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IPL/Laser For Pigmentation At EHA Clinic + Giveaway!

Brown spots, Freckles, Melasma, Old Age Spots......... Don't you hate them all? Pigmentation creams are probably the first stop for any hyperpigmentation concerns. They are easy on the pocket, convenient & easily available.
eha clinic ipl laser emla
But if creams don't work or if you want a faster way out, IPL or Laser is another alternative to get rid of those ugly dark spots. Hyperpigmentation removal takes only minutes with laser & in one or few sessions, you're done!

dr elias tam eha clinic luxury haven
I've some mild pigmentation on both sides of my cheeks. They're not exactly an eye-sore but since my mom was at EHA Clinic for her Reverse The Effects Of Aging With Restylane Dermal Fillers, I might as well just get rid of those unsightly spots while waiting for her. Click on the link to watch a video on the procedure & to read more on Dr Tam's profile.

After my consultation with Dr Tam, I was recommended to have a combination of Spectra Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser & IPL to target both the superficial & deeper pigmentation as well as my open pores.

Laser/IPL Treatments for freckle removal are the most advanced way to remove unwanted freckles. The laser & light wavelengths are attracted the melanin in the freckles, the light energy transforms into heat which effectively fragments the melanin particles which are then re-absorbed & naturally expelled by the body’s immune system. A series of treatments can drastically reduce unwanted freckles.

The Spectra laser uses high intensity pulses of laser light to significantly lighten or remove pigments & tattoo particles of all colors without harming surrounding healthy cells. It can be used to resurface the skin to treat acne scars & wrinkles, remove minor vascular lesions, & remove seborrheic keratoses.

What's the proccedure like?

eha clinic skin analysis
Skin Analysis

eha clinic ipl laser treatment
Emla, a numbing cream was applied onto my cheeks for 20 mins after cleansing my face.

eha clinic ipl laser procedure
Goggles had to be worn to protect the eyes during the laser treatment.

No photos were taken due to the laser procedure. Each Laser & IPL treatments took about 10 mins each. The toning laser helps to tone the skin & reduce the deep pigmentation. IPL targets the superficial pigmentation & even-out the skin colour.

A healing mask was applied after that to cool down & help the skin recover, followed by the EHA 24-hr Sun Shield.

eha clinic ipl laser cheeks
There is no down time for me; I can return to work after the treatment. Depending on what is done for a more serious case, there may be some scabbing or redness & a rest of two days may be recommended before applying cosmetics to cover them before going to work.

Results (After 1 week):
Scabs dropped off. Intensity & amount of dark spots on one side of cheek almost gone, with the other side significantly reduced.
eha clinic ipl laser right faces

eha clinic ipl laser left faces
Most patients would notice improvement after one session for superficial pigmentation like mine. For some, significant improvement is seen only after 3 to 6 sessions. Because my pigmentation is very mild, immediate improvement can be seen.

Trial price for first time customer from now till end of Sept 2012 -
  • IPL S$180 (usual $300)
  • Laser: S$250 (usual $350)
  • Combined IPL & Laser: S$350 (usual $500).

See my 2nd session @ What IPL/Lasers Can Do For You At EHA Clinic!

Latest Update 2016: EHA Clinic Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser For Pigmentation, No Downtime!

EHA Sun Shield 24HR by Dr Elias Tam
After the IPL/Laser procedure, I'd been strongly encouraged to wear sunscreen. But are you aware that we need to apply sunscreens at least once every two hours? Even if it offers the best UVA protection, it’s efficacy soon disappears........
eha sunshield travel size
Here's EHA latest innovation!! EHA’s Sun Shield 24hr has been proven to block both UV-A & UV-B rays by 99%, for a period of 24 hours, with just one application!

A very thin application of this product (10-15 microns) is all you need to maintain its effect. Even when applied thickly to the skin, the base - which is equivalent to an SPH factor of 100 - still appears transparent – giving a natural look without the feeling of any make-up application.
eha sunshield review
The skin will feel & look so natural that anyone can use the product. The product can also be used by men & children. This product is a water proof type; so a relative amount of sweat will not remove the product.

The protecting ingredient also prevents spot generation, keeping the skin cool & resistant against sunburn. Sun Shield 24hr can also be used as foundation base before make-up application!

EHA Sun Shield 24HR is priced at:
30 ml Bottle S$98, 5 ml Travel Size Tube S$38

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  • Contest begins 4 Sep 2012 & ends at 9pm on 11 Sep 2012.
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EHA Clinic:
1 Scotts Road. #15-01 Shaw Centre.
Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 6235 3325

Winners For EHA Sun Shield 24hr!


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  11. Wow, you're so brave. It looks like it made a difference though. So young and beautiful! :-)

    1. YL, this is very mild compared to my mom's. It's nothing actually, & very common. You may wanna try one of these days :)

  12. Oh yeah, I could see the difference. What should be done after the treatment? I mean like must not be exposed under the sun or something like that. =)

    1. Evelyn, as long as we wanna prevent pigmentation, it's always best to stay out of the sun :< Try to stay home for a week??

  13. Wow! The difference can be seen immediately on your skin...and I have to say it actually have good skin!

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  15. I am totally impressed by the results of IPL laser treatments. Skin looks too beautiful after treatment. I must say it's a miracle treatment without a cut on skin.

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