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Twin-Egg Henaff French Pate Recipe

twin egg unagi henaff french pate
It's party time! I love making food for parties as it challenges my wacky ideas. Another batch of my students had just graduated & I would usually make something nice to treat them.

twin egg unagi henaff french pate party recipe
I had prepared twenty of these Twin-Egg Henaff French Pates for their big day, using Henaff Chicken Liver Pate with Port Wine as it's more economical. Hénaff is a century-old pate producer, & their pates are dear to many French gourmands & complimented for their quality & taste. So if you can't afford foie gras, this is a great alternative!

how to cook twin egg henaff french pate
I was never an Unagi fan, a popular Japanese Grilled Eel. Never have I thought that Unagi could go hand-in-hand with Foie Gras, until my recent DBS Indulge Underground Supper Club At Mikuni, Fairmont.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni unagi foie gras
At the supper event, hubby & I were introduced to Chef Moon's BBQ Eel & Foie Gras. That night, I actually finished my eel! I was thrilled with the combination & couldn't wait to DIY. Then came my graduation party; a perfect timing for me to re-create this appetizer, & it was a SUCCESS!

twin egg unagi henaff french pate parties
I spent the entire day mixing my own concoction with the support of my hubby, who kept giving me feedback until I hit the nail. He loved it & my students were really happy!

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Ingredients (20 pax):
2 Teriyaki Unagi (250g)
3 cans Henaff Chicken Liver Pate with Port Wine
2 sprigs of Spring Onion

Century Eggs:
8 Eggs
3 tbsp Mirin, Japanese sweet sake
3 tbsp Goma Shabu sauce
1 tbsp Sesame oil

2 large Tomatoes
2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
2 tsp Extra-virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp Parsley flakes

Egg Mayo:
10 hard-boiled Eggs
½ cup Mayonnaise
½ tsp Black Pepper
kitchen artistry features henaff french pate recipe
Spotted @ Kitchen Artistry

petitchef features twin egg unagi henaff french pate
Featured @ PetitChef

    how to cook century egg appetizers
  1. Remove shells from century eggs & rinse well. Separate yolk from "whites" & dice "whites".
  2. cooking with goma shabu and hinode mirin
  3. Mash yolk & mix with seasoning (A).
  4. recipes using pietro poricelli olive oil balsamic vinegar
  5. Wash & cut tomatoes into cubes. Marinate tomatoes with (B) for at least 30 mins.
  6. cooking with egg mayonnaise
  7. Mash hard-boiled eggs & mix with (C).
  8. cooking with egg mayonnaise, tomatoes
  9. Mix marinated tomatoes with egg mayo.
  10. how to make japanese unagi appetizers
  11. Heat unagi according to package instruction. Dice & set aside.
  12. twin egg henaff french pate party food
  13. Start laying party cups with 1st layer of egg mayo mixture.
  14. christmas twin egg henaff french pate party food
  15. Throw in unagi. Do not put in too much as it may be too sweet due to the teriyaki sauce.
  16. christmas twin egg henaff french pate party recipes
  17. Add another layer of egg mayo, then top with century egg "whites".
  18. twin egg unagi henaff french pate christmas recipe
  19. Clean & chopped up spring onion. Sprinkle onto party cups, & top with pate & century egg yolk to get your pretty Twin-Egg Henaff French Pate! Serve chilled. Bon Appetite!
christmas twin egg unagi henaff french pates
So which plating do you prefer?

Below are few other treats that I'd made for my previous batches of students. Click on the links for the recipes! Have fun!

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  1. wow, looks scrumptious!!!

    1. Silverkis, thks dear & have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. That looks gorgeous! Lunch delivery please!

  3. Looks yummy yummy... Just love it....

  4. What a beauty of a recipe :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Yo, admired your courage! Just looking at the amount of ingredients, i already fainted. Yet you have the courage to try it out and luckily it is a success. :)

    1. DS, hahaha! U're always so supportive of my cooking. Gonna try this too??

  6. Wow this looks fantastic! You're a really great cook :)

    1. Rachel, thks for your kind note! U can also try making this easy appetizer.

  7. Hi Shirley,

    Students? What are you teaching?

    So colourful, so appetising! Lucky students!

    1. FoodieFC, I don't teach culinary nor social etiquette like most have guessed. Hahaha! Glad u like it too :)

    2. haha. That was what i was thinking! I thought u started your own 'If Shirley can cook so can you' classes.

      well.. mainly because of the numerous food posts u had (which of cos made me keep coming back!)

    3. FoodieFC, hahaha! I like your wit! Thks for all your support, that's the best part of motivation :) Love having u around!

  8. so beautifully decorated! you have talents in cooking besides modelling :)

    Latest: Best of Coffee and Bruschetta

  9. Everything looks so gorgeous and you sure have the touch to put ingredients together. Must have been appreciated and admired by the rest.

    1. Nava, it was tiring as it took the entire day. Nevertheless, it was well-worth the effort!

  10. party season will start soon and this is a wonderful recipe. I like how you served it in individual party cups but the other one also looks beautiful with red flowers. Did you make those?

    1. Balvinder, this is perfect for the coming X'mas! Thks for your lovely note, dear! Those flowers are from the bakery shop & they made pretty decors, don't they?

  11. GORGEOUS!!!! looks and sounds amazing =))

    1. Tess, I'm so happy that this has attracted your attention too. Thks, sweetie!

  12. You can sure make beautiful dishes!!!! I love it when you go wacky if these are the results. I haven't been a huge fan of the eel I've sampled, but I have a feeling I'd like your layered pate...what a wonderful treat!

    1. Liz, heehee! U're so sweet. Yipee, delighted to have tempted u with the eel too. Lol!

  13. WOW Shirley, this looks too good to eat! Another amazing dish :)

  14. Hi Shirley, your recipes are really too good, i saw your cheese cake and now my hands are desperate to try those yummy cakes, Only problem is that i am PURE VEGETARIAN, I even do not take eggs.
    Glad to follow you.

    1. Pari, u're too kind with your words! I must admit that my Bailey's Cheesecake was a temptress. I'm amazed how popular it is. Hahaha! No eggs?? That's a strict vegetarian. Thks for following, dear!

  15. wow! can I have some please? :P

    ahahaha I can become white mice thou hahah

  16. Gorgeous recipe and work there Shirley! AMazing as usual:D

    1. missyblurkit, thks so much for your wonderful comments & support!

  17. Shirley a Teacher like you can surely make the learning more fun. Loved the idea of treating your students with home made gifts. Nothing screams love more than a homemade gift.
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash, thks so much for sharing your thoughts! Giving is joy :)

  18. denise @ singapore shiokOctober 18, 2012 at 9:20 AM

    Wow shirley, your new blog design looks wonderful and it loads much faster than the previous one too. How lucky your students are, to have such a big hearted teacher :-)

    1. Denise, thks so much for the kind note! It's been quite a while since u last visited; must be so busy. Great to have u back!


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