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RWS Presents Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora, The First Lady Iron Chef

Singapore’s first aquarium dining experience where exceptional food, wine & service are as memorable as the view. How does that sound to you?
rws ocean restaurant underwater dining
Pix Credit: Resort World Sentosa
Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora, which is situated in the S.E.A Aquarium, part of the world’s largest oceanarium, will be the Iron Chef’s first restaurant in Asia.

Let me walk you through a spectacular journey under the sea…….

resort world sentosa sea aquarium luxury-haven
The media event commenced with me arriving at the S.E.A Aquarium inside Resort World Sentosa. I was given a brief introduction of the S.E.A Aquarium while I was being guided to the restaurant.

resort world sentosa sea aquarium tunnel
My mind was whirling with excitement as I walked through a glass tunnel to experience the underwater world journey, looking forward to tasting exquisite dishes created by the First Lady Iron Chef.

resort world sentosa singapore sea aquarium
Marvel at more than 800 species of marine animals, the aquarium is home to majestic manta rays, enormous goliath grouper, magnificent sharks & more through the planet’s largest window to the ocean.

resort world sentosa sea aquarium
Walk across a floor of glass & watch the predators & other ocean denizens swim right beneath your feet!

resort world sentosa sea aquarium fish tank
I stood in front of the giant tank, awestruck by the beauty of it.

rws marine life park discovery touch pool
From Sea-Stars to Sea Urchins, enjoy the tactile experience of the sea creatures.

rws marine life park discovery touch pool star fish
Get a chance to touch a Sea Star at their Discovery Touch Pool!

rws marine life park sea jellies
Check out an array of Sea Jellies where fascinating ‘magnified’ encounters with marine life await you.

rws marine life park jellyfish
The jellyfishes glittered like falling stars in the distance.

rws singapore marine life park jellyfish
Be captivated by these jellyfishes as they sashay past you.

rws marine life park
Watch squadrons of pompano, threadfin trevally, batfish & other marine animals dance in your presence.

rws marine life park sting rays
Let your imagination swim as you view an ever-changing panoramic marine vista.

cat cora lady iron chef ocean restaurant
The perfect complement to your underwater adventure, is Cat Cora’s Ocean Restaurant, showcasing many of her signature dishes which have Mediterranean-Californian influences with an Asian flair. The restaurant also follows the chef’s farm-to-table philosophy on ingredients, which makes her food truly authentic & sensational.

rws ocean restaurant media event
Special consideration was taken to ensure all guests in the 63-seater restaurant will have a good view.

rws ocean restaurant media tasting event
For instance, the walls above the banquettes have angled mirrors reflecting the aquarium for guests seated facing the opposite direction & dining chairs were custom made with concealed swivel mechanisms so that guests can spin around from all angles to marvel at the marine life.

rws ocean restaurant
Well, here’s the 5-course menu we got to sample for the evening:

rws cat cora ocean restaurant sous vide trout
Sous Vide 48°C Ocean Trout
The seafood is a 20-minute sous vide 48°C water bath which drowns in your mouth with its tenderness. The combination of ingredients such as the Sustainable Caviar & Prosecco Pear Crushed Almond, Vine Tomato Jelly & Garden Cress demonstrated remarkable versatility. It was oceanic love at first sight taste! ★★★★★

Celebrity chef Cat Cora shows us how her signature dish Sous Vide 48°C King Salmon is made. The delectable dish is available at the Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora at Marine Life Park's S.E.A.

rws cat cora ocean restaurant sakura-shrimp-risotto
Sakura Shrimp Risotto
The marvellous aroma from the Morel Mushroom-Black Truffle coupled with the Butter Ikura & Gold Leaf decor makes the risotto so desirable; it was as if a sulfuric love bomb went off. Only complaint, I found the Seared Hokkaido Scallop a little overdone for my liking. ★★★★☆

rws cat cora ocean restaurant vongole manila clams
Vongole of Manila Clams
One of my favourites for the evening. The Soup with Spicy Sausage seemed to be perfumed with a tinge of lemon, making it very addictive. I nibbled at my Toasted Sesame Croutons, relishing every bit of it. ★★★★★

rws cat cora ocean restaurant australian wagyu beef
Invited guests had a choice between Grilled Basque Wagyu Striploin With Leek-Bread Pudding & Roasted Sesame-Coriander Vegetables, or King Salmon With Mandarin-Habanero Glaze, Meyer Lemon Couscous & Hot House Cilantro.

rws cat cora ocean restaurant salmon
I should’ve picked the King Salmon instead as the maître d mixed up my order. I wanted my Australian Striploin med-well, but was given medium instead. Service was slightly inexperienced, perhaps due to new opening, but the beauty of the fishes prancing around me & the well execution of the first few dishes overshadowed any minor mistakes they made. But it’s definitely Japanese Wagyu for me anytime.

