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Enjoy An Aromatic & Chlorine-Free Bath With WaterSource Showerhead

watersource showerhead aroma therapy vitamin c

Taking a shower is perhaps one of the most relaxing moments. There're all sorts of innovative shower heads out there in the market offering a personalized shower experience, like the massaging or rainfall effect. But have you heard of one that gives you the Vitamin C that you need?

color changing led showerhead
I thought I've a pretty cool Colour Changing LED shower head, with the colours changing from Green, Blue to Red, according to temperature so you won't get scalded.

watersource showerhead aroma-therapy
Then came the Aroma Therapy 9000 Shower Head from WaterSource, offering an entirely different experience; this showerhead has both Aroma & Vitamin C!!

Did you know?
  • You actually take in a significant amount of chlorine when taking a bath.
  • Chlorine kills the bad bacteria, but is also harmful to our skin.
  • You absorb more chlorine in your shower than through your drinking.

I'm so impressed with this WaterSource Aroma Therapy 9000 Shower Head, offering the following functions:
  • Provides food grade Vitamin C equivalent to 3000 lemons.
  • Removes residual chlorine.
  • Antibacterial function.
  • Generates Negative Ions.
  • Saves up to 36,000 liters of water a year.
  • Raises water pressure up to 1.5 times.

Come, let's check out how it works:
watersource aroma shower head singapore
To open the showerhead, simply turn the knob to unscrew.

watersource aroma showerhead vitamin c
You'll find a Aroma-Vita-Gel Filter inside. This is the Vitamin C filter that removes residual chlorine at the same time. *The filter needs to be replaced once the cartridge turns clear.

watersource aroma shower head singapore review
Jonathan was real quick & wanted to be the first in the family to try it out!

watersource aroma showerhead removes chlorine
Besides the scented Lemon fragrance, he loves the fine water spray & strong water pressure! Looks like he'll be running to my bathroom more often, instead of using his own Colour Changing LED shower head. Lol!

Now, let's take a quick look at the List of Benefits the WaterSource Shower Head offers:
  • Relieves itch & prevents eczema, asthma, atopic dermatitis, etc.
  • Prevents skin damage by creating collagen.
  • Whitening & moisturizing for beauty care.
  • Helps restore damaged hair.

Are you amazed what a simple showerhead can do? WaterSource Aroma Therapy 9000 Shower Head @ S$313, is currently retailing @ only S$149 & comes with 3 pieces of Vitamin C refills worth S$63!

watersource showerhead aroma therapy review
So bring home your WaterSource Shower Head now for a sensational showering experience & make bath time a treat to look forward to!

Read more at Celebrate World Vegan Day with WaterSource!


  1. The color changing shower head is pretty cool.

    1. Balvinder, I'm totally awed, but wait till u get this! Hahaha!

  2. something new for me :) i have one with vit C from elken, but no aroma

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  3. ooo i didnt know they have this. It's good for whole family especially with baby

    1. Kathy, yap! I'll be showering my dog with this too. She has sensitive skin, hope it helps her :)

  4. I didnt know we absorbs more chlorine during shower. This is something new. Thanks for sharing this. :D

    1. Stella, interesting, isn't it? Have a good week, sweetie!

  5. Now I know I need this! Love the idea of the aroma and vit c! Will check them out when I head down to Singapore again next month.

    1. missyblurkit, u're gonna love this! Enjoy your vacation :)

  6. What an interesting showerhead! Looks real wonderful and definitely worth looking into it.

    1. DS, go check it out! It's definitely worth investing in one :)

  7. Interesting shower head, and love the lemon scent around the home.seems like people will be fighting for showers now. A much disliked job with my kids on weekends
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash, the scented showerhead makes my bathroom smells so refreshing. Perhaps u can chk out if your country has that :)

  8. What on earth will they come up with next? A color changing shower head - that's fun!

  9. Hi Shirley, this look cool and interesting. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Have a nice day.

  10. going to get this


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