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Dark Chocolate Soup With Chef Diego Chiarini At AFC Studio

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This Dark Chocolate Soup with Cardamom & Espresso Coffee wrapped up our DBS Masterclass, with the int'l award-winning Italian Chef Diego Chiarini of OSO Ristorante at AFC Cooking Studio.

afc studio chef diego appetizer prawn celery
Participants that evening had a fruitful session learning how to make Prawns Coated with Celery, served with Tomato Sabayon.

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We also learnt how to create a restaurant-style dish, the mouth-watering Slow Poached Beef Cheek with Herbs, served with Pumpkin & Black Truffle Puree.

dark chocolate soup cardamom expresso recipe
So shall we start trying out the Dark Chocolate Soup with Cardamom & Espresso Coffee dessert?

(Serves 5)
350g of Dark chocolate, melted
175g of Butter, melted
250g of Sugar
5 Egg yolks
5 Egg whites, whipped firm
5g of Cardamom, grounded
2 cups of Espresso

    afc studio dark chocolate soup
  1. Mix the chocolate & butter.
  2. afc studio dark chocolate soup recipe
  3. Mix the egg yolks with sugar & add in the chocolate mixture.
  4. dbs masterclass dark chocolate soup recipe
  5. Add in the egg whites.
  6. dark chocolate soup cardamom expresso recipes
  7. Portion the mixture into cups & bake at 180°C for 8 mins.
  8. Add the espresso in the centre of the soup & you're done!

For those Chef wannabes, why not join the next DBS Masterclass on 17 Jan 2013, at AFC Studio with veteran Italian Chef Mario Caramella of inITALY Bar Ristorante? Click on Asian Food Channel to register now!


  1. wow! dark chocolate SOUP? sounds so new to me! :)

  2. Hi Shirley, very interesting recipe but it look heavenly. Excellent pictures, the other 2 gourmet dishes look mouthwatering.

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. I've heard of chocolate ganache, chocolate sauce, but Chocolate soup? Really new but from the picture, it kind of looked interesting, and especially with the added espresso, chocolate with coffee.... mmmm ... yummy!

  4. Wow - This looks so good ... Could eat it right now :-)

  5. Shirley, this is my kinda soup -- chocolately, espresso-y, YUM! (Almost like a "mousse" soup?) Quick question... is the cardamom added to the chocolate mixture or the espresso? Will watch for your reply -- this is VERY intriguing!

    1. Kimby, Cardamom used here is interesting for me as the ingredient is more common in Indian cooking in Asia, altho it's also popular adding it in coffees or bakes etc. Thks for the heads-up, Kim! This recipe is from Chef Diego; I'll add it in. As Cardamon is rather versatile, u can add it at Step 4 or simply sprinkle it over the dessert, just as some would put over a salad. Hope this helps :)

    2. Shirley, I appreciate your reply. I've only used cardamom in rice pudding and my Grandma's bread recipe, so this will be a new flavor adventure for me. Thanks to you and Chef Diego for sharing this exceptional dessert!

    3. Kim, sounds really nice to have it in pudding too! Looking fwd to your adventure!

  6. Chocolate soup sounds absolutely intriguing!

  7. Wow...I. wonder how it taste like. must have been delicious.

  8. Chocolate soup ?Interesting!I do like the taste of cardamom in deserts. I wonder how it will taste with chocolate?

    1. Balvinder, I'm sure you've Cardamom stocked up in your kitchen. Try it! It adds a different touch of flavour to it.

  9. This look exceptionally heavenly for someone who loves chocolate like me!! It looks SO GOOD!!!

    1. MB, we ladies simply can't resist chocolates, can we?

  10. Chocolate can make soup too!! First time I heard chocolate soup..

  11. I had to read this a second time Chocolate + Soup! Soup!!!

    1. FC, it's interesting to find that we're reading each other's blog at the same time! Just posted my comments on your blog. Lol!

  12. Hie Shirley...dark choc is already my all time favorite past time food and wow..dark chocolate soup..that sounds like yummilicious..endless flow of choc in my mouth

    1. Hong, I love dark chocs! U gotta try this .....

  13. Loving all your posts that you put up on! Keep it up, I like to see your stuff in flauntmyfood because i like the variety of food bloggers there! Cheers!

    1. Shirly, thks for coming by & leaving your lovely note! Love being there too! Looking fwd to sharing ^_^


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