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L'Embellir, A Michelin-starred French Restaurant In Tokyo

Day 2 continues.........
Japan has probably emerged as one of the countries with the most numbers of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. Being invited to one certainly makes this trip to Tokyo worth the while.
l'embellir naoto kishimoto luxury haven
Chef Naoto Kishimo (岸本直人)
Located just about 10 mins walk from the Omotesando (表参道 ) station is L' Embellir, a charming 1-star Michelin-starred French Restaurant In Tokyo.

tokyo shiodome grand city pork
I'd a fabulous lunch dining out at Shiodome Tokyo Grand China Fine Dining + Shopping At Burberry Blue Label. An invitation to a Michelin-starred restaurant was certainly a perfect treat to end my Day 2 in the Tokyo city.

l'embellir naoto kishimoto
So come with me, on an epicurean journey with a quintessential French menu & an artisanal approach involving seasonal ingredients & fresh seafood flavours.

tokyo l'embellir naoto kishimoto amuse bouche
The evening kicked off with a fanciful Potato Fritter. The Amuse-Bouche, coated with 2 types of shredded cheese was addictive. Love the salty wafer-thin crispy skin with the tasty cheese; a very unique appetizer to start off the meal indeed.

tokyo l'embellir naoto kishimoto fresh oyster
Another distinctive hors d'oeuvre was the Fresh Oyster. The shellfish was laden with a layer of creamy gelatin, leaving one longing for more. The single oyster is certainly not enough to satisfy any discerning foodie.

tokyo l'embellir french seiko crabe ala vapeur
Next on the table was the Seiko Crabe A La Vapeur. Interesting, the roe in this dish was deep-fried till crisp, sitting on a bed of crabmeat. Hidden underneath was actually a very delicious egg pudding. I've never tried crab done in this manner & I love it!

tokyo l'embellir french rissotto sea urchin truffles
The menu listed Maqureau Grille, tarte de tomate et st-jacque as the next dish, which is Charcoal Broiled Mackerel. I don't quite like to eat Mackerel, so the maître d' changed my dish to a Risotto with Uni instead. The Sea Urchin with the Italian Rice, topped with Truffles, perked me up with their medley of colours; truly a meal fit for the royalty.

tokyo l'embellir mitonne au chatainge au truffe noir
I was in luck that evening; got a double Truffles dish. The Mitonne Au Chatainge, au truffe noir (Black Truffle Oguri Mitone of Ibaraki Prefecture) was actually chestnuts in wine on persimmon leaf. Because the chestnuts were hot, they brought out the aroma of the truffles. The chestnuts tasted somewhat like roasted potatoes; truly a winning combination.

tokyo l'embellir amadai poele creme de croustace
I'm not a fan of fish, but the Amadai Poele creme de croustace was so fresh & tasty. A clever mix of delicate flavours from the Snapper with Minced Prawns & Seaweed wrapped inside was a beautiful contrast, especially with the Cuttlefish Carpaccio,.

tokyo l'embellir kishimoto charcoal grilled pork
I also had the Charcoal Grill Pork replacing Sarcelle Grille sauce sarmi which was a duck course, & I'm glad I did. The duo pork was tender & each bite yielded a tangy flavours that kindled my appetite.

tokyo l'embellir naoto kishimoto avant dessert
The evening's Avant Desert was a refreshing half jelly sorbet with cubes of western pear.

tokyo l'embellir kishimoto variation de kaki earl grey
Seductive & alluring is how I would describe the Variation de Kaki. 柿 (Kaki) is Persimmon in Japanese. Love how Chef Kishimoto paired it with Earl Grey!

tokyo l'embellir naoto kishimoto dinner menu
I ended my meal with freshly-brewed Pepppermint Tea. I must admit that the menu at L'Embellir is bursting with sensational dishes. Their eclectic collection of dishes makes the venue a perfect place for an intimate indulgence. Rating: ★★★★☆.  I would've given it a 5 if not for their snobbish sommelier. I didn't like the wine he offered at the start. He wasn't too happy when I asked for a change. I certainly didn't expect that kind of attitude in a fine-dining restaurant, especially coming from Japan. It was a total put-off.

Have you dined in a Michelin-Starred restaurant? What's your experience like? Here are just couple of my other dining experience at Joël Robuchon, the world’s most decorated Michelin-Star & a legend in the culinary world, & Guy Savoy, one of the finest haute-cuisine establishments in the world with 3 Michelin stars.

l'embellir tokyo map
L' Embellir Naoto Kishimoto
Tokyo-to Minato-ku Minamiaoyama
東京都港区南青山5-2-11 R2-A棟 B1F
Tel: 03-6427-3209


  1. It looks like you had an amazing time! Those slices of black truffle are beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Valley Chow

    1. Chow, yes indeed! I can never resist truffles.....

  2. Potato fritters! Truffles! Yes please. :-)

    1. YL, those are very unique! Wish I have the recipe :<

  3. \o/ Michelin rated restaurant. ENOUGH SAID!! QQ Shirley why you so awesome D: I am not a fan of pork at all BUT the charcoal grill pork looks like it's to die for T_T

    1. Michelle, hahaha! Just looking at the shots make me happy.....

  4. oh yummy yummy. i wanna try Amadai Poele creme de croustace :D

    1. Camy, fish & prawns are such a wonderful match :)

  5. No wonder this restaurant went into the Michelin-Starred list. The foods served are all so unique and nicely presented. Too bad that you have a bad experience with the snobbish sommelier. Wish the restaurant owner could have read this and give the snobbish sommelier a good dressing down. haha!

    1. DS, thks for your wonderful thoughts! Have a nice weekend, dear!

  6. very fine dining indeed. nice food presentation.

  7. Hi Shirley, another awesome dining. Everything look so yummylicious. Looking at the pictures make me sooo hungry liow. LOL

    Best regards.

    1. Amelia, guess that's the main attraction of fine dining :)

  8. What a lovely, our dinner got late today and you are making me more hungry.

  9. You lucky girl! I have yet to dine in any Michelin restaurants.

    1. missyblurkit, gotta add more to my list! Heehee!

  10. envy envy. You are always going around eating good food.

  11. Lucky always get quality food and staying slim


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