Morning Dew – explosion of Mandarin with a hint of Ginger.
  • Night Goddess – a romantic mix of Vanilla & Bergamot.

Rules of the Game (Please read the steps carefully):
  • Flenco will sponsor 10 candles with 2 of each scent. 10 winners will be drawn (5 from S’pore, 5 from M’sia); 1 candle for each winner.
  • Contest begins 8 Feb 2013 @ 12 am & ends on 18 Feb 2013 @ 12 am.
  • To join, simply submit your entries by following the steps in the Rafflescopter Box below. It may take a while for Rafflescopter to load, so be patient.
  • The more steps you complete, the more chances you’ll get!
  • valentines day gifts flenco hawaa candles giveaway
  • Use the Rafflescopter tool below to share this Giveaway photo. Make sure it appears correctly on your wall & it's set to 'Public' after sharing so we can verify.
  • Remember to tag 5 of your friends!
  • No email notification will be sent, so please look out for announcement here or in Facebook. Make sure you Follow This Blog Via Email (right-hand side of the blog) & have the announcement delivered right into your mailbox!
  • Winners will have 48 hrs to acknowledge their winnings in the comment box, or another winner will be selected.
  • Remember to write a line about passion, romance, love or intimacy on Flenco’s Facebook Page & state which scent you like to win. When you’re done, copy that & paste under the comment box here for verification.
  • Pls type in your name in the comment box & DO NOT submit as “Anonymous”! Make sure you use the same name in Facebook & Rafflescopter so we'll know who you are.
  • We'll try our best to give you your choice of scent, but in the event it's not available, we'll select at random.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all & thank you Flenco, for the aromatic Giveaway!!

Winners Of Luxury Haven Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Check out Flenco's other services & products:


  1. Love defines from purity and sincerity.It comes naturally from within. It's about passion, affection and devotion from two who really love each other!Dawn Harmony – a scent of Lavender.
    Rambo Lim Toto Lim Lim Siew Kin Defney Chong Ginette Lim

    1. Jacinta, thks for your entry! Pls come back again at midnite to enter your details in the Rafflescopter box, contest hasn't started yet. U must be too excited. Hahaha! Also, pls tag your friends in the pix in Facebook after sharing & not in the comment box.

    2. Haha...Yea Shirley, done.I paste all the details+tagged friends together, from Flenco page to your comment box and my sharing on Facebook!

  2. Great product! While enjoying the scent, one can look forward to the moisturizer after it melted. I'm excited about this giveaway and will surely get back here to join the contest. Good luck to myself.....

  3. Wonderful giveaway, Shirley! Lotion candles sound interesting! Too bad it's not an international giveaway! But it's alright...I'm sure you'll have one soon! :)

  4. What a gogeous giveaway :D


  5. You can find love anywhere and any time, most of the time at the least unexpected time and place but once you've found it, learn to cherish and nourish it as how you would want your plants to grow because you are the one who is steering the boat, life's not an auto-pilot but a one man Captain and when a Captain meets another Captain, they will have to learn to steer the boat together. United they soar, separated they drown ♥

    I think the Night Goddess speaks most to me! ♥


  6. Hi Shirley
    Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Lunar New Year


    Blog sidebar

  7. I have a few types of similar candles and looks like more add on with these lovely soy lotion versions.

  8. I love fragrant candles and you will find them in every corner of my house. Such a cool gift Shirley,like always I can not participate.

  9. Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, the romance and you find out you still care for that person. Evening Blush.

  10. I love scented candles! Good luck to everyone.

  11. Happy Valentine's Day

  12. i love the definition of Hawa, i thought it only means woman. :)
    i wish a good luck for everyone, one would be lucky to have the candles ^^

  13. Another nice giveway..Scented candles and all natural!!!
    Good Luck everyone.
    Shirley, Gong Xi Fa Cai to You and your Family!

  14. Looks like amazing product, would love to try it.

    My love defines

  15. Love is putting another person's happiness ahead of your own.
    Night Goddess -- just because I ♥ vanilla scent!

  16. Love - the magical word that brings the feelings of warmth and compassion in the heart.

    Candle that i wished to win - Dawn Harmony - a scent of lavender

  17. The top 2 scents I would pick is Dawn Harmony because I love lavender and Night Goddess because I love vanilla now if you had coconut you would have my 3rd favorite scent too. Thank you for the giveaway

  18. Wow, nice stuff. I've never used any of these products before, anyway, Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and your family Shirley :)

  19. Thanks for organizing such lovely giveaways

  20. True love is when you touch someone with your spirit, and in return they touch your soul with their heart.
    Dawn Harmony – a scent of Lavender.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway ♥

  21. great give away. How I wish I can try out Evening Blush – an exotic fragrance of Lemongrass. Must be very refreshing

  22. Start the day with Dawn Harmony, sharing the joy and unity with others and ends the day with a Night Goddess, only you and your love one will experience! :)

  23. Commented here the evening blush lemongrass reminds me of confinement mom in law made special for me hair wash love the refreshing smell

  24. what a Great giveaway!!tried some entries,will be back and try others...

  25. Let every day be a passion we can feel..
    Let every day be a dream we touch..
    Let every day be a love we can feel..
    Let every day be a feeling of love that we can feel when we are together..
    Let every day be a reason to live our life to love and let every day be a loving day for everybody close to you...

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway Flenco Pte Ltd and Luxury heaven, I wish to win Dusk Passion – a mix of sweet Jasmine, with a hint of Freesia & Citrus. Thanks ;)

  26. Hi Shirley, amazing products. Thanks for the recommendation, sound great and interesting. Very nice giveaway, I'll try to enter. :)

  27. I would like to try your Hawaa Natural Soy Lotion Candles! I heard it was a GREAT CANDLES! Please let me win!!!

  28. Hi Shirley,

    Love is romantic

    Love is caring

    Love is sweet

    Love is awesome

  29. Billsn Beaks - FB name and entry name

    Love is described beautifully in the Bible in Corinthians: "Love is patient, love is kind, etc."
    I'd like to try the dawn harmony scent.

  30. ❤❤❤ LOVE has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get. It is what you are expecting to give, which is Everything ❤❤❤

    Flenco Pte Ltd, thank you for such a wonderful giveaway. I wish to win Dawn Harmony, a scent of lavender..


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