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Celebrate CNY With January BellaBox!

january bellabox review
This month's BellaBox get you pampered from head to toe, getting you ready for the Chinese New Year. Let's take a peek into the box!

The January BellaBox contains quite a few items from SkinFood. It also includes a voucher to redeem a complimentary gift from their counters!
bellabox skinfood beauty skincare review
Skinfood - Gold Caviar Toner (145ml for S$75), Emulsion (S$145ml for S$75)
  • Total anti-aging care package.
  • Contains Russian Caviar Extract & gold.
  • Fixes inelasticity & dryness.

Skinfood Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam
This mild & clear foam cleanser gel, enriched with a moisturizing honey extract & tea extracts that have an excellent exfoliating effect, is astringent & leaves the skin feeling fresh & hydrated.

Skinfood Gold Caviar Serum & Lifting Eye Serum
The anti-aging action of the caviar extract & gold in this comprehensive-care serum helps counter wrinkles & moisten, nourish, firm up, & fortify skin.

The Lifting Eye Serum moisturizes & applies nutrients to the skin surrounding the eyes to make it full of resilience with the ingredients of caviar & gold.

bellabox natura bisse tolerance cleanser
Natura Bisse – Tolerance Cleanser (150ml for S$101.65)
  • Draws out skin impurities as it removes makeup.
  • Safe for all skin types.
  • Preserves skin's natural pH balance.
  • Gives skin an ultra soft, velvety appearance.

bellabox b.liv feel no sluggish mask
B.Liv - Feel No Sluggish Face Mask (1pc, S$2.95)
  • Contains rare Swiss apple stem cells for cell renewal.
  • Strong anti-oxidant property & prevents aging signs.
  • Hyaluronic Acid improves water retention & moisture.

January BellaBox also includes two very interesting items:

bellabox macadamia natural oil infused hair comb
Macadamia Natural Oil Infused Hair Comb, S$16
The Macadamia Oil Healing Oil Infused Comb is a true innovation in hair care that works to restore shine, lustre & natural movement to even the most damaged, tangled tresses.

The comb is made with a specially formulated resin, infused with Macadamia Oil's special two-oil blend. This comb ensures you have even distribution while giving you a fast, easy way to treat your hair & bring it back to its full health!

bellabox sleek make-up high shine lip gloss
Sleek MakeUp High Shine Lip Gloss (7ml, S$15.90)
January BellaBox has included this cute 1.5ml Mini High Shine Lip Gloss Accessory which comes a strap for you to hook on to your mobile phones or handbags! This gloss is formulated to go on smoothly, without having a sticky residue or texture. The intense pigmentation gives you a natural-looking concentration of color right where you want it most!

bellabox chinese new year shopping
Come, let's go shopping this Chinese New Year with this month's BellaBox! Simply key in a Promo Code & get up to 20% off when you checkout! Valid for all shop items from from now - 10 Feb 2013!


  1. The comb is very unique. Think can be used to massage the scalp too.

    1. Kathy, u're real fast today! I must admit that I never knew a comb can do wonders like this one here. I'm impressed!

  2. Next time I look out for Bella Box when I go Singapore... :)

  3. Replies
    1. PPM, the CNY deco are solely for photography purpose only :) Thks for visiting & it's great having u here!

  4. wow! so many nice goodie in one box! :D

  5. Many very interesting item in this Jan Bellabox - like the comb & the lip gloss. What is attractive is the various caviar products.

    1. DS, I'm sure many will also find the comb interesting. Caviar always sounds nice, isn't it?

  6. I have used some of the products from Skinfood and among all, I love the varieties of face masks. I should go for another round at Skinfood outlet and pick up other products as shared by you.

  7. wow I always wanted a bella box. wait till i move to spore soon.
    how are you?ive been writing before but i keep on changing my blog URL.

    1. WL, hope your wish will come true soon! Thks for visiting & it's great having u here! Gonna chk u out soon......

  8. What a great bellabox. My dad is going to Taiwan in a few weeks for new year!

  9. I love the SKin Food Gold Caviar line!

    1. missyblurkit, they're such a popular brand here too!

  10. Great products !! That comb is unique :)

  11. I love the name of the product - Skin Food!

  12. Whoa I never know such box exist! It looks awesome, with all the goodies inside <3 Thanks for sharing this with us! ^_^

  13. Hi Shirley, excellent posting. This BellaBox look awesome. Great buy for CNY. ;)
    I continue tomorrow... getting sleepy. LOL
    Good night.

    1. Amelia, thks for taking your time off despite your tired schedule!


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