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Beef Sirloin Misozuke Recipe By Hashi Japanese Restaurant

hashi japanese restaurant beef sirloin misozuke
If you're into Japanese food, you'll be enticed by Chef Tadashi Takahashi's recipe of the Hashi Japanese Restaurant. The Chef cleverly demonstrated how a simple Sirloin Steak can be paired with a unique Miso-based sauce.

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The Beef Sirloin Misozuke was one of the 3 courses served during my Invitation To OpenRice Cooking Event At De Dietrich. Have fun cooking!

200g Beef Sirloin
450g Miso
150g Sake
150g Mirin
225g Sugar
100g Mixed Salad

  1. Clean sirloin & portion beef into thick chunks.
  2. hashi restaurant beef sirloin recipe
  3. Marinate beef in sweet miso for one day.
  4. Ensure that beef is thawed to room temperature.
  5. Saute beef using a pan on induction hob until cooked.
  6. hashi restaurant beef sirloin misozuke recipe
  7. Slice beef & place on a baking tray.
  8. hashi restaurant chef takahashi sirloin recipe
  9. Cover beef with miso & bake in the oven with top heat for 5mins.
  10. hashi restaurant chef takahashi beef miso paste
  11. Place mixed salad on the side of the plate & your Beef Sirloin Misozuke is ready to be served.
hashi restaurant chef takahashi luxury haven
Thank you Chef Takahashi, for the nice recipe!

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Check out our appetizer at the cooking demo - Salmon Sashimi with Japanese Shiso Sauce Recipe!


  1. I'm no fan of beef. But this sirloin sure look nice.

  2. What a beautiful steak, love the presentation.

    1. Thks for visiting & leaving your trail! Have a good week :)

  3. I don't remember if I have eaten anything other than sushi in japanese food. The steak looks juicy.

    1. Balvinder, I'm not a sushi fan. So I take everything except sushi. Hahaha!

  4. haiz... cannot eat beef due to pray to kuan yin.. >.<

  5. Sounds wonderful, Shirley! And the salmon sashimi looks fantastic, too~

  6. Shirley,
    I love the new look of your space. That sounds like an awesome Japanese Restaurant..steak is nicely done and great presentation!!

    1. Malli, how have u been? Good to hear from u again, dear!

  7. I am really glad you are asian and not a sushi fan! I don't like my meat/fish when I go to Japanese restaurant I order noodles.

    1. Bess, hahaha! I'm surprised, especially coming from u. Lol!

  8. I usually use fish for this combination of sauce ingredients, but I will try with beef next time. Looks so delicious Shirley!

    1. Nami, thought this would caught your attention. Hahaha! Glad u like it :)

  9. i wonder this can be used onto Chicken and other meat as well or not?

    1. Hong, the taste blends well with other meat as well as seafood. Have fun!


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