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Halloween At Woody Family Cafe, A Great Place To Chill Out In Sembawang!

woody family cafe sembawang estate
Nestled in a tranquil part of Sembawang, among the private residential estates is a hidden gem to get your booze & delectable cuisine all at one place.
woody family cafe sembawang-singapore
Woody Family Cafe offers you a breath of fresh air away from the concrete jungle of the city, offering you a wide varieties of concocted drinks, beers, both Western & Peranakan food.

woody family cafe luxury haven
Bloggers were invited by Woody Family Cafe for a food-tasting event just two days before Halloween, organized by StreetDirectory. I was glad to have my pal Doris, joining me for the fun event.

woody family cafe decor

woody family cafe halloween decor

woody family cafe singapore halloween

woody family cafe halloween
woody family cafe pub
That evening, the bistro was filled with creepy decors & pumpkin carvings etc. The Halloween mood was already intense, & we were ushered to our creepy crawling seats, named 'Cosy Corner'!

woody family cafe magical potion cocktail
Woody has a list of interesting cocktails for Halloween, with names like 'Scream', 'Zombie', 'Devil's Juice' etc. A lot of other cocktails in the menu were concocted by the lady owner herself! I had the Magical Potion @ S$8.90, which came highly recommended. The refreshing non-alcoholic drink is a mixture of Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Ginger Ale, Rose Syrup & Soda. ★★★★☆

woody family cafe devilish pumpkin cocktail
My friend had the Devilish Pumpkin @ S$18. The strong cocktail has Tequila content & she loves it! It's fun to see a drink serve in a pumpkin shell instead of soup. ★★★★★

woody family cafe peranankan pumpkin soup
Interestingly, Woody's Pumpkin Soup was served in a bowl & not in a pumpkin. The pumpkin soups I've tried to date were all creamy, but this is a clear broth with vegetables & meat; just like any other ordinary vegetables soup. ★★★☆☆

woody family cafe peranankan enoki mushrooms
A popular appetizer among the bloggers was the Enokimush @ S$10.90, The crispy Enoki Mushrooms were served with Woody Sambal dippings & these were all gone in no time! ★★★★★

woody family cafe peranankan crispy onion rings
Onion Ring lovers will love Woody's Crispy Onion Rings @ S$10.90, served with a special Wasabi Mayo dip. These onion rings were made from fresh onions & not frozen ones, making them very different from those you've tasted outside. ★★★★☆

woody family cafe dunkel fish and chips
Does the Fish & Chips look burnt to you? The Dunkel Fish & Chips @ S$21.90 are actually battered in Guinness Stout, which explains why the colour is a bit darker than usual. I'm not a fish lover so I'm not in a position to comment. I took a small bite but found the fish a tat too bland. Doris too, thought the dish was nothing to shout about.

woody family cafe peranankan mango salad
If you like sweet & sour, you'll like the Mango Salad, top with cashew nuts & cornflakes. ★★★★☆

woody family cafe peranankan devils curry chicken
Devil's Curry Chicken @ S$18.90 is cooked with Woody's special curry spices, chicken hot dogs, potatoes & carrots. This Portuguese dish has green papaya & gourds in the curry & this dish is cooked without coconut milk! It's definitely something new to me. ★★★★☆

woody family cafe peranankan garam assam pork knuckles
I love crispy Pork Knuckles, but I've never tried a Peranakan-style before. Over at Woody's, you'll have a choice of Garam Assam, Curry or Nonya Ponteh. The boss Jenny, cooked the Garam Assam Pork Knuckles @ S$19.90 for us. The flavourful dish is cooked with lots of pineapple cubes & it was soft & tender. Doris & I both like the gravy too, but there weren't much meat in this dish. ★★★★☆

Do not expect super fast service here as the lady boss whips up all the dishes herself personally! Jenny had also revealed that she's hoping to come up with a cookbook with her recipes. Do go up to the friendly & chatty boss to say 'Hi' if you're there. As you speak with her, you'll soon discover her passion in cooking & concocting cocktails from her sparkling eyes.

woody family cafe peranankan fish otah
Steamed Spicy Fish Otah @ S$12.90. Maybe I've tasted the best Otah during my recent food blogging trip to Malacca, the steamed fish paste at Woody is just very average. ★★★☆☆

woody family cafe buffalo wings review
My fave dish at Woody is their signature Buffalo Wings. ★★★★★ Most buffalo wings I've tried were drenched in spicy & sticky sauces, making the wings soggy & not crispy.

