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Winners Of Peter Thomas Roth Giveaways!

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Woohoo! I'm so happy to announce the 10 winners of Luxury Haven's non-sponsored Giveaway! A total of 718 entries had been received!

Thanks so much for supporting this blog & it has been such a wonderful year!  The feeling is great playing Santarina as Luxury Haven Celebrates 1,000 Facebook Fans With Peter Thomas Roth Giveaways!

So let's see if your name is among the 10 winners drawn by Rafflescopter for these travel-size gift sets:

peter thomas roth travel sets giveaway
(Choice A) Peter Thomas Roth Dental Kit, Bath Tablets x 2 & Body Loofah Mitt:
  1. Food, Amy
  2. Pasty Tay
  3. StellaClaire-Richard
  4. Rachel Tng
  5. Rebecca Teo

peter thomas roth bath giveaway
(Choice B) Peter Thomas Roth Dental Kit, Massaging Bar & Body Loofah Mitt:
  1. Quek CH
  2. Wong Jolene
  3. Missy Kelynn Nai, Your Queen
  4. Agnes Chin
  5. MaryMoh
* Updated on 27 Dec 12: Due to no response from Wong Jolene, another winner has been picked at random. Congrats to Jo-Ann Ortega Macanas!
  • Winners, please acknowledge in the comment box below & then email me @, your Name & Delivery Address within 48 hrs or another winner will be selected.
  • Delivery are sent via normal airmail. * Luxury Haven is not responsible for mail lost in transition.
  • Products may vary if stock is not available.

Happy holidays, everyone! Keep your wonderful comments coming & they always put a smile on my face. Remember to keep looking out for Giveaways at Luxury Haven!


  1. Yo! 700 plus and more entries..... congrats to the lucky 10s

    1. DS, response was real good! Thks for your entry & next one might be u!

  2. Congratulations to the 10 winners!! Really.. Santarina has come to town.. :)

  3. Oh my.. Thank you so much Shirley! I feel honored. haha.. I didn't even expect this.
    Will email u my details soon.:)

  4. Shirley, I enjoy visiting your blog anytime! Your enthusiasm is contagious. :) Congrats to the winners and Happy Holidays to all!

  5. 2nd win from Shirley's blog...
    I am getting lucky :)

    thank you so much Shirley

    Rebecca Teo

  6. Hi Shirley

    Thank you very much for the prize.

  7. yayyy!!!! Is that me in gift A? wow!! you made my day!
    Seems Luxury Haven is a lucky place for me to win gifts.... :)
    Thanks so much Shirley,this is so exciting!

  8. Oh wow.....I got it!!!! This is such great news after 2 days of suffering fr heater breakdown! It's like living in the fridge, maybe worse :( So thankful it's working now.....phew. I'm so glad my end is ending with a nice note :D Thanks very much for the giveaway, Shirley! I'm so glad the world didn't end as predicted by the Mayan calendar....hehe

    1. Mary, 2nd time lucky again! Thks for all your support, dear!

  9. Yes!!...I am one of the lucky one..this is a wonderful Christmas present for me..thank you so much Shirley!! I still can't believe I got it this time..

  10. Thank you very much and Congrats to all the winners. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you Shirley!

    1. Jo-Ann, awesome! I'll be heading to the PO soon.....


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