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Dilmah Rose With French Vanilla Tea-Smoked Fish

dilmah rose french vanilla tea smoked red snapper
Inspiring aromatic, with a medium bodied floral note, the flavour of Rose with a hint of French Vanilla combines with Ceylon tea in a perfect embrace. The refined Rose With French Vanilla Tea is simply perfect for my Smoked Red Snapper to usher in the New Year!

dilmah tea challenge singapore
I was invited by Dilmah recently to witness top professional chefs in Singapore competing to create bespoke tea-inspired menus, displaying the exquisite art of food & tea pairings! 12 professional culinary teams demonstrated masterful knowledge of the art of tea & food pairing as they strove to bring high tea back to its roots.
dilmah teas
Unfortunately, I had to give the event a rain check as I was really tied-up. Nevertheless, Dimah was kind enough to send me some of their fine teas - Elegant Earl Grey, Berry Sensation, Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea, Peppermint & English Toffee & my fave Rose With French Vanilla. They suggested that I try my hand at creating a tea-inspired dish with the Dilmah teas, & of course I was more than delighted.

dilmah rose french vanilla tea
I love playing with food & adore using Earl Grey for my dishes. But this time, I wanted to try something different, something unique in taste. I fell in love with Dilmah's Rose with French Vanilla, & chose the tea because of its medium flavour palate with a tinge of floral note.

dilmah rose french vanilla tea smoked fish
I decided to put together a Rose With French Vanilla Tea-Smoked Red Snapper. I was also feeling romantic that day. Who wouldn't? With such a lovely & charming name to the tea!

dilmah rose french vanilla tea smoked tomatoes
I improvised & organized my thoughts as I work conscientiously in my kitchen to create a dish fit for my New Year's Eve dinner. Then, the thought of infusing the Rose With French Vanilla Tea in my vegetables seems doable, which will add a distinctive touch to the dish. The Tea-Smoked Cherry Vines Tomatoes turned out nice & juicy. Forget about the Shimeji Mushrooms as they came out real bitter. Not sure if it's the batch cause it happens at times, but I didn't like it.

dilmah tea-infused spinach
My favourite part during the entire process was steeping my Sautéed Spinach in Rose With French Vanilla Tea & Coffee Mate. My hubby thought it was a crazy idea & brushed it off instantly. I thought otherwise & decided to give it a go. The tea-infused vegetable turned out beautifully scented, creating a marvellous sense of harmony.

dilmah rose french vanilla tea recipes
So let's indulge in the intricate art of savouring fine teas in this seductive Rose With French Vanilla Tea-Smoked Red Snapper tea-infused cuisine.

1 Red Snapper
7 Dilmah Rose With French Vanilla Tea Bags
30g Jasmine rice
30g of Brown sugar (5 sachets)
1 stalk of Scallion
2 Garlic cloves
5 Cherry vines tomatoes
1 bunch of Shimeji mushrooms
Pinch of Fresh ground pepper & salt

Tea-infused Spinach:
150g Spinach
1 Dilmah Rose With French Vanilla Tea Bag
2 sticks of Coffee Mate creamer
¾ cup Water
2 tsp Butter
Salt to taste

  1. Ensure fish is dry patting by it well with a paper towel after cleaning. * Dry food will absorb the smoke better & will produce a more even colour & flavour. Marinate fish with salt & pepper for at least an hour.
  2. dilmah tea smoked recipes
  3. Line the wok with foil & add sugar, rice & tea. Mix well.
  4. dilmah tea smoked fish recipes
  5. Heat wok on high heat. Meanwhile, oil rack to prevent fish from sticking. When mixture starts to smoke, put rack in wok & place fish, tomatoes, shimeji, scallion & crushed garlic on it. Cover the wok.
  6. Once it starts smoking, lower the heat & smoke for about 10 mins. * Remove the vegetables half-way during smoking to prevent over-cooking & place on serving plate.
  7. dilmah tea smoked recipe
  8. Meanwhile, fix tea & add creamer. Mix well & set aside.
  9. dilmah spinach tea
  10. Heat another pan & sautéed spinach with butter. Add pinch of salt & turn off fire. Pour the tea mixture & let it steep for about 10 mins. Drain & put onto serving plate.
  11. Heat up the tea mixture just before serving & add cornstarch to thicken it to make sauce.
  12. dilmah rose french vanilla tea smoked red snapper
  13. When smoked fish is ready, place it on the spinach & serve together with other tea-smoked vegetables. Drizzle tea sauce onto food & enjoy this aromatic Rose With French Vanilla Tea-Smoked Red Snapper!

dilmah rose french vanilla tea smoked recipe
Thank you Dilmah, for the wonderful opportunity to create this tea-inspired dish, & Jeminah for arranging the teas!

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  1. WOW.. Superb.. I tot TEA was only meant to be as DRINK.. :p.. Hm, look like I'm gonna try this kind of dish.. :).. Plus, smoked fish was always AWESOME!!.. By the way, Happy New Year 2013 Sis and Family.. :)

    1. Aki, u're gonna love the smokey flavour! Hahaha! Happy New Year, dear!

  2. wow..nice food display..i think this was the first time i've seen using tea as ingredient in cooking vegetable..

  3. That sounds like a very enticing plate. :-)

  4. Wow! It looks delicious. By the way,Happy New Year!

  5. Tea as ingredients? wow interesting.. :) Happy new year sis Shirley and family!

    1. Michelle, u gotta try if u haven't! Happy 2013, sweetie!

  6. I love spinach and tea infused spinach is something new to me. Gonna give it a try:D

    Blessed new year Shirley!

    1. missyblurkit, it was my first experiment too & I really like it! Hahaha!

  7. That looks absolutely delicious!

    Happy New Year!!!

    1. Beau, thks for visiting & it's great having u here! Happy 2013!

  8. Rose and vanilla tea How romantic!
    Have a happy New year!

    1. Balvinder, it's a lovely combination! Try it if you've the chance. Happy New Year!

  9. I must marvelled at your creativity! This surely looks interesting and i would love to trying making this.

    1. DS, I knew u're gonna like this too since you've tried my Tea-Smoked Chicken Recipe. Let me know how this turns out for u! Thks for supporting & trying out my recipes, dear!

  10. Dear Shirley!

    Would like to wish you a Happy New Year and Have a GREAT FRESH START! :D

    From Kian Fai

  11. wa looks v yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!!

    1. FC, glad u like it too! Good to have u back :)

  12. Hi Shirley, you're a excellent cook. You smoked fish look extremely good and mouth watering. Thanks for sharing the yummy recipes. Nick click!

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Amelia, thks so much for your lovely comments! I'm glad u like it too! You've a good week, dear!

  13. Shirley, it's great to see your creativity in the kitchen again -- what a marvelous feast for your New Year's dinner -- superb photos, too! I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog since I got home, but I may have to linger over this snapper first... :) xo

    1. Kim, thks so much! Appreciate u spending your time commenting 5 posts in a row once u're back from vacation! U rock, hon!


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