woody family cafe buffalo wings
As the bloggers preferred a less spicy version, we opted for these mild-spicy Buffalo Wings @ S$17.90 for half-dozen. The Buffalo Wings were really crispy & tasty, makes you wanting for more. If you're in for a challenge, you can try their super spicy buffalo wings like the Eruption, which is S$28.90 for half a dozen.

woody family cafe desserts
Be enticed by their funky desserts like the Limoncello Flute, Coco Loco Sorbet (coconut) & Swirly Hazy Choco (Gelato Vanilla ice-cream with hazelnuts & cocoa); all @ S$12.90/each. Of the three desserts that we'd ordered to share, Doris & I like the Limoncello Flute most. It's from fresh lemon ice-cream with swirls of limoncecllo liquer sauce. A very uplifting dessert & you mustn't miss this! ★★★★★

woody family cafe bloggers street directory
With a cozy ambience & warm lightings, you'll feel totally at home at Woody, & it's a great place to chill out with friends & family. With me is my friend Doris, & the other two young & pretty bloggers are Jasmine & Renzze.

woody family cafe streetdirectory bloggers invite
With us here, is the friendly owner Sam. The husband-wife team restaurant pub is set in an idyllic atmosphere, playing music from the 80s. Over at Woody Family Cafe, you can savour a unique blend of Chinese, Malay & Indonesian flavours with rich cuisine like stews & curries. And if nonya cuisine isn't your type, Woody also offers a range of Western dishes to suit your palate.

So how did you spend your Halloween? Did you have a bashing time with family & friends?

woody family cafe streetdirectory map
Woody Family Cafe
Sembawang Straits Estate
12 Andrews Avenue
Singapore 759930
Tel: +65 6758 1185


  1. This is a good place for chilling out with friends whom you haven't met for a long time. It's really cozy and relax with lots of finger food to choose from.

    1. DS, love the varieties of drinks & desserts! Very cosy place :)

  2. wow the place looks awesome!! happy halloween! ^^

  3. So much spooky fun :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. that's a lot of pumpkin for the day :) i hope you enjoyed your halloween!

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  5. Shirley, I knew this was going to be a fun post when I scrolled through your first photos -- they went all-out to decorate for Halloween! Glad you got to sample their fare and have fun with your "ghoul-friends." :) I agree with you about crispy chicken wings (not drowned in sauce) -- theirs looked fabulous!

    1. Kim, the owners are a bunch of awesome people! Hahaha! Hope u've the chance to try it someday :)

  6. There is so much good food this way you won’t know where to start.

    1. cquek, do kiv this place & be sure to chk it out the next time u're here!

  7. The buffalo wings look great!! Yummy! Glad to see you all had a wonderful time there!

  8. Love the Halloween pumpkin making the table setting matching with the festival.

    1. Ann, thks for dropping by & gonna chk u out soon!

  9. Sounds like you had a great time! I want to eat the Pumpkin Soup and of course the chicken wings! :D

    1. Nami, I did & I'm sure there's more fun in the US. Hahaha!

  10. The place was decorated so nicely. I love pumpkin soup, too bad there are no Woody's in Sabah :( There rest of the food looks rather nice too.

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  11. Hi Shirley. So this is Woody! Quite ulu unless driving =S

    1. FC, it's best that u drive there actually. Nice place to chill out with friends :)

  12. I will die for the Peranakan food and the devil curry is making my saliva drip now. Awesome spread of food and thumbs up all the way. Btw, pumkin with tequila sound very unique and from your reviews, seems like your friend must have loved the taste, similarly if I had that cocktail, I will also go flipped up.

    1. Nava, Woody's menu suits your taste buds perfectly! I'm sure u'll enjoy the food as much :)

  13. wow...wat a fantastic it..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  14. Sounds like you had great time on Halloween. If I had been there I would have tried enoki mushrooms and deviled curry chicken.

    1. Blavinder, did u have fun too? I knew u would go for the curry :)

  15. The food and drinks look so yummy! Glad you had a great time :)

    1. Sylvia, it was great fun! Have a good day, dear!

  16. Boo-Hoo, we missed out on Halloween here in NJ, but we did some pumpkin carving and costume parade in our home for my little ones. The punkin glass for the drink is surely innovative.
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash, I'm so sorry to learn of the situation there. Hope all things well with u. It's nice to know of your little joy despite of the chaos. Take care, sweetie!


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