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Make Heads Turn This CNY With Jass Hair Design

novena square 2 jass hair design
Chinese New Year is closing in & hair salons are getting busier with people rushing to have a new look. So let's ring in this CNY with a new hair colour or perm & get a healthier mane at Jass Hair Design!

I hated my last perm which was done about a year ago cause the curls were too tight. I've been spending the entire time going for hair treatments trying to repair my damaged hair. You may not have noticed from the photos in my blog as stylists would usually either blow curls or have my tresses tonged. Hence, I really wanted to have a new perm or rebonding.

I related my concerns to the lovely & soft-spoken Jasmin, owner of Jass Hair Design. So Jas suggested to wash away the curls & do a fresh perm instead, but rebonding is a "no-no" as it'll further damage my hair. Before long, I was immersed into an ambience of beauty & well-being, by Jasmin & her team of stylists.

jass hair design perm
After washing my hair, Jasmin noticed that I still have very strong curls which defeats the purpose of re-perming. She was surprised that even after about a year, my curls were still so tight. She then suggested loosening my curls instead, then do a colour, followed by a treatment. I was delighted to colour my hair. After all, my colour was done last Oct & the roots were already showing.

I was amazed by Jasmin's detailed analysis & care, & felt completely at ease with her. I'm rather easy, & left my tresses under her attention.

Let's take a look at how I'd spent my day at Jass Hair Design:
jass hair design cut
jass hair design shiseido f-program v-kpp
jass hair design joico color system
Jasmin introduced me to Joico Vero K-PAK hair colours, the only hair colour in the world that uses the reconstructive qualities of K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor, resulting in the richest, longest-lasting colour, with unprecedented condition & shine. Using 2 colours, 7G from Gold series & 7B from Beige series, to create a new colour for my hair. Let's see how it turns out later........

jass hair design shiseido f-program
jass hair design shiseido f-program colour booster
The lady boss also suggested combining the hair colouring with the Shisedo F 8-Step Intensive Hair Treatment. It's an essential pre-treatment vitamins with 8 different vitamins to ensure all lost proteins are packed back into hair. This is a 2-in-1 colour + hair treatment process which will take at least 2-3 hours alone. As a result, hair looks more moisturized, smoother & with a great new colour which is nothing less than vibrant.

jass hair design ilga scalp care system
After the colour + hair treatment, Jasmin asked if I've time to spare a she would like to give me a Hair Detox. Detoxing after hair colour is highly encouraged to remove the chemicals & toxins. Once the pores are cleared, nourishing products are easily absorbed into our hair & scalp.

For customers who're just doing the Detox program, the salon will perform a before & after scan to see the difference. But because I'd already done a colouring, there was no point scanning the scalp.
jass hair design shiseido f-program detox
The Hair Detox was accompanied by a 10-min head & shoulder massage after applying the scalp care. Love the minty feeling; truly rejuvenating.

jass hair design shiseido f-program detox steam
Next step, a Cuticle Inducer was applied after washing my hair, followed by a steam for 10 mins to lock in the moisture & replenish the ingredients.

jass hair design shiseido f-program detox blood circulation
Following that, Karen spread some hair growth ampoules & I was put under another machine. Apparently, red infra lighting is to promote blood circulation, while blue is for people with yeast infection.

jass hair design styling trimming
The finale! Karen styling my hair, followed by Jasmin giving me a final touch-up!

jass hair design blogger review
Tada! How's my new hair colour? Love my healthy crowning glory; my mane is more lustrous now!  Jasmin had advised that I mustn't do any highlight, perm etc for next 6 mths; just colour & treatment to restore the condition of my damaged hair.
jass hair design novena
Whether u want a perm, colour or treat your locks, Jass Hair Design takes care of them all with a professional touch. If you're going for hair colouring, be sure to soothe & delight your senses with their Detox Treatment for a healthier scalp. Do swing by Jass this CNY for a snazzy style & satisfying experience that leaves your hair beautiful & recharged!

Prices for the services above: Colour S$130, Treatment S$180 & Detox S$95. Total price: S$405.

Mention Luxury Haven & you'll get 10% less for any combination of the above treatments! Plus, Jass will waive off any surcharge during the festive period!

Special thanks to Jasmin, Wymond & Karen for their dedicated attention & superb service!

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Jass Hair Design
Square 2 #B1-93 to 96
10 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307506
Tel: +65 6258 1463


  1. Your hair looks stunning my friend and the camera makes a huge difference!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Uru, thks dear! The colours from each camera turned out so different. Lol!

  2. I've done the detox treatment before many years back. Like you, i loved the minty feeling and infact i've been on the look out for shampoo that give me that feeling. Loves your new mane. Nice curls and nice color that make you brighter up further.

  3. I seriously LOVE your new hair! The colour and the curls are so pretty! Your hair also look SUPER SHINY and GLOWING, doesn't matter if the picture is taken using iPhone or Olympus, the end result is really superb!

    1. Michelle, hahaha! Thks sweetie, u're simply adorable!

  4. You are just so darn cute! And your hair is adorable!

  5. Oh Shirley your hair looks so beautiful and shiny. Love the colour!

    1. Trishie, thks dear! I'm sure it'll look good on u too!

  6. Wow your hair looks shiny and so fresh! nice :) and your iphone case hello kitty is cute :D

    1. Michelle, that's the one I got from Tokyo! Hahaha!

  7. Hi Shirley, you look gorgeous. Love your new hair style. :)
    Let see how many posting I miss, LOL

    Have a great week ahead.

    1. Amelia, thks so much! Looking fwd to your record! Hahaha!

  8. Your hair looks so good. They did a great job. What a lovely way to spend the day.

    1. Hotly Spiced, thks for coming by & it's really nice having u here!

  9. I always going to salon last min before CNY for the best hair for the festival... LOL! I like your hair... New hair. New look. New year... sounds like a nice auspicious start :D

  10. Nice hair style.Such a huge difference in photo from Iphone and camera.

    1. Bal, I was surprised with the results too. Lighting played a part too. Lol!

  11. love the curls :)

    The team certainly did a good job

  12. Hey Shirley, from the front, I thought you have cut your hair short! :) Very nice hair style.... suits you great... now you are all prepared for the CNY!

  13. Love your hair, nice curls and colour. In time for the CNY.

  14. EH, I'm glad u like it too! Thks, dear!

  15. Shirley Tay really that great hair style. I like your hair style......Awesome..:)

    hair schools in texas

    1. Kenneth, thks for coming by & have a good day!


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