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HydraFacial, A Non-Laser Skin Resurfacing At EHA Clinic

eha clinic hydrafacial
Unlike the traditional micro-dermabrasion, HydraFacial is crystal-free; one of the newest advances in non-laser skin resurfacing, the only hydradermabrasion procedure currently available in the market. Combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration & antioxidant protection, the HydraFacial leaves users with clearer, hydrated & more youthful skin minus the discomfort & downtime of traditional laser treatments.

eha skincare clinic singapore
I just had two sessions of IPL/Laser For Pigmentation At EHA Clinic recently. Hence, Dr Tam suggested that I have HydraFacial to complement my treatment. It's always nice to find a reputable doctor & one who can give you the right recommendations. After having visited EHA on numerous occasions, I'm now completely comfortable in their hands.

The Process (90 mins, S$250):
Step 1: Cleansing & Exfoliation using EHA skincare products.

eha clinic hydrafacial cool steam
Step 2: Cool Steam for 10 mins.
Step 3: Eye-brow trimming.

eha clinic hydrafacial nectre skin resurfacing system
Step 4: *Hydration using Nectre - Serum Based Skin Resurfacing System
Step 5: Light extraction if needed.

eha clinic hydrafacial cool pdt treatment
Step 6: Cool PDT light for 10 - 20mins.
Step 7: Face & shoulder massage.

eha clinic hydrafacial treatment mask
Step 8: Jasmine treatment mask for hydration.

eha clinic skincare products
Step 9: EHA toner, eye-cream, moisturizer, then sun-block.

eha clinic hydrafacial nectre machine
During the 'cleansing & exfoliation' process using the Hydrafacial Nectre machine, my face was saturated with a solution that deeply cleanses & exfoliates skin, softening sebum & dislodging dead skin cells in preparation for the extraction process. This was followed by a gentle acid peel to loosen dirt & debris from the pores while the patented vortex suction extracts the impurities. The last step involved saturating & nourishing the face with the antioxidant-rich solution that soothes, rejuvenates & nourishes the skin.

HydraFacial uses specifically designed application tips which gently exfoliate the skin using a derma planing motion. The patented spiral tips allow the unique skin serums longer duration on the skin whilst the spiral edges are designed to push the serums deeper into the skin – producing a plumped up effect!

eha clinic hydra solution
*In Step 4 above, these solutions were used:
Activ-4: A multi-action specialized skin solution that cleans skin deeply while softening sebum & impurities to aid in extractions.

Beta-HD: A Beta Hydroxy Acid formula that is ideal for oily or congested skin, & used to dislodge impurities during extractions.

Antiox-6: An antioxidant-rich skin solution that helps combat free radicals & environmental damage to the cells.

HydraFacial not only removes surface damage such as dead skin cells & impurities, but it also replenishes the skin with antioxidants through Vortex-Fusion®, the most advanced application of nutrients to the skin. You must try it to know it! For your invigorating facial spa treatment & more info, contact EHA, the skincare specialist you can trust!

EHA Clinic:
1 Scotts Road. #15-01 Shaw Centre.
Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 6235 3325


  1. That reminds me... I have to go for facial this saturday... my face is full of "dust" now.. hahaha...

    1. Reana, dust from Las Vegas must keep!! Hahaha!

  2. The mask actually looks very hydrating =)

    1. Smitten ByFood, feel like having another one now :)

  3. It's been awhile since my last facial session...not enough time and money for the moment haha. wow the jasmine mask looks yummy hehe
    Have a nice day Shirley! :)

  4. This treatment seems hectic but worth it :D
    great job!


    1. Uru, hahaha! Not hectic at all cause you'll be sleeping half the time :)

  5. Looks like a long process. Guess beauty comes with a price - in your case, a price well worth it. Lucky you to be able to get to use the latest technology.

    1. DS, shiok! Hahaha! Actually, 1hr 30mins is normal for a facial :)

  6. Wow, 90 min facial??? That is def a longtime but I guess that is the price we pay for youth;) wonder if this tech is avail in the us yet....

    1. Bessie, really? Our facials normally last more than an hr here. U should chk out Hydrafacial :)

  7. No wonder you look so great with all of these lovely treatments.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!! Just followed you on google and bloglovin (18)

    PLEASE follow me back!!!


    1. Janet, following u now! Great to have u here :)

  9. it's really a relax facial treatment..the jasmine treatment mask looks good.

  10. Treatment looks relaxing. Your face already look so young and beautiful, I can imagine after the 90 min facial session.

    1. Sandra, thks so much for your lovely comments! Totally recharged after HydraFacial!

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Pearly, I'm pretty sure EHA offers such a service. It's best to call them directly for a quote & more info. Perhaps u may like to mention you're a reader from Luxury Haven to see if they can give u a special price? Thks for visiting & it's great having u here with us!


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