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Shop For Your Shades Online At SmartBuyGlasses!

smartbuyglasses sg luxury haven review
I adore sunglasses! Besides giving me protection against the blazing sun, they look cool too!

smartbuyglasses luxury haven review
I like using my shades as hair bands too; it keeps my fringe from coming down.

smartbuyglasses online shopping
I love shopping for shades, but have never tried buying it online.  So I was impressed with SmartBuyGlasses offering shades online at very attractive prices. I'm amazed that one can even purchase glasses & contact lenses online too.

SmartBuyGlasses offers a wide range of designer sunglasses & spectacles from luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada, Bulgari etc. Gosh, their range is HUGE!

Look at these awesome shades & glasses I've found at their easy-to-navigate website:
smartbuyglasses online shopping prada
Prada PS07HS 7OV/1A1 (unisex); RRP S$400, S$280.95.  This casual pair of shades is just great with jeans. I love the sporty look & it's unisex!

smartbuyglasses online shopping adidas
Adidas A134 Evil Eye Explorer L 6057 (unisex); RRP S$354, S$249.95. This is not just a sport accessory, but a true performance product with Vision, Fit, Protection & Durability concepts.

smartbuyglasses online shopping polaroid
Polaroid P0122 Polarized Blue/Red (children); RRP S$50, S$28.95. Don't you like the striking blue & red frames?  At just less than S$30, you can get this Made in Italy fun shades for your kids!

smartbuyglasses online shopping boss glasses
Boss Orange BO 0008 SNB (female); RRP S$114, S$99.95. This pair of spectacles comes with a bright orange frame, perfect for the trendy & modern women of today. Colour too loud? No sweat! It comes with 5 other colours for you to choose!

smartbuyglasses online shopping emporio armani
Emporio Armani EA 9891 LRC (male); RRP S$278, S$175.95. Conservative men who prefer a more subtle colour will certainly like this executive look.  At less than S$200, you can get a pair of Armani frames! Awesome price tag, isn't it?
smartbuyglasses online shopping bvlgari
My favourite pick: Bvlgari BV6061B 102/8H; RRP S$525, S$293.95. Bling-bling! I set my eyes on this pair of jewelled-shades the moment I saw this. It's just perfect to go with my Bvlgari B.Zero timepiece.

smartbuyglasses online shopping prescription lens
Free Anti-Reflective & Scratch Proof Multi-Hard Coating
All lenses come with the latest advanced Super Multi-Coating which includes: Scratch Resistance / Anti Glare / Reflective Coating / Smudge Proofing / Easy-To-Clean & 100% UV Protection. These coating will be offered free with the lenses. No hidden charges & you receive all these extra high quality features absolutely free!!! Savings to you of over $100!

Does SmartBuyGlasses ship internationally?
As a standard procedure to ensure fast & efficient delivery to your doorstep, they ship all products to international & APO/FPO addresses only through the strongest international courier companies including Aramex & DHL.

SmartBuyGlasses guarantees all products are 100% authentic.
Shop with Confidence at SmartBuyGlasses with their returns, exchanges & warranty policy. Exclusive 24-Month warranty against all manufacturers' defects without exception!

Here's more reason for you to shop at SmartBuyGlasses with their Buy One, Give One policy!
For every pair of glasses you buy, SmartBuyGlasses gives one to someone in need! To date, they have already donated $615,000 worth of prescription eyewear! Your purchase makes a difference to a person's life!

How will you know if the shades or glasses fit your face shape? Well, SmartBuyGlasses has also taken care of that for you with their 3D Try On software! Check out their website now & have fun shopping!


  1. Now that reminds me... I need a new pair of shades... ;)
    Suddenly accidentally lost mine :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Uru, oh dear! Hope u'll get a suitable one :)

  2. lol I need a new pairs of spec XD not sunglasses lol

    1. Edmend, they sell specs & contact lenses too. Amazing range!

  3. I need my shades too and I have a whole range of collection. I have stop buying because there's too many and some of it is just like part of my collection.

    The one you are wearing in the first pic suits you and a perfect pair.

    1. Nava, hahaha! I can imagine that. Thks for your lovely comments, dear!

  4. Nice shades you have there. Love your choice of Bvlgari sunglasses too. Buying sunglasses seems easy with this online site, mmm.... but buying prescription glasses..... have to check that out.

    1. DS, thks dear! Since u're into contact lenses, u should chk out their prices! Happy shopping!

  5. Replies
    1. Stella, it's so convenient, isn't it? Don't have to carry 2 items around...

  6. I sometimes use shades as my hair bands too such of cool and awesome :). Good site to share and online shopping it's a must to check it out.

    1. Hartina, glad we've more in common! Have fun shopping!

  7. Replies
    1. Food is our religion, thks for visiting & hope to see more of u!

  8. This collection of shots is just awesome!

    1. cquek, thks dear! I'm glad u like what I'd chosen :)

  9. I do need a pair of specs for me and I like the Boss orange ones.

    1. Balvinder, excellent choice! Boy, u're adventurous!


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