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DBS Indulge Presents Underground SupperClub At Mikuni, Fairmont

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Indulge in the intricate art of savouring Japanese fine dining as I bring you on a tour to my gourmet adventure at the DBS Underground Supper Club held At #Mikuni, Fairmont Singapore.

afc studio dbs supperclub mikuni fairmont
The nite's theme was "Food for the Soul", led by Executive Chef Moon Kyung Soo. Dinner was elaborate, every plating was complex and assiduously designed; breaking away from the traditional Japanese dining.

dbs food for soul supperclub mikuni
Fine wines, freshly imported ingredients, dreamy candlelight, lavish tableware...... It was a showcase of succulent specialties infused with the romanticism & mystique of the ambience.

dbs supperclub mikuni
Hubby & I were privileged to be invited for the close-door event by #DBS, mainly made up of the bank's customers. The 3-hr supper commenced at 8.30pm. It was a first for both of us to eat at such odd hours; it was a night never to be forgotten.

dbs mikuni kanpachi sashimi yellowtail
Japanese Peach Mimosa Cocktails, together with Yellowtail Tartar & Black Truffles on Crispy Soba (かんぱちのタルタル、#黒トリュフ)were served at the reception. It was delightful start while waiting to be seated.

dbs food for soul supperclub
Supper soon followed after a short speech by DBS & Chef Moon. The Chef surprised the guests with an intriguing menu & exquisite food presentation:

dbs supperclub mikuni fairmont hokkaido sea urchin jelly
#Hokkaido Uni (北海度産うに)

dbs supperclub mikuni fairmont hokkaido sea urchin
Bite into this Sea Urchin starter, bits of Tobiko fish roe (とびこ) started bursting in your mouth, giving one a very unique pleasure. The mouth-watering Uni was a perfect combination with the Prawn Jelly. Beautiful presentation, isn't it?

dbs supperclub mikuni fairmont unagi foie gras
I'm never an #Unagi fan, but I cleaned up the plate of the BBQ Eel & Foie Gras (うなぎのフォアグラテリーヌ) dish that nite. I commended Chef Moon for his effort but he was quick to point out. He cheerfully teased me that the credit should go to the #FoieGras instead. How true! Mimicking the popular Opera Cake, the Japanese BBQ Eel was sandwiched between the Foie Gras, making it easy for me to swallow it all. Lol! So if anyone wants me to eat Unagi, he will just have to disguise it with the luxurious liver. Yummy!

dbs underground supperclub mikuni clam seaweed soup
Chef Moon brought the entire ocean into this Giant Clam & Seaweed Soup (はまぐりと岩のり). He further added that the seaweed is of the highest quality & only this restaurant in S'pore serves this.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni tuna sashimi
Let the show continues with this next dish........

dbs underground supperclub mikuni tuna ponzu 刺身
Everyone at the table was charmed by this Apple Wood Smoked Tuna Cheek (まぐろほほ肉の刺身アップルスモーク). The fragrant smoked fish went really well with the sourish Ponzu, an execution of explicitness & taste.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni abalone
When I saw #Abalone in the menu, I was smiling cheekily. Friends who know me are aware that I'm a sucker for Foie Gras, Truffles & Abalone. I was  waiting patiently for this course to be served.
dbs underground supperclub mikuni abalone awabi
The Kyoto-style Abalone Shio Gama Yaki (鮑の塩釜焼き) was prettily presented in a bed of sand complete with sea shells, reminding me of the beach. I love the whimsical decor, it was an obvious painstaking attention to detail.
dbs underground supperclub mikuni abalone shell
Of course, the Giant Abalone was one of the best I've ever tasted. I seem to have discovered the nirvana of Japanese cuisine right in the heart of S'pore.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni kagoshima wagyu
Next on the table was the Kagoshima Beef with Masutake Mushroom (鹿児島牛の味噌煮、松茸添え). The #Wagyu short rib took 16 hrs to cook & shreds of beef just fell apart easily. All the guests raved about the dish, calling for more.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni kagoshima wagyu beef
Interesting, the beef came with bone marrow as well. Here's my hubby enjoying his share.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni fairmont somen
Another smoke effect presentation that got everyone excited; this time with dry ice perhaps.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni fairmont citrus somen
The refreshing cold Citrus #Somen (シトラスそーめん) was an awakening dish.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni luxury haven
After all the heavy stuff, the light-weight noodle was indeed a lift-me-up! Awesome presentation!

