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Tokyo Sky Tree & Hama Steak House (東京スカイツリー/ステーキハウス ハマ)

Day 1 continues...
tokyo sky tree japan
Love this postcard shot that I took! Tokyo Sky Tree Town Winter Festival took place from 15 Nov 2012 - 31 Jan 2013, & I was there to explore the latest attraction opened last May. Standing at 634m, the Tokyo Sky Tree (東京スカイツリー) is the world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower.

tokyo sky tree park
After visiting Tokyo Makuhari Outlet Shopping (三井アウトレットパーク幕張), I headed to the Tokyo Sky Tree. I was mesmerized by the beautiful lightings in the park. I've to admit this was the best "scenery" in my entire 4-day trip.
tokyo sky tree town winter festival
The place seemed to be the only area with nice Christmas lightings; I can't feel the X'mas mood in other popular areas of Tokyo such as Ginza & Omotesando as the X'mas lightings were so pathetic, almost non-existence.

tokyo sky tree solamachi
I'm not exactly a sight-seeing kind of person; my purpose was to visit Tokyo Solamachi which houses the "Hello Kitty Japan". That was also the day when a major earthquake rocked Japan.

A powerful earthquake struck off the northeast coast of Japan that evening, rattling buildings in Tokyo. I thought a dizzy spell had hit me while I was in the Kitty shop, & I lost my balance. Then came the Japanese announcement asking us to evacuate the building. That was then I realized it was actually an earthquake & not because I wasn't feeling well. Lol! Everyone vacated the building in an orderly manner. There was no panic & it was soon over. But seriously, I felt that there should also be English announcements. I mean, this is an evacuation! Thank Goodness, my broken Japanese helped me as I was able to pick up bits & pieces through the announcement, else I would be so lost & frightened being all alone in the mall!

tokyo sky tree hello kitty shopping
Read more @ Hello Kitty Shopping In Japan, ハローキティ ショッピングへ行きましょう!

tokyo sky tree train map
Pix Credit: Tokyo Sky Tree
How to get there:
Tokyo Skytree Station
  • From Asakusa Station, 1 station, a 2-min ride on the Tobu Skytree Line, or a 15-min walk.
  • From Ueno Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line), transfer to the Toby Skytree Line at Asakusa Station, 14 mins.

Oshiage Station (SkyTree)
  • From Tokyo Station, take the JR Sobu Rapid Line & transfer at Kinshicho for the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, 16 mins.
  • From Shinagawa Station, take the Keikyu Line or Toei Asakusa Line, 25 mins.

ginza hama steak house japan, teppanyaki
Once again, I was invited for dinner at the superb Japanese fine-dining "Hama Steak House", ステーキハウス ハマ. I'm not gonna elaborate more since I'd already written a post previously, but you gotta check out this place if you don't mind spending ¥20,000/pax + ¥7,350 to upgrade to their Matsusaka-ushi Premium Steak (特撰松阪牛ステーキ).

Here's what I ate:
ginza hama steak house hirame carpaccio
Hirame Carpaccio

ginza hama steak house teppanyaki foie gras
Foie Gras (フォアグラ)

ginza hama steak house teppanyaki king crab
ginza hama steak house king crab
King Crab (鱈場蟹)

ginza hama steak house abalone
Abalone (活鮑)

Sauteed Vegetables (焼野菜)

ginza hama steak house teppanyak matsusaka ushi
The dinner course that I took was the Chef Course (シェフコース) @ ¥18,900, about US$200++, which came with a Wagyu Sirloin Steak (黒毛和牛サーロインステーキ) or Tenderloin (テンダーロイン).

ginza hama steak house matsusaka ushi
Topping up another ¥7,350 allowed me to upgrade it to the Matsusaka-ushi Premium Steak (特撰松阪牛ステーキ), which the restaurant manager had highly recommended. The steak was succulent & juicy even at medium-well! Never, never leave Japan without trying their first-rated beef!

tokyo hama steak house garlic rice
Garlic Rice (ガーリックライス)

tokyo hama steak house ice-cream dessert
Dessert (デザート)

Although the menu didn't seemed to differ from what I had before, the taste was heavenly. Hama provides delectable cuisine, cozy surroundings, & intimate service to create an unforgettable dining experience for every occasion. Do check out my previous review @ Fine Dining @ Ginza, Tokyo.

Updated Dec 2017: Hama Steak House Roppongi Teppanyaki Review ( ステーキハウス ハマ 六本木 )

Hama Steak House
No.5 Paul-Star Bldg
5F, 7-6-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0061
Tel: (03) 3573 0916
Access: 7 min walk from Ginza station

ステーキハウス ハマ 銀座店
〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座7-6-12


  1. omg the tokyo sky tree is so nice! And if got chance I would really like to try out the japanese fine dining looks scrumptious! :D

    1. YJ, it's beautiful with all the lightings! I'm sure you'll love the teppanyaki. It's great having u here with us & will pop by your blog soon!

