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Sky Dining @ Nadaman Shiodome 47, 日本料理なだ万汐留

(Day 3)
Full-fledged Japanese cuisine with views through 8 meter-high windows, over 100 types of wine & local sake from around the country while enjoying bird’s eye view of the Rainbow Bridge at Nadaman Shiodome 47!
nadaman shiodome salad anchovies
Having dined at Nadaman Hong Kong & Singapore, I was delighted to check out the chic Nadaman located at Carreta Shiodome, which is just minutes’ walk from where I was staying at Conrad Tokyo.

caretta shiodome nadaman history
Here’s a restaurant with 180 years of legacy.

caretta shiodome nadaman
Fancy having some rice wines while waiting for your food?
菊姫 純米 (Glass ¥500, Bottle ¥1,000)
真澄 純米吟醸 (Glass ¥600, Bottle ¥1,200)

nadaman shiodome camembert cheese bean threads
Deep-fried Camembert Cheese & Bean Threads
(カマンベールチーズフライとスティッ春巻 ) @ ¥1,100

Never knew fried cheese can be so darn yummy! ★★★★★

nadaman shiodome steamed egg custard foie gras
Steamed Egg Custard with Foie Gras
(フォアグラ茶碗蒸し) @ ¥1,200
Silky smooth Chawanmushi with delicious Foie Gras topping. ★★★★★

nadaman shiodome charcoal grilled cod fish
Charcoal Grilled Cod Fish with Soybean Paste
(銀鱈西京焼 ) @ ¥1,800 ★★★★☆

nadaman shiodome foie gras
Grilled Twin Oysters (牡蠣オープン焼, 二種) @ ¥1,100
One topped with Foie Gras & another with Garlic.
Too rich & sweet for my liking :< ★★★☆☆

nadaman shiodome salad anchovies garlic dipping
Salad with Anchovy & Garlic Dipping
Taste is heavenly, one of the best salad dippings I ever had! ★★★★★

wagyu beef steak
Wagyu Beef Steak ★★★★☆

caretta shiodome sky restaurants nadaman
Fruit Jelly ★★★★★

caretta shiodome sky dining nadaman
The name “Nadaman” speaks for itself, & with the pictures, do I need to say more? Mesmerized in the sparkling illumination at night, while enjoying the fine flavours of the reputable Nadaman! For more fine dining in Tokyo, check out L'Embellir, A Michelin-starred French Restaurant In Tokyo!

Caretta Shiodome 47F
S479 1-8-1 Higashishinbashi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo,
105-7047 Japan
Tel: +81-3-6215-8111
caretta shiodome tokyo map
How to get there:
  • Access by JR Line: 4-min walk from Shimbashi Station.
  • Access by Subways: 1-min walk from Oedo Line Shiodome Station.
  • Access by Yurikamome: 2-min walk from Shiodome Station


  1. Lovely noms! I can imagine just how exquisite a simple chawanmushi can be transformed when topped with foie gras.

    1. missyblurkit, the chawanmushi is out of this world! Hahaha!

  2. What a great dinner! So many new places in Shiodome area. I want to eat Steamed Egg Custard with Foie Gras!!

    1. Nami, u must visit when u return to Japan; lots of nice restaurants there!

  3. That view is gorgeous my friend and such a classy place :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Replies
    1. Stella, I've already preferred codfish done Japanese-style :)

  5. looks heavenly. what a great view of the city. amazing. the food must be exceptional for the restaurant to sustain the business for so long.

  6. What a beautiful serving dish for the rice wine.

  7. What a view! I'd love that fried Camembert! YUM!

  8. wow! what a luxurious meal ! I would love to visit that place one day!

    1. Eunice, u'll love the restaurant with that awesome view!

  9. This is what I call Fine Dining and Blissful life... :)

  10. Yummy...yummy..I can see those are your favourite ...foie gras and wagyu beef.. and beautiful place

    Have a nice weekend.

    1. EH, hahaha! Thks, dear! U have a wonderful weekend too!

  11. The Waguyu beef steak and twin oysters are looking so delish, as are all others! I kept staring at all those pictures....180 years of legacy is commendable!

    1. Purabi, bet u're just as hungry as I am now. Lol!

  12. Oh.... how i always envy you..... now you are also receiveing "presidency" treatment in food....... indeed i'm not only being mesmerized by the nice scenery in your pictures but also being mesmerized by the food......drool... drool.... drool.....

  13. Hi Shirley, very delectable meals. I don't fancy Japanese food but love to admire their presentation, too beautiful to be eaten. I only like the rice wine. :)
    Love the last picture, beautiful scenery.

    best regards.

    1. Amelia, their presentations are indeed very exquisite!


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