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Enticing Baked Cheesy Jumbo River Prawns, Thanks To Oceana Seafood!

oceana seafood baked cheesy river prawns recipe
Fish Fillets, Squids, Tiger Prawns, Mussels, are just some of the seafood you can find at #Oceana Seafood. A major supplier & distributor of quality seafood in Singapore offering service with quality, Oceana Seafood has a strong aficionado ranging from wholesaler, concept restaurant chains to fine dining establishments.

oceana seafood jumbo river prawns
You’ve probably seen these jumbo River Prawns in restaurants or places like the notorious Singapore Newton Circus Hawker Centre, or in countries such as Thailand where River Prawns are popular.

oceana seafood fish co giant river prawn
But just look at the size of the Jumbo River Prawn, and the good people of Oceana Seafood just sent me a huge bag of these giant-sized prawns!

valentine's day seafood prawns recipe
I was certainly thrilled to receive these monster delicacies from Oceana Seafood, with sizes as big as my dinner plate!

petitchef baked cheesy prawns recipe, oceana seafood
Recipe Featured @ PetitChef as 'Main Dish of the Day!'

These came just in time for Valentine’s Day, which I’d prepared these succulent & delish Baked Cheesy Jumbo River Prawns to #cookforfamily, simply pairing them with some gourmet Walnut Cheese & Mango! I’d wanted to bake 3 of these giants for each of my guests initially but due to their monstrous sizes, I decided to cut down to 2 each; keeping the rest for perhaps a steamboat session sometime soon.

oceana seafood river prawns valentines day fondue
Oh, and do not dispose their “claws”! All you need to do is smash them up to expose their delicious meat & dump them into a fondue like what I did. They’re deliciously tasty when dipped into an Anchovy Garlic Fondue! Bon Appetit!
omy features baked cheesy jumbo river prawns recipe
Spotted @ #OMY-食天堂Eat!
6 Jumbo River Prawns
3 tbsp minced Garlic
2 tbsp salted Butter (for prawns)
1 tbsp Butter (for garlic)
Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese for toppings.
kitchen artistry features oceana seafood baked cheesy prawns
Spotted @ #Kitchen Artistry
  1. Preheat oven at 200°C.
  2. how to clean oceana seafood jumbo river prawns
  3. Clean prawns thoroughly. Trim "whiskers" & cut away the claws. Slit open the prawns from the front & devein. Remove any dirt from the head.
  4. cooking oceana seafood jumbo river prawns claws
  5. Smash the claws & remove some of the shells. Set aside for other purposes.
  6. oceana seafood garlic jumbo river prawns
  7. Sautéed garlic till fragrant but not brown. This step is optional. You can skip it & leave it to the baking step, but I prefer my garlic to be nice & crisp.
  8. how to bake buttered jumbo river prawns
  9. Massage prawns with butter & place on baking trays. Look at the amount of roes on the heads!
  10. baking oceana seafood garlic jumbo river prawns
  11. Add garlic, then mozzarella cheese. Use toothpicks to keep the prawns open.
  12. oceana seafood cheesy jumbo river prawns recipe
  13. Top with parmesan cheese & bake for 10 mins or till brown.
  14. cooking oceana seafood baked cheesy river prawns
  15. Remove toothpicks before serving & pair these Baked Cheesy Jumbo River Prawns with your favourite sides!
how to make valentines day jumbo river prawns fondue
Check out my Anchovy Garlic Fondue session with these juicy claws!
valentines day at amuse orchard hotel singapore
Thanks to Oceana Seafood for this Part I on the eve of Valentine’s Day, & I was off to celebrate my Part II the next evening!


  1. Monster river prawns... early in the morning... You really know how to make a person hungry, Shirley! Lolol <3 Your husband and son is one lucky husband and son hahahaha!

  2. Prawns and cheese what a brilliant combo :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Wow! Yum Yum! My daughter once went prawning and brought back some of this huge prawns too although not as huge as yours but rather big too. I wanted to do something like what you did too but have difficulty keeping the prawns opened, so i ended up cooking it the chilli crab style. Lol! Mmm... now i know how to keep it opened......

    1. DS, awesome! I've always wanted to try prawning with my son. Chilli crab style sounds good too!

  4. Anchovy garlic fondue? You will catch me in a trap with that!

    1. John, hahaha! Will be posting it very soon...... Got the idea from a recent trip to Japan :)

  5. Wow, this looks so delicious, I love shrimp! Hope you had a good valentines day!

  6. Hi Shirley, Wow! I sure love this big prawns....and your this dish looks sinfully delicious!
    Looks so succulent.....I can just imagine the lovely scent. I guess I will want a second helping, ha ha.
    Shirley, under different circumstances, ladies like you are dangerous to these and they'll marry the cook, ha ha.
    And if not for a woman's cooking I would not have lost my bachelor's degree.
    Have a great week, keep a song in your heart, and stay beautiful.

    1. Uncle Lee, u're real funny! Love your wit & thks for coming by! U have a good week too!

  7. Making me drool now, Shirley!! I definitely will use fingers to eat these... lol..

  8. What an easy but super yummy and elegant way of serving prawns! Love this, Shirley!

    1. Tina, it's great having another prawn lover here! Wonder what's cooking up in Texas?

  9. Shirley, some of the reasons I love reading your blog are: 1) You teach how to make something completely unfamiliar (to me) and make it look easy; 2) Your attention to garnishes is amazing (loved the veggie plate and also the little hearts you served with the main course); and 3) Your photos make me want to eat this for breakfast! The close-up of the fondue (below step #8) really ought to be submitted to Taste Spotting or Food Gawker. Beautiful!

    1. Kim, for reasons of having a fan like u makes me motivated to write & come up with more recipes. Thks so much for all the love & support these years! Love from the other side of the world.....

  10. Man, I've never seen such huge prawns! What a treat!!!!

  11. What a gorgeous way to prepare prawns...delightful! Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day sweetie!

    1. Hey Alisha, what a wonderful surprise! It's great hearing from u again :)

  12. Lovely way of preparation with the prawns. Tempting and splendid indeed.

  13. omg.....its my hus fav.he just craze abt prawns n dis luks really awesum.vl try 4 him.than u so much.

    1. MG, thks so much for dropping by & it's great having u here with us! Hope to see more of u :)

  14. Oh Shirley, these looks so amazing! I want some too.

  15. OMG! must be very delicious! yum yum

  16. Hi Shirley, wow... you're an excellent cook. This prawn dish look so luscious and delectable. I'm hungry already... cos prawns is my top favorite. :)

    Best regards.

  17. These look so good Shirley!

    When I was in hong kong I had grilled seafood with cheese and it was delicious so I will definitely give this a go.

    Hope you are well darling
    Take care :) xx

    1. Hamilton, I would usually grilled my prawns with garlic but this is my first baking them with cheese. I'm glad it turned out well. Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

  18. These are beautifully done. They are so huge! Wish I can get some fresh one here in the States with that good size. Love your Valentine's Day dinner. And the claws fondue is so much fun to eat! :)

    1. Amy, thks dear! I'm sure the States has equally huge prawns for u to make a sumptuous meal too :)

  19. Hie Shirley..cheesy stuff (with mayonnaise if possible) combine with any food is always my ultimate food but too bad those food has taken a huge toll on my weight..hahaaha

    1. Hong, hahaha! That's true, gotta watch out weight! Lol!

  20. wow, delightfully dish!!!
    i guess serving the clawns within the baked udang galah made it fancy even more too...
    gosh, i just imagine sang har noodle just by looking the photograph of that giant prawn!


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