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Chef Diego Chiarini's Prawns Coated with Celery Recipe

afc studio chef diego prawn celery
If you've heard of Oso Ristorante, you would've known that the popular Italian joint is a cultural & gastronomical Embassy of Italy. Today, I'd like to introduce you a recipe from the int'l award-winning Chef Diego Chiarini.

oso ristorante chef diego chairini
Two weeks ago, I'd the pleasure to attend the DBS Masterclass With Chef Diego Chiarini At AFC Studio & picked up some tips from the Chef himself.

afc studio chef diego appetizer
If you've read my previous post on the event, you've must've seen the pix above. Wonderful thing about attending these cooking demos is that you'll always discover something new from these Master Chefs. That evening, I found that you can actually use flame from a simple lighter to draw out the scent & flavour from an orange peel just before serving a dish!

afc cooking studio vivavino casal garcia wine
One of the 3 dishes I've learnt to make is the Prawns Coated with Celery, served with Tomato Sabayon, & here's the recipe from the Chef himself:

(Serves 4)
12 pcs. of Prawns
200g of Celery root
50g of Celery leaf
1 Egg white
300g of Tomatoes
1 Orange, juiced
30g of Basil
100ml of Extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper

  1. Blend the egg, celery root & celery leaf together with half of the olive oil.
  2. oso ristorante chef diego chairini tomato sabayon
  3. Blend the tomato, orange juice & basil together with the remaining olive oil.
  4. chef diego prawn celery
  5. Coat the prawns with the celery paste & steam or pan fried using a mould for 5 minutes.
  6. afc studio chef diego prawn celery recipe
  7. Bon Appetite!

The AFC Studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen, making it the perfect venue to host parties & corporate functions that involve a fun & educational cooking experience. Since itʼs opening in 2009, the AFC Studio has housed many AFC celebrity chefs, & a number of other culinary talents from around the world.

Besides offering both hands-on cooking classes & demonstrations, the AFC Studio also serves as a studio for the filming of original AFC productions, & is a must-see for many fans of the channel. To find out more about the AFC Studio, cooking workshops or view an updated class schedule, please visit


  1. What a classy and deliciously flavoured dish :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Oooh, yum! I don't think I've ever seen prawns prepared with that recipe before. :-)

    1. YL, it's my first too! I usually cook prawns with celery Asian-style, with XO sauce.

  3. Shirley, one of the things I like about your DBS posts is their "logo" which looks like the melted wax seal used by kings, etc. -- very cool. It's also amazing to get a "signature recipe" (via your post and video) from a world renowned Chef... ahhhmazing... thank you for sharing!

    1. Kim, hope you found the clip of use for your cooking adventure :)

  4. I cannot imagine the taste... never really had this type of classic food before :)

    1. Reana, perhaps u can diy for your family to try?

  5. Totally drooling here! Looks and sounds absolutely delicious.

  6. Hi Shirley, thanks for sharing. Very delectable and appetizing. YUMMY!

    Have a lovely week ahead.

    1. Amelia, glad u like it too! Have a pleasant evening!

  7. Very classic and I need to try out your recipe. Thats looks amazingly good.

  8. WOW! The food looks absolutely amazing! I am always impressed with the food posts of yours!

  9. That's right we learn some secrets of culinary world by attending these cooking demos. Who knew that a simple you can draw flavor from orange peel by lighting an ordinary lighter.

    1. Balviner, glad u found the post informative! Have fun cooking, dear!

  10. beautiful presentation!!! going to have to try this one for sure =)


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