dbs food for soul supperclub sweet potato wine
A Sweet Potato Cider was served at this point. I fell in love with this drink. The rim of the glass was "stained" with Pumpkin Sugar, it was really delicious. Unfortunately, this is not sold in S'pore. I must get my Japanese friends to get this for me.
dbs food for soul supperclub mikuni sake
These were all our wine glasses; each course was paired with a different Sake.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni japanese sake glasses
For the last course, we got to pick our wine glass. Just look at these fanciful glasses!

dbs underground supperclub mikuni japanese sake
What hubby & I picked for our 2007 Sake to go with our desserts.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni aomori apple
Aomori Red Apple (青森産赤りんご). Simple but real tasty with the Yuzu cream.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni chestnut ice-cream
I adore ice-creams & this Chestnut Ice Cream (栗のアイス) gotta be one of the best I've ever eaten. It's as good as it looks; just can't get enough.

Over at Mikuni, Chef Moon desires to inspire our senses by creating a harmony of flavours. Although his culinary pedigree is deeply embedded in traditional Japanese style, Chef Moon is also an ardent follower of modern molecular movement in gastronomy. Dishes here are spoken of with a reverence reserved for works of art. It's enticing, a harmonious feast for the senses!

dbs mikuni fairmont singapore, asian food channel
After our supper, all the guests got to take pictures with the ravishing young chef as a momento.

DBS Card dining platform - #DBSIndulge - brings to Singapore the Underground SupperClub, a refreshing series of experiential dining designed to provide DBS cardholders with the exclusive opportunity to gain gastronomic insights & dine with renowned chefs in an intimate after-hours setting.

Each Underground #SupperClub series will sport a different theme where diners can expect a specially crafted menu featuring dishes not found in the Chef's restaurant menu.

dbs underground supperclub mikuni
Pix Credit: AFC
What's different about the SupperClub Event is that the Chef goes around mingling with the guests. For people who are shy, this is a good time to throw your questions.

chef moon kyung soo dbs underground supperclub
The event was priced at a special price of S$150 nett per pax (for DBS / POSB Card members only with Sake pairings).

Thank you, DBS & Asia Food Channel, for the breath-taking event; & Chef Moon for the awesome gastronomic expedition!

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Be sure to look out for the next DBS Underground SupperClub venue at DBS Indulge!

Level 3, Fairmont Singapore
80 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189560


  1. What a wonderful night with such delicious food, I could only sit here and imagine the taste....lucky you!

  2. I'm surprised at the generous servings of the dishes. I heard of friends getting home to eat instant noodle after the fine dinning event. LOL! For S$150 per pax, this is really well worth the price.

    1. DS, wish I could fine dine at this kind of price everytime. Lol!

  3. oh wow!! I can only say lucky u! The dishes are amazingly unique! Also, I have never seen or try such seaweed before! Really unforgetable

    1. FoodieFC, yes indeed! I dine very often with my Japanese friends but haven't tried this type of seaweed too. I'm awed!

  4. Sweet potato sake. Love it very much....not tasted the pumpkin sugar though.

    1. missyblurkit, the taste is so interesting. Tried many types of sake before but not this one. Asked my Japanese ex-bosses but they're also not aware. Lol!

  5. This is so, so, so tempting!

  6. Fine dining is an understatement, foe exquisite :)

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Uru, I would like to add that to my list of hobbies :)

  7. OMG.... look at the food.... and the UNI, i've never tasted an "uni" before *cries*

  8. the food there is out of this world :)

    1. Kathy, so true! Do kiv this place the next time u visit S'pore :)

  9. everything seems to be delish except for the . . . XD seaweed clam soup :X

    1. Edmend, errh.... u don't like the clam or seaweed?? Too fishy?? Healthy soup, my dear!

  10. Shirley, you did a marvelous job photographing and describing this one of a kind dining event. Some of these dishes looked too pretty to eat, but I'm sure the tantalizing tastes helped set that notion aside. :) I was trying to count the number of diners -- 20? The fact that Chef Moon executed such intricate dishes for so many, so flawlessly is a testament to his skill. I'm glad you were there and soooo glad you shared!

    1. Kimby, I've always been on the lookout for edible flowers but no luck :< I knew u'll be tempted too. If u visit S'pore some day, do visit Mikuni :)

  11. Shirley, every dish looks interesting. Next trip to Singapore, must visit Mikuni for sure. The last time we were there we had a wonderful experience at Guy Savoy. You took some great photos.

    1. Veron, I'm sure u're gonna love it! Oh yes, Guy Savoy is still in one of my top lists. Glad you'd enjoyed your time there too :)


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