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I Love My New Aveda Autumn/Winter Neo Goth Christabel Look!

aveda luxe professional singapore office
It was a privilege to be invited to Aveda for a holistic experience; I was ecstatic! Never have I thought that a hair colouring session would turned out to be a hair-raising aromatic session.
aveda neo goth christabel
Aveda has recently launched their FSD Autumn/Winter hair colour collection, a gothic darkness from the runway but infused with romanticism, graphic futurism & Japanese manga elements. Their FSD hair colours are unique as it allows the professional to extend their limited creativity to customize hues & colouring techniques that are uniquely yours.
aveda luxury haven makeover
Come join me, as I bring you what's behind the scene at Aveda Ritual Station! There're altogether 5 steps that make every visit to Aveda a warm & memorable experience:

aveda comforting tea
Step 1: You're given a warm welcome—with a cup of Aveda comforting tea.

aveda fsd autumn winter hair colour
Step 2: A thorough consultation highlights your individual needs & what styles will work best for you. Aveda introduced me to their jovial Education Specialist, Min. After a quick hair diagnostic, Min decided to give me the Autumn/Winter 2012 Neo Goth Christabel look.
aveda sensory ritual
aveda sensory ritual
Step 3: You're treated to a complimentary Aveda Sensory Ritual, restoring balance & releases tension. For 35 years, Aveda believes in the philosophy of balancing inner wellness with outer wellness & it's very much rooted to Ayuverda, a 5000 years of healing tradition in India.
aveda blue oil
Aveda Product Specialist, the lovely Pamela, gave me a head-start with this Blue Oil Balancing Concentrate, a stress-relieving blue oil that helps to dissolve tension & raise energy levels with the balancing aromas of refreshing peppermint & soothing blue camomile.

aveda pre-colour scalp treatment
Step 4: You get an outstanding technical service—both skilled & inspired. Aveda's service reputation is built on the philosophy that learning never ends. Aveda stylists learn to execute their own vision in a way that best suits your wants & needs. Here's Min giving me a Scalp Treatment using aroma-free composition oil & equalizing solution for the protection of scalp & to even out the porosity of my hair before colouring.
aveda fsd autumn winter hair colour collection
aveda autumn winter hair colouring
aveda autumn winter hair colourings
Aveda Full Spectrum Deep Hair Colouring, creating the Autumn/Winter 2012 Neo Goth Christabel Look! Technique using colour slicing with red, copper & brunette colours creating layers & texture to hair. Colours bleed from brunette to red, & flare into copper intensity at the ends.
aveda stress fix soak
Pamela was back again to continue with the Aveda Sensory Ritual, this time working on my hands with the Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual.

aveda stress-fix scrub
During the session at Aveda ritual station, every Aveda customer receives complimentary rituals such as Aveda signature hand massage & Aroma Sensory Journey to ease their tension away from the hectic lifestyle. Pam started with scrubbing my hands with the Stress-Fix Soaking Salts, a sugar & mineral-rich salt infused with aroma clinically-proven to relieve feelings of stress.
aveda stress-fix massage
Following that, Pam gave me a hand massage using the Stress-Fix Body Lotion. My hands had a scented smell of lavender after that. Love the fix, a totally relaxing experience while waiting for my hair colour to set in!

aveda hair-styling
Wow, I was thrilled to see my new hair colour! Bright red, copper & brunette colours enveloped my hair! As I wanted to maintain my length, Min just gave me a trim & a nice fringe. This season, Aveda experts play with whole palette of red tones from copper, red to violet, enhancing the hair cut & adding shadows, lights & movement to your hair.

aveda hair colour
Tada, here's my new Autumn/Winter 2012 Neo Goth Christabel Look! So what do you think of the colours?
aveda chakra
That's not the end yet. I was asked to pick 2 cards depending on my mood & play the Chakra game to discover the beauty of a balanced life. I selected Wisdom & Harmony. From there, I had to choose one that resonated with me at that moment, & I decided to go for Harmony. Turning over the card was the explanation; Harmony => Chakra 4, which is the center of sympathy, empathy & love.

aveda chakra balancing body mist
For my balancing treatment, Chakra 4 Balancing Body Mist has essence of sandalwood, organic mandarin & palmarosa, leaving one feeling well-balanced.
aveda luxury haven
Step 5: At the end of the personalized treatment at Aveda, you're given a personalized recommendation to help you choose at-home products to maintain your new look. Well, I was presented with a goodie bag to take home with me!
aveda luxe professional singapore
The entire invigorating session leaves me feeling even younger with the dazzling colours. Aveda hair colouring services start from S$280, excluding hair cut & depending on length. Special thanks to Vivian, Min, & Pamela for the unforgettable wholesome sensory journey! You guys rock!!

aveda christmas gift set
Wanna know what's in the goodie bag? Check out my post @ Aveda, A Lifestyle Brand That Cares!


  1. You're not only look younger but stunning and beautiful as always. Prepare yourself for a new look for upcoming trip? Hehehe...

    1. DD, u're always so sweet! Thks again for your kind note, dear! Hahaha! So clever!

  2. Yes I agree with Dianna... you look so much younger than your age.. seriously... I am envious.. hahaha...

    1. Reana, thks dear! Better don't tease anymore or my head's gonna get bigger. Lol!

  3. Love the hair colour! I wonder if this is being offered in Malaysia:D I certainly wouldn't mind trying this out for my next touch up.

    1. missyblurkit, why don't y chk out their website in the link above? They should have outlets there :)

  4. Hey! I like your new color and fringe - indeed makes you look even younger. And i loved the idea of getting your hands massaged while having your hair color fixed. What a unique way to kill the boredom....

  5. You new hair colour looks awesome, I love what they did! And also the salon sounds heavenly!

  6. Your hair look shiny and wavy in after pictures.

  7. I like to read such experiences. a little of inner wellness is what we all need in the chaos we call life.
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash, well said! Take good care of yourself, my dear!

  8. What a great change and love the color, fits your perfect. You are looking stunning at usual Shirley.

    1. Nava, hahaha! So striking colour :) Thks for your sweet note!

  9. Wow, what a lovely experience! And your hair looks phenomenal!!!!

  10. wow!!Stunning!!matching tone with your look more younger with new hair....

  11. Shirley, your new haircut and color look fantastic! I like how "full" it looks and also that they truly listened to you and didn't lop off the length.

    1. Kim, I'm always looking fwd to your lovely response! U're such a doll! Thks, dear!

  12. nice new hairdo you got there! that Aveda has something to do with Ayurveda?

    1. Hong, thks dear! Aveda is tapping into the ancient Ayurvedic roots....


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