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Save 27% With Vitacost Nutrition Now Gummy Vitamins!

vitacost nutrition now women gummy vitamins
Finally, gummy vitamins for adults & not just kids!! Yeh, no more fretting over swallowing tasteless or bitter pills! Supporting healthy metabolism, immune system & your bone health, these Nutrition Now Women's Gummy Vitamins Mixed Berry (70 Gummies) are so yummy, & they've for the men too! Retail price: US$10.99, Vitacost price: US$7.99, You Save: 27%!!!

vitacost international online shopping
Check out my haul for this month at Vitacost!

loreal youth code bb cream illuminator
L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator SPF 15 Medium
In one touch, this multi-action BB Cream Illuminator evens skin tone while instantly boosting luminosity. Retail price: US$21.79, Vitacost price: US$15.99, You Save: 26%!!

loreal youth code bb cream illuminator review
Although the colour appears to be darker than expected, it blends easily into skin & matches my skin tone. As my mom has some white spots on her face, I’m thinking this should fill up those spots. I can’t wait to give it to her the next time I see her, as she was really happy with the make-up items I bought for her during my last Vitacost shopping trip.

vitacost thursday plantation tea tree nails
Recently, I’ve started on Gelish manicure instead of the normal classic mani/pedi. As you’re aware, gelish manicures can last you up to 21 days & still look good. However, it may not be healthy for your nails. So I bought a bottle of Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Solution for Nails - 0.33 fl oz, containing pure Australian Tea Tree oil to help keep nails, nail beds & surrounding skin healthy. Retail price: US$15.95, Vitacost price: US$13.56, You Save: 14%!

vitacost pur water filtration system pitcher
Remember I bought the Pur Water Filtration System 7 Cup from Vitacost last month? This time, I got their Pur Pitcher Refill (3 Packs) to continue to enjoy clean, great-tasting water. Retail price: US$32.99, Vitacost price: US$23.29, You Save: 29%!!!

vitacost shipping
You may be wondering why I had to split my orders into 2 shipments? To avoid hefty shipping charges, I’ve to play around with the weight. For example to ship to Singapore, I try to stay around 3lbs so that my shipping is only US$12.99. If I exceed more than that, my shipping charges will sky rocket! Shipping costs for int'l packages are based on the weight & size of your order. Simply place items in your cart, select your country, & click on “calculate” to see your options.

Vitacost’s initial shipping rate was really attractive at just US$2.99 when I first started shopping with them last year. It has since increased twice to the current rate of US$12.99!! I hope Vitacost can make shipping more affordable & attractive so that int’l shoppers will continue to shop with them. One consolation is that with just a dollar more, shoppers can opt for DHL Priority Mail which is just US$13.99, cutting delivery time to 5 - 10 business days!

vitacost bogo deals
Well, be sure to look out for Vitacost on-going promo which is still very attractive despite the surge in their shipping rates. I already have quite a few readers shopping at Vitacost after reading my posts here & they’re real happy customers!


  1. hmmm didn't head of this Vitacoast website before hahaha XD

    Thanks for sharing :D

    1. Edmend, it's a very popular shopping site in the US :)

  2. The BB cream looks good. I would try it someday..

  3. I prefer to drink filtered water. Never too sure what's coming out of the tap these days.

    1. YL, the filtered water is so smooth & tasty! I second it!

  4. Gummy vitamins are certainly not just for adults! It'd be hard to stop eating them though.

    1. Trishie, totally agree! They so hard to resist!! Hahaha!

  5. I thought gummies are usually in Vitamin C only, now this is interesting - gummies in other form of vitamins too, how nice! Ya, it's a pity that Vitacost increases their shipping fees, however, when you plan your box carefully, try to pack as many things into the minimum weight box as possible, you can actually still save quite a deal as compare to buying locally. But of course, i totally agreed that if Vitacost could drop their shipping charges, it would be even more attractive.

    1. DS, thks for sharing your thoughts with us! I'm glad u found it a delight shopping at Vitacost the past few times. Great having another shopper fan here!

  6. These are some of the incredible things from Vita cost.I like the tea tree solutions for healthy nails.

    1. Bal, shipping is so much cheaper from where u are! So nice.....

  7. wow, so many stuffs. beauty stuff.

  8. Hi Shirley, good recommendation. The BB cream and tea tree solution look good, I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing, my dear.

    Have an enjoyable evening.

    1. Amelia, I shop with them every mth! Too many things to buy. Heehee!

  9. Replies
    1. Pepper, me too! Makes everything so convenient!


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