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Costa Coffee, World’s 2nd Largest Coffee Chain Has Hit The Town!

costa coffee raffles city
The sky was clear blue with fluffy white clouds hung in clusters. It was a lovely cool Saturday morning to take a train down to town for our breakfast. Hubby & I decided that we should check out Costa Coffee; a trip long due since their opening last August.

costa coffee raffles city outlet
With 3 outlets sprouting out in Singapore, Costa Coffee further extends its presence into the growing Asian market, tapping into the coffee culture that has gained a stronger following in recent years. Today Costa is the largest & fastest growing coffee shop chain in the UK!

costa coffee raffles city singapore
Hubby & I soon found ourselves snuggling in a private cosy corner at their Raffles City outlet, chatting merrily while our son was still asleep at home.

What we had:
costa coffee singapore capuccino
Cappuccino (Primo S$5.80, Medio S$6.30, Massimo S$6.80). Enjoy this espresso with steamed, frothy milk & chocolate dusting whenever you like.

costa coffee singapore flat white
Flat White, only available in one size (Primo S$6.30) for now, as the Primo cup already has 3 shots of Ristretto instead of Espresso. A rich, full-flavoured coffee with a velvety, smooth texture; their Flat White would stand out even without its distinctive hand-finished pattern.

costa coffee singapore paninis
Pesto Chicken & Olive Panini @ S$7.20 ★★★★★

toastie deluxe costa coffee singapore toasties
Toastie Deluxe @ S$5.30

costa coffee singapore carrot cake mocha
Carrot Cake @ S$7.20,
Iced Mocha (Primo S$6.50, Medio S$7, Massimo S$7.50)

costa coffee singapore chocolate muffin
Chocolate Muffin @ S$3.90,
Strawberry Cream (Primo S$6.30, Medio S$6.80, Massimo S$7.30)

costa coffee raffles city outlet affogato
Affogato @ S$5.80, an Italian dessert drowning in Espresso.

What we liked:
Hubby & I don’t quite fancy having pastries served at coffee joints; they’re normally not very tasty. Costa has certainly raised the bar with their food & drinks served. Their Panini was super yummy, a word I never expect myself to use on a place like this. The bread was toasted to a crisp, with tasty fillings & portion was generous. Must-try!!

Toastie Deluxe was just any simple ham & cheese toast, but it was real tasty with the melted cheese; apparently one of their hot favourites.

Biting into the Carrot Cake, you’ll taste a scented aroma deriving from the cream. The cake has a princely amount of walnut bits which is wondrously scrummy. Definitely your above-average carrot cake with its moist & soft texture.
singapore costa coffee raffles city
That session, I learnt that all food & drinks at Costa are locally made, except for the beans used, which are roasted in London. Besides serving up aromatic coffees, efforts were made to decorate them. I’m not a big fan of coffees, but with such cute designs, who could resist having a cup.

The world's 2nd largest coffee chain a been a hit with coffee lovers since it first set up shop at Chevron House last August, for its quality handcrafted coffees made with its signature Mocha Italia flavour, hearty bites & personable service. With 40 years of experience behind them, Costa has discovered the finest beans, equipment & techniques to make sure that every cup makes the grade. Overall, food was better than expected; both cakes & drinks were not too sweet compared to couple of other coffee joints. Hubby & I had a real satisfying breakfast. Ratings: ★★★★☆

Thanks to Costa Coffee for hosting us, & Christiana for your kind arrangements! Apology for delaying our session till now, & I’m glad I didn't miss the boat!

Chevron House
30 Raffles Place
Singapore 048622
Tel: +65 6534 3893

Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road
#01-45/45A (Beside Robinsons)
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6337 9835

1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-100/101 VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6276 0514


  1. I wonder if they are going to come to the U.S!! I have never had a cappucino with the leaf in the cream! Looks beautiful and super yummy!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. hmmm not bad! by looking at the cakes it is so tempted XD

  3. Looks like a great place to check it out. The prices quoted seems slightly cheaper than other popular coffee chain here. And the handcrafted coffee looks too good to miss.

    1. DS, must try lah! The pattern in the coffees reminds me of Charlie Brown Cafe :)

  4. the latte art so cute! sadly i dont drink coffee, maybe i should get hot chocolate? :D

    1. Camy, I'm not a coffee drinker too. Choco drinks sounds nice! Their Mocha is good too :)

  5. Hi Shirley... I love their coffee too... Thanks for sharing...

  6. Oh wow 2nd largest :D
    This coffee shop looks awesome!


  7. I wish they were here in the U.S. I love coffee and I would love to try theirs!


    1. Sylvia, that's too bad :< Hope it'll hit your shores soon!

  8. wow!! I feel the good aroma of coffee....very beautiful pictures...

  9. Oh, my. It ALL looks so yummy! I'd dive head first into that marvelous carrot cake :)

    1. Liz, hahaha! Wish u could try too.... Come to Asia, dear!

  10. I wish I can savor the panini right now! ugh! super hungry! ;(

  11. Coffee, Coffee & more Coffee ... Love it :-)

  12. have not heard of the costa, probably they have a chain in KL, definitely none in Sabah.

    1. Agnes, u can try when u visit S'pore next time!

  13. Hi Shirley, Arh..I calculated I miss 10 of your posting. LOL

    Nice place to dine, very comfy and the food look good. Especially the coffee, slurrpppp I'm a coffee lover can't live without it. LOL
    Must learn how to do art coffee , got spare time I'm going to play with cream and coffee.

    Have a nice day ahead. regards.

    1. Amelia, hahaha! Trying to catch up fast, huh? I wanna learn & impress my guests too. Lol!

  14. Replies
    1. Pepper, definitely better than a lot of places!


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