  2. oh Gosh.. how frightening! Thank God it was nothing like the previous one... I experienced a slight tremor, I was in a hotel then.. the air con ventilator was vibrating strongly, I looked up and I felt giddy for a few short seconds.. later I found out that there was a massive earthquake in one part of Indonesia..

    1. Reana, the first time I experienced earthquake was also in Tokyo when I was living there for few mths. Brought back memories..... Scary especially when I was all alone without my family. Glad u were safe too!

  3. Hi Shirley,

    Happy New Year!

    Gorgeous photos

    Sorry I have been "on Leave " from blogging these few weeks.

    1. Kathy, no worries at all! It's a busy period for all of us. It's great to have u back!

  4. Yikes, I'd be a little rattled after that mini-quake...glad it wasn't worse! Your top photo is marvelous...and the steak house looks top notch :)

    1. Liz, that's the bad side of travelling alone :< They should've made evacuation announcement in English too for the benefit of tourists. Pity those who can't understand their language; Japan should step up on that. Thks for the kind note, dear!

  5. Tokyo Sky Tree...LOVE!! even though I never been there but have read so many blogs about it.
    Have a nice weekend. =D

    1. Evelyn, u should chk it out when u've the chance. Enjoy your weekend too!

  6. Hi Shirley

    Thanks for sharing. The food looked so yummy!

    1. Rebecca, great having u back & have a lovely weekend!

  7. earthquake?? scary..thankfully nothing happens.
    the food looks gooooood!!!

    1. Aemy, luckily it was just tremor in that area. Thks for your concern, sweetie!

  8. I love Japanese food. This restaurant sounds wonderful!

  9. Oooh you know what? I think we were both in Tokyo at the same time, since I was there for the earthquake as well, only I was on the 35th floor in our hotel! Really scary feeling and I had motion sickness afterwards!
    That wagyu steak looks so yummy, if I had the money I would have eaten one!

    Did you go up the sky tree? I only went to take pictures of the outside and didn't venture in!
    Ah sounds like you had lots of fun too! I love Japan!

    1. Kay, what a coincidence! Can't imagine me being up so high when earthquake hits. I didn't get the chance to go up as the queue was long :< I love Japan too! Thks so much for being here!

  10. The earthquake part is a bit scary, I believe the Japanese are trained well for such situation. Japanese food is my all time favourite, just wish that I could taste the authentic Japanese food in Japan one day. Those food look real good.

    1. Agnes, they were so calm & I was totally impressed! Hope u'll be able to visit Japan this year :)

  11. Tokyo Sky Tree scencry is beautiful indeed!
    I love teppanyaki, you are making me drools......

    1. DS, hahaha! Hope u'll have the chance to visit Japan some day...

  12. Hie Shirley~

    Glad that you've made it to the Sky Tree..i have yet to go up to the top..any photos from the 'peak' of the tower?
    wow the fine dining cost 20000 yen..not so expensive actually...i ate korean bbq stuff in Yokohama and that already cost me 5000 yen...haha

    1. Hong, I didn't go up. It's not expensive at all compared to those in S'pore. Food prices here are crazy these days....

  13. Hi Shirley,thanks for the tour, excellent pictures. You look stunning.
    I don't quite like Japanese food, so I admire the beautiful pictures will do....:)

    Best regards.

    1. Amelia, I'm glad you've enjoyed the tour! Thks for the kind note, dear!

  14. I seriously LOVE Tokyo Sky Tree and I am so jealous that you went during the Winter Festival!! \o/ I honestly wish I am in some cold country now instead of hot and warm Malaysia :<

    1. MB, it was stunning with all the x'mas lightings! Yah, I can imagine....

  15. Shirley, I'm glad you're ok -- scary to experience an earthquake no matter where you are. Glad it was over by the time you had dinner... scrumptous offerings... woohoo, you got to have Abalone, too!

    1. Kim, and I was all alone!! Yucks! I'm a sucker for Abalone! Hahaha!

  16. The best view point for Tokyo Sky Tree is from Asakusa. You can walk to Tokyo Sky Tree from Asakusa. From Asakusa, you can see it in the buildings and temples. It’s a kind of mixture view of old and modern Tokyo. But, personally, I like Tokyo Tower rather than Tokyo Sky Tree.More Photos:

    1. Ali, thks so much for sharing your thoughts! I've been to Asakusa too many times, so I just skipped during this trip. I love to shop, so Tokyo Sky Tree is definitely a better choice. I found Tokyo Tower too boring. It's good for first-time visitors tho :)

  17. Replies
    1. Pepper, u should bookmark it for your next travel :)


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