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Tropical Fruit Rolls Recipe By Martin Yan

If you like dim-sum, you must've tried the popular Chinese Spring Rolls, often filled with shredded mixed vegetables & some with seafood or meat added.
martin yan tropical fruit rolls
This time, let Celebrity Chef Martin Yan show you how to turn the savoury Spring Roll dim-sum into a Tropical Fruit Roll dessert.

Makes 8 rolls
2 cups of diced mixed tropical fruits such as jackfruit, mango, longan, rambutan & pineapple
3 tbsp of chopped fresh mint
⅓ cup of palm sugar
1 tbsp of white sesame seeds
½ tsp of ground five-spice powder
8 lumpia wrappers or spring roll wrappers
Cooking oil for deep frying

    afc studio martin yan tropical fruit roll recipe
  1. Combine the fruit, mint, palm sugar, sesame seeds & five-spice powder together in a bowl.
  2. asian food channel martin yan
  3. Place a wrapper on the work surface with one corner facing you.
  4. martin yan tropical fruit roll recipe
  5. Place ¼ cup of the fruit mixture across the wrapper, slightly above the corner.
  6. Fold the corner, then roll over once.
  7. Fold in the left & right sides of the wrapper.
  8. martin yan tropical fruit roll recipes
  9. Brush edges with water & roll up completely to enclose the filling.
  10. Pour oil into the wok to a depth of 2 inches, & heat over medium-high heat until the oil becomes hot but not smoking.
  11. martin yan tropical fruit rolls recipe
  12. Deep-fry a few rolls at a time, turning them occasionally.
  13. asian food channel martin yan cooking demo
  14. Deep-fry the rolls till they turn golden brown. Remove & drain on paper towels.
  15. afc studio singapore martin yan
  16. Let cool slightly before serving.
afc martin yan cooking demo singapore
Check out other dishes at the Autumn Treasures with Martin Yan Cooking Demo at the AFC Studio, Singapore!

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  1. So beautiful snack. I definitely love this with tropical fruits more than mixed vegetables.

    1. Ann, looks like u're gonna have fun with this!

  2. Shirley, I love that presentation drizzled with chocolate! Such a pretty dish and a surprise, too, with the fruit & spice filling -- but then, you're full of surprises. :) Checked out your wonton dessert, too -- oh my goodness, peanut butter, banana, chocolate & caramel? No wonder they're so yummy! Thanks for linking that, too!

    1. Kim, awesome! Those wonton are pretty cool, right? xoxo

  3. Me too. I much prefer tropical fruits than veggies cause I'm not really like to eat veggie one =P

  4. I like how Chef Martin Yan uses a small pot to do the deep frying. So economical and it takes a shorter time to heat up the oil too. The topical fruits spring roll looks delicious! Your wanton kisses is tempting too.

    1. DS, me too! Always wanted to try that but must get one first :)

  5. I have heard of spring rolls. But with fruits and fried!? thats new to me! Interesting!

  6. What a wonderful dessert! I've never thought of wrapping fruits, especially tropical fruits (only thing I've done is banana). I should give this a try - it looks yummy!

  7. oh what a beautiful presentation!

  8. Wow, beautiful dessert rolls!!! I love that chocolate design on the elegant!

    1. Liz, I'm sure u're gonna have fun with these rolls!


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