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Swirl With The New SK-II Stempower Cream Compact Foundation

new sk-ii stempower cream compact foundation
Creamy White, Chiffon Pink & Beige Swirls.......... what do these add up to? Fascinated with these colourful swirls? Here comes the New SK-II STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation with SPF 20 PA++, formulated with the essence ingredients of SK-II STEMPOWER & three blended layers of foundation swirls. Forming a “stretch network” on the skin epidermis layer, the SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex boosts the skin’s firm & smooth complexion by creating a veil of firmness on it & a lively rosy complexion.

I don't use foundations nor BB creams, except during modelling assignments which is a necessity. Whenever I leave my house, I would just apply the Avene High Protection Mineral Cream SPF50 which has a nice tinted pink, an eye concealer for my dark circles, plus a lip balm.

new sk-ii stempower cream compact foundation
Since I hardly wear foundations & don't even own one, I was really curious about the most-talk about item. So I was ecstatic when SK-II sent me a set of the New SK-II Stempower Cream Compact Foundation in their most popular & best-selling shade 420, just a day before their SK-II "Empower Me" Event.

new sk-ii stempower cream compact foundation pitera
The New SK-II Stempower Cream Compact Foundation comes in a compact with mirror (S$33) & a refill (S$101) with 4 shades for your selection. To use, simply insert the refill into the compact & press it down until you hear a click.

new sk-ii stempower cream compact foundation refill
The lid of the refill has been designed to open simultaneously when the compact is opened.

The New SK-II Stempower Cream Compact Foundation hydrates & creates a youthful look with just one application!
new sk-ii stempower cream compact foundation swirls
Creamy White Swirl powers the look of radical firmness – Formulated with the new SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex – a combination of Stem-Acanax & a high concentration of SK-II’s signature ingredient Pitera – the foundation powers skin to achieve a look of radical firmness via a “stretch network”.

Upon application, SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex improves the “stretch network” on the skin epidermis layer, boosting the skin’s firm & smooth complexion by creating a veil of firmness on it. The SK-II STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation has also been proven to show an 11% improvement in the firmness of skin’s appearance!

Chiffon Pink Swirl adds a natural rosy hint – Containing chiffon pink pearl pigments, the new chiffon pink layer has been designed to give complexion a natural rosy hint of colour to help women achieve a youthful, vibrant look.

Beige Swirl boosts hydration & provides added skincare – In addition to coverage feature; the beige layer contains skin care ingredients including Niacinamide, which penetrates into skin for up to 10 hrs, as well as highly concentrated Pitera, for all-day hydration. The Dual Lucent Colour Moist together with other coverage pigments adds to a translucent healthy glow on application.

new sk-ii stempower cream compact foundation luxury haven
When used, the SK-II STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation is proven to improve skin’s radical firmness look & rosy complexion with just one application. So how do I look with foundation?

Instant look of radical firmness with a rosy complexion in just one application
Immediate results:
Upon application, the unique “stretch network” formed by the SK-II Stem-Acanax Complex ensures the foundation fits smoothly to the skin, lifting skin by covering up the multiple signs of aging & creating a veil of firmness. The chiffon pink pearl layer blends on skin to give a natural rosy complexion.
new sk-ii stempower cream compact foundation shades
Results in 3 weeks:
Regular use of SK-II’s STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation has been proven to help significantly improve skin smoothness & the skin barrier function.

sk-ii empower me event luxury haven
Well, I felt really good & confident wearing my new foundation to the SK-II "Empower Me" Campaign at Raffles City. Stay tuned for my post!

So are you game to try SK-II's blockbuster anti-ageing line-up designed to focus on the source of skin’s beauty to effect a radical firmness? Check out these reviews to decide for yourself:


  1. oh.. my comment disappeared when I clicked published earlier.. and this post was missing when I clicked your url a moment ago.. it came back on after a few tries.. :)
    I was saying.. your face indeed look very radiant.. is it because of the SK-11 foundation? I apply BB cream each day before I go to work but I never tried any products from SK-11 before.. by the way, the compact reminded me of coffee matte :)

    1. Reana, so sorry you've to retype again. It happens when I visit other blogs at times too, so I would try to copy my comments these days before I hit the publish button. Actually, my skin was really dry after my trip to Japan. The SK-II foundation does help with the coverage etc. Gosh, it's been a long time since I use foundation. Lol! Hahaha! U're cute lah!

  2. Hi Shirley, thank you for the SK-11 recommendation, will check it out. You got nice complexion. :)
    Currently I'm using skin 79 BB cream and compact powder. Got to cover my wrinkles and puffy eyes. LOL

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Amelia, thks for sharing your thoughts with us! Have a good day!

  3. like how it swirl! must be very nice on face right? :D

  4. lucky you for the amazing cream~! That seriously looks good on they had any other shades?

    1. Mia, thks for the sweet note! As mentioned above, the foundation comes in 4 shades. Hope you'll find one that suits your skin :)

  5. Hey darling!!
    Wishing you a prosperous and bright year ahead in 2013!!

    Charmaine of

  6. Lovely product and its in the next change once my current compact is done with. Looking good and the shade is very natural against your skin Shirley.

    1. Nava, hahaha! Sounds good, dear. Enjoy your shopping!

  7. I hope you had a great Christmas, Shirley!

  8. After reading your post on this SK-II foundation, i go WOW! so good! And it really looked good on you too.

    1. DS, woohoo! Thks, dear! Guess foundation does make a difference :)

  9. Im sure you do not need any foundation at all. You have good skin

    1. Pepper, this is the only foundation I own. Lol! I don't have the habit of using one. Thks for the compliment! I'm just lucky!


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