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Get A Jar Of Bellabox Customised Candies This February!

valentines day bellabox february
"Show Some Love!" That’s the theme of this month’s limited edition Valentine’s Day BellaBox, which comes in a classy black wrapper with pretty hearts.

What’s in the box:
valentines bellabox lanvin perfume mememe eye liner
Lanvin Marry Me! Perfume Vial (2ml)
The perfume has notes of optimistic flora (magnolia, rose) & citrus with the addition of Tunisian bitter orange. Sambac jasmine adds a touch of sensuality, as special as the embrace of your lover. Amber delivers inviting warmth. Coupled with stunning packaging, conceived by Alber Ebaz himself, inspired by the timeless elegance of Lanvin's history, this perfume is the essence of excitement in romance. S$76 (30ml)

MeMeMe Eyeline Kohl Defining Pencil, S$15.90
The intense colour is vegan friendly & won't irritate as you apply your lines:
  • For lower line: Press pencil near your tear-duct at the water line of your lower lid & draw pencil across, to outer corner in one fluid motion.
  • For upper line: Repeat process for lower line, on the upper lid.
  • Small, close-set eyes: Use a thin line.
  • Wide-set eyes: Emphasize inside corners of eyes.
  • Close-set eyes: highlight inner corners, emphasize outer corners.
  • For downward-shaped eyes: Use an uplifted line at the outside corners.

valentines day bellabox adonis dermatox
Adonis Dermatox (8g)
Prevent & treat your blemishes with Dermatox (anti-toxin). S$78 (700ml). This amazing product will let you know in two ways that it's properly working:
  1. By discharging a strong smell indicating the level of toxicity in your pores that's being released. With regular use, the smell lessens, proving that there is less toxicity.
  2. You'll know it's working by the compliments you'll receive on your improved, radiant, clear complexion.

There’s more! BellaBox February also comes with a complimentary Facial experience at Adonis, which is valid for 6 mths!

valentines day bellabox moisturizing body lotion
What I love most in this month’s BellaBox are these Nuxe Body items:

Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals (35ml)
Unlike traditional soap-based cleansers, Micellar water doesn't need to be rinsed off, cutting down your cleansing routine time by half!! To use, simply apply to cotton pad & then swipe on your face, eyelids & lips to remove makeup & impurities. No need to rinse at all!! S$38 (200ml)

*Tip: To relieve eye puffiness, soak a cotton pad in Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals & dab lightly onto the eye area.

valentines day bellabox moisturizing body lotion
Nuxe Body 24hr Moisturizing Body Lotion (15ml)
I’ve rather dry skin but yet, I do not like my body lotion to be too greasy. This beautifully scented lotion gives my skin a natural lustrous glow & it’s easily absorbed into the skin, providing me with a totally refreshing feeling. The inclusion of wheat & wood extracts paired with sweet almond & sunflower oils combine for instant absorption & maximum hydration. S$38 (200ml)

For the month of February, purchase a shop product this month & get a jar of BellaBox customised candies, or shop for your BellaBox at just S$19.95/mth!

Can't wait for my BellaBox Blogger Event at Antoinette soon……..


  1. nice box u got there :) how you doing? did you gain weight

    1. Edmend, hahaha! U shouldn't have asked a lady that kind of question. What about u? Been eating a lot during the CNY period I guess.....

    2. I've been eat less than last few years in CNY season . . . actually ladies around my circle dont mind I ask this type of question. If eat alot means is also one of the good sigh :P\

      just kidding alright ;)

    3. Edmend, just teasing u! Heehee!

  2. The cleansing water with rose petal sounds amazing. No rinse - wow, that would be good for cleaning your face in the public toilet should the need arises. The candies are so sweet .........

    1. DS, it's perfect for lazy people like me! Hahaha!

  3. That's certainly a very good deal in one box!

  4. Love the products esp the eyeliner and cleansing water.

  5. You always have such fun products to check out! Thanks for sharing these favorites :) Hope you have something fun planned for your weekend!

    1. Liz, I'm glad u had fun too! Enjoy your weekend, dear!

  6. Hi Shirley, very nice products. You're good at sourcing for treasures and share with all of us. How can not I love you.... With lots of love and hugs to you. :) :)

    1. Amelia, thks dear! I'm glad u found the post informative!


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