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Shiodome Tokyo Grand China Fine Dining + Burberry Blue Label

(Day 2)
tokyo shiodome grand city pork
Fancy dining on the 41st floor of the Shiodome City Centre (汐留シティセンター), offering you an astonishing bird's eye-view of Tokyo? This sophisticated restaurant serves a wide range of traditional Cantonese foods ranging from Shark's Fin dishes to pristine fresh seafood.

A Set Lunch at Tokyo Grand China will set you back at ¥4,200/pax. Take a look at the dishes I had & let me know your thoughts......

tokyo shiodome grand city mango with jelly fish
Mango with Jelly Fish (マンゴーとクラゲサラダ)

tokyo shiodome grand city shark's fin
Special Shark's Fin Soup (特製フカヒレスープ)

tokyo shiodome grand city peking duck
Grand China Sspecial Peking duck (特製 北京ダック)

tokyo shiodome grand city view
Cantonese-style Pork (広東風豚)

cny reunion orange blossom shredded pork
Click on the title below for the recipe
Orange Blossoms Shredded Pork With Capsicums (花开富贵肉丝)

tokyo shiodome grand city fried rice
Special Fried Rice (五目チャーハン)

tokyo shiodome grand city almond pudding
Almond pudding (杏仁豆腐)

Food that afternoon were reasonably good, except for the Shark's Fin which was pathetic & too spicy. Love the Shredded Pork most as the meat was tender & especially tasty with those crunchy Capsicums.

View up there was fantastic as all the seats were facing the windows, offering the patrons a picturesque city view. Rating: ★★★★☆

After lunch, I was off to Burberry Blue Label. This is one stop you mustn't miss when you visit Japan. If you're a fan of Burberry, you'll know what I mean when you see these prices:

japan burberry blue label pink top
japan burberry blue label ginza
Pink Top ¥18,900

japan burberry blue label tokyo
Beige Top ¥16,000

japan burberry blue label ladies wear
Purple Blouse ¥22000

Don't you just love those prices! Check out the locations & more in my previous write-ups:

Tokyo Grand China
Shiodome City Center Building 41F
Higashi Shinbashi 1-5-2,
Tokyo 105-7141
Tel: 03-6215-8771
tokyo shiodome city center map
Pix Credit: Shiodome City Center
How to get there
  • JR Yamanote line: 3-min walk from SHIODOME exit of Shinbashi Stn.
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza line: 3-min walk from Exit #2 of Shinbashi Stn.
  • Toei Asakusa line: 2-min walk from the Shiodome(Shiosite) exit in Shinbashi Stn.
  • Toei Oedo line: 1-min walk from JR Yurikamome & Shinbashi station exit at Shiodome Stn.
  • Yurikamome monorail: 1-min walk from Shinbashi Stn.


  1. The food does look good, though I've made a conscious decision not to eat shark's fin anymore a few years back.

    Burberry blue label looks interesting, this is the first I've heard of it!

    1. Trishie, u're fast today! That's a nice move of yours. U must chk out Blue Label the next time u visit Japan.

  2. Yes.. I went along Ginza too.. window shopping..hahaha.. but I managed to get a blouse for 4000...not rm.. but yen.. hahaha..

  3. so many tasty food! an like ur pink top!

    1. Camy, the pink top is so lovely with those ribbons at the back :)

  4. Fine dining is so right my friend, this looks awesome :D


    1. Uru, still having d exam fever? Hope all's well!

  5. Stunning food and my pick will be the peking duck. I somehow can't get enough of it despite eating many times. Nice selection from burberry. Happy New Year to you too.

    1. Nava, hahaha! I love Peking Duck too, but I've a bad habit..... I normally dump the crepes or the wrapping & only eat the Peking Duck. Heehee!

  6. So envious of you darling!!! Any more shopping done? ;)

  7. tokyo!!! that's so cool. eat and shop like there's no tomorrow.

  8. Mmm... fancy you having chinese food in Japan. Haha! That's so you - always having some other country delicacy in a country which you shouldn't be, like having italian food in Thailand, LOL! The sharkfins didn't look like the usual one we have here.....
    I heard that Burberry blue label is only available in Japan........

    1. DS, coming up will be French review! I can't be eating Japanese food 5 meals a day, right? Hahaha! I can hardly find any fins in there. Lol! Yap, u're right! Not avail anywhere else :)

  9. Hi Shirley, sorry miss so many of your posting. I have to take my time catch up one by one.... not only yours but so many of my blogger friends. Was busy pass few days.

    All the food look so mouth watering. Love the sharkfins soup and Peking duck, look extremely good.
    Shopping heaven in Japan. :)

    Have a great week ahead,regards.

    1. Amelia, thks so much for taking your time in posting your comments straight in 7 of my posts! U rock, gal! Such a joy to hear from u :)

  10. Wow, what great views from the restaurant! And now I'm in the mood to go shopping after checking out your Burberry finds! Did you buy anything?

    1. Liz, the view up there is stunning! Love the unique set-up of the tables allowing all to face the windows while enjoy our meals :)

  11. looks very authentic indeed! hahah snap the food at tall building eh? makes me phobia lots

  12. bad so hungry now

  13. Oh what a delicious food, but also what a view...just memorizing! Love your top too!
    Have a wonderful week dear!

  14. The Peking Duck looked good -- was it? Fantastic view! I don't know how prices compare between there and the U.S., so I'll take your word for it that they were bargains, lol -- pretty clothes! It was fun "lunching" and "shopping" with you, if only through your blog, Shirley. :)

    1. Kim, it's about US$48/pax. I guess it's ok consider the high std of living in Japan. I'm really happy you've always enjoyed touring with me here :) Thks, dear!

  15. wowowow...chinese wonder the price tag looks high...and great shopping you've got there..burberry is one of my fav brand :D

    1. Hong, paying for the view I guess..... Thks for leaving your comments in 5 of my post consecutively. U're near Kian Fai leaving 9 in a row!!


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