cat cora ocean restaurant after eight mint chocolate dessert
The satisfying guests ended on a high-note with the ‘After Eight’ Mint Variation with Chocolate. ★★★★★

rws cat cora ocean restaurant media goodie bag
Plus, we got an autographed pix of Cat Cora & a box of macaroons!

rws ocean restaurant luxury haven
Be spellbound by the magnificent view of the Open Ocean habitat whilst enjoying a truly memorable dining experience at Cat Cora’s Ocean Restaurant at Marine Life Park's S.E.A. Aquarium. You may catch the Iron Chef in action!
cat cora resort world sentosa singapore
Pix Credit: Resort World Sentosa
The specially created 5-course Cat Cora Experience set is available from now till end February 2013. Until 7 February, the Iron Chef herself Cat Cora will hold court at the restaurant where she will offer a specially created dinner set menu at S$158++.

Entrance from the S.E.A Aquarium to the restaurant is S$29, but diners can also choose to enter by the restaurant entrance directly without paying the admission fee.  For details and reservation, please call Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora, Resort World Sentosa at Tel: +65 6577 6869.

Thank you RWS & the organizing team for the astounding experience!


  1. What an interesting dining experience! We have been to Singapore aquarium before but never can imagine how dining experience would be within the tiny tiny tunnel. Now I get a better picture after reading your post.

    1. Zoe, hahaha! The restaurant is actually quite a long walk thru the tunnel where u'll get to indulge in an oceanic adventure. Be sure to chk out the restaurant the next time u visit S'pore.

  2. That would be a marvelous experience, dining and enjoying sea view at the same time.

  3. Hi Shirley! Thanks for the virtual tour of the new restaurant! Nice!

    Do they catch the fish directly from the aquarium directly to the kitchen? :P haha...

    1. Alvin, how about u diving in to catch some for yourself?? Hahaha!

  4. How amazing! A truly unforgetable experience to dine among sea creatures.

  5. awesome place... i would love to go there one day

    1. cquek, hope u'll get to visit this place sometime soon :)

  6. Sometimes I wish I was born as your kid so that I could follow you to all this wonderful places T_T

  7. What a wonderful experience to be able to dine at such a fantastic place. The first time I have seen of this restaurant is through AFC channel featuring the Big Break Finale.ehehehheh

    1. YL, u've to visit to see it with your own eyes!

  8. Hey! I've visited this underwater world before...... perhaps 1 decade ago... haha! Never know that they have introduced a restaurant there now.... The napkin ring sure matches the ambience of the restaurant. Food looks as awesome as the aquarium too!

    1. DS, the one u're referring to is where the dolphin lagoon is; different from this. The Underwater World is not part of RWS. Guess you've to visit to know the difference :)

  9. What a perfect way to enjoy the undersea life without getting wet. Don't Mind my silly jokes, but this is an exciting place if you love to admire the marine life and be a child again when u see pink, orange and blue fishes in all sizes. And Food prepared by The Iron Lady is simply to die for, Shirley you are in the prefect place and perfect time always. Love the way you writeup such unique experiences so well.
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash, silly or not, love them all! Thks so much for your lovely note, my dear! Glad u've enjoyed the tour!

  10. Ahh, the aquarium - this brings back happy childhood memories of family outings.

  11. Such a fun and unique dining experience! And the food looks incredible!

    1. Liz, be sure to check out this place the next time u do your Asian tour!!

  12. Beautiful place and love seeing the natural habitat swimming freely in the aquarium. What more delicious food and meeting the well known celebrity chef.

    1. Nava, knew u'll like it! Visiting this place with your hubby the next time u're here, huh?? Have fun!

  13. Right! This place is a must visit for us when we head down for my Sun Down run!

  14. Hi Shirley, this place look like paradise. Beautiful place to have a romantic dinner for wedding anniversary or birthday. Nice underwater scenery and same time enjoy the exotic food.
    Thanks for the tour.

    Have a fun day ahead.

    1. Amelia, it's so near for u to travel to S'pore so do kiv this place for your next visit!

  15. I would love to dine here among the fishes

    1. Jeff, I would love to return sometime again soon.....

  16. Look at the gorgeous view you get from the top. It was just what I needed to relax and cheer me up. The food was delicious and colorful!

    Ocean Terrace

    1. Stephen, thks for coming by & have a great weekend!

  17. Replies
    1. Pepper, u gotta try out this wonderful place if u get the chance!

  18. This is really cool to enjoy the view while savouring the food! Thanks for the review, hopefully can try it out in future

  19. Jason, thanks for going thru my old post & I'm glad you've enjoyed reading! Hope you've the chance to try out Cat Cora's Ocean someday